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Old News

  • <b>10/01/06 New spammer, porn links on gibberish pages. Not knowing the art of page deletion, I simply emptied the pages in question. Haku also cleaned up the frontpage. -- Trithne
  • 30/12/05 The Exalted Compendium Redux has a new book review section, where you can rate and comment on all of the Exalted publications. Please participate so we can make this a useful resource to players. Click the "Submissions" menu at - Stillborn
  • 4/11/05 Sorry about the downtime - apache wasn't starting properly. --Xyphoid
  • 31/10/05 New spammer, cleaned off MartialArts/BestOf, and I can't back it up to the previous revision because it's got too many links in it. Anyone able to fix this? ~ BrigandRansom
  • 29/09/05 Please don't spider the wiki, it hurts the poor server especially when you load the previous revision pages. If anyone's interested in acquiring all the content, I could set up something to archive it all daily and make that available for download. Xyphoid
    • I'm actually interested in that. It wasn't me who spidered it, but I've often considered whether it would be possible to download the wiki. Depending on size, I might even prepare an emergency mirror of it, although it's likely to be too big ^_^ --
      • I'll set this up over the next few days, then. Xyphoid
  • 31/08/05 The Exalted Compendium Redux has just launched it's custom submissions database, Lore5. Come check it out at You can view others' submissions, and submit your own Charms, spells, Artifacts, etc. - Stillborn
  • 15/07/05 Sorry, forgot to note that the editor password is no longer required, as the filtering's coping again. You can leave it set, though, to continue editing during any future lockdowns. - Xyphoid
  • 04/07/05 Important: in response to today's spam run, which is continuing, you'll need to set the editor password to 'exalted' before you can edit pages. To do this, go to the Preferences page above, and enter 'exalted' into the Admin Password box. This will be temporary. - Xyphoid
  • 04/07/05 Spoilers about Exalted 2nd Edition from Origins are posted! Check out ExaltedSecond. - DS
  • 24/05/05 Downtime again, we're back again. There may be some more unplanned downtime over the next couple of weeks, due to a move - my apologies in advance. -Xyphoid
  • 18/05/05 The ExaltedCompendium has died. A new project, the Exalted Compendium Redux is online at - Stillborn
  • 23/04/05 not sure where else to put it.. for those of you who know what a MUSH is, someone has opened a exalted Mush. Using Telnet or a MUSH client. - Molikai

  • 6/04/05 Ok, DTRPG is no longer giving away Exalted for free. Hope you got it while you could. -ipsi
  • 30/03/05 Had a power outage, but we're back. -Xyphoid
  • 18/03/05 Everything's good. -Xyphoid
  • 27/02/05 Bad news, Exalted Wiki can be found when you search on google. -Overshee
That's been true for at least a month now. I don't think it's bad news at all -- so what if spammers can find us? At least other Exalted fans can too.
~ Shataina
05/03/05 I found this site via Google. I am very glad to have found it, the discussions here are helping me a lot with my own unexpected GMing. Being listed in Google isn't all bad. ~Castor Quinn
  • 26/02/05 Spammer. Again or still. The villain is Kill him in the face. - David.
  • 21/02/05 Not sure if users are allowed to post in this section of the Welcome page, but... it looks like we've got another spammer. (slow one, though.) The culprit: -- JesseLowe
  • 10/02/05 Sorry about the inability to write for the last couple of hours, I restarted the webserver as the wrong user and didn't immediately notice. Should be moving to a faster machine relatively soon. Moving to the cluster, as originally planned, sucked - it's good for reads, but not for disk writes, which the wiki does a lot of. Xyphoid
  • 19/01/05 External links now use Google's redirect, which makes spamming links for PageRank pointless. Of course, we probably won't see spam for a while until this site gets indexed... Xyphoid
  • 18/01/05 [##Anchor text] should work to link to an internal anchor now. [#Anchor] or [#Anchor text] to make one still. If you've got any other code changes or server tweaks that should be made, please note them at WikiChanges. Xyphoid
  • 18/01/05 I've spoken to Dave, and have his blessing to take over maintaining this wiki. So feel free to start playing. I'll be working on antispam features over the next few weeks. Xyphoid
  • 17/01/05 This is up in BETA, please don't start loading up the content just yet. Things may change, I'm waiting to hear from DaveFayram, and I want to get some anti-spam tools in place. Xyphoid
  • 12/27/04 I fixed a weird glitch with the lockfiles. The usemod people thought they had that bug under control, but I guess not. Anyways, on the subject of WikiSpam, this is the price of freedom. I'm sorry, but there is only so much banning can do. Anyways, sorry about the downtime. Happy wiki-ing.
Just out of curiosity, what happens if most of the wiki agrees that they would prefer forced login to freedom? (This is what I assume you were referring to, sorry if it's not the case.) I'm not certain that's true, but I'm interested to know what you would do if the wiki consensus definitely was that we should force login / the equivalent.
~ Shataina
  • This is yet another reminder to folks to read BestPractices. Seriously. To synopsize the important bits: (1) Spaces and underscores in Wiki-links is ConsideredHarmful as explicitly stated by DaveFayram, the owner of the wiki, among others. Don't do it. I know it's already been done a fair bit, particularly in the infamous ThusSpake section, but try to stem the tide. (2) Put your name on your pages. At this point, I think the difference between top-level pages and pages slash-linked from a UserPage has become too confused to be applicable anymore (feel free to disagree), but keep in mind that if you have a top-level page without your name on it, no one is going to know who authored it. This is irritating for random searchers, among other things. Oh, and don't forget to log in.
    Something else I've been meaning to mention: if you're removing spam from a page, the easiest way to do it is to click on the "View Other Revisions" link, and then click on the link for the revision right before the spammer's revision. Once you follow that link, if you edit that page and save it, you'll be restoring the page exactly as it was without having to cut / paste or anything like that.
    ~ Shataina
  • Is there nothing we can do about this massive ton of spam we seem to be getting recently? I know I've personally not caught very much of it, but even I've had to un-spam a page now and then, and some poor people seem to make 50% of their edits removing the stuff. In addition, I note that the same IPs or host-names are doing it... Can't we do anything about it? -- Darloth
As I recall, DaveFayram addressed this question a while back when we had a similar problem. It is possible to ban singular IPs, but only he can do it (as far as I know) and he's pretty busy, so he probably won't notice for a long time. And if the spammers start using other IPs, I get the impression that we're kinda screwed. So ... that's the story. Looks like we can't do anything about it as a community except keep editing it out.
~ Shataina
  • I'm rather at a loss as to why that RecentChanges problem happened the way it did. It's confusing. I'll try and keep a closer eye on it, and I fixed my mail problem. As an added bonus, the style sheet doesn't black out the tables now, so have fun tabling. Again, sorry about my absence. I've been travelling a lot lately. -- DaveFayram
  • Dave isn't dead. He's just been traveling and ducking unfriendly weather. He'll check it out later tonight. -- DaveFayram
  • Eternal News Please remember to set your User Name when posting. This is especially important with all our Trolly friends. If you don't establish a history between your name and IPs, you might accidently get identified as a troll during an EditWar. Besides, don't you want people to know your name?
  • 6/12/04 The wiki is back up under UseMod 1.0, but it's provisional. We'll see how it works. Hopefully this new version will be a good holding pattern until I can really choose a good DB-based wiki. Until then, I ask that you be gentle to the wiki. All this really means is that if you see a page that comes into heavy use, usually a discussion page, take it easy. Relax a bit. A wiki can emulate a forum, but until I'm sure that it won't go berserk I'd ask that you do so slowly.
Note: The \\ no longer seems to produce a line break. But <br> does. _Ikselam
Ugh, so much reformatting to do now. Miedvied
Instead, try using <pre>Text</pre>, it will preserve line breaks. More of html is available to us now without allowing for berserk stuff. - DaveFayram
  • 5/17/04 The wiki is currently set read-only for awhile. We need to stop using UseMod wiki and start using a database-based wiki. No data has been lost (and indeed, I snapshotted another archive today). Give me a day or two to get something in motion.
  • 5/5/04 Well, today we had an unknown party stage a small attack on the wiki. Basically, they deleted some UserPages, flooding them with profanity or simply reptitions. The offenders are banned from writing to the wiki for a week. However, I was rather broad in my bans (by necessity). If you suddenly cannot post and you were not involved in the ruckus, email DaveFayram (or AIM him) and he'll unban you. Sorry about any inconvenience.
  • VERY IMPORTANT!!!! The recent downtime was caused because people were flooding the wiki. I think this was because people have been using a tool called WebStripper on the wiki, and evidently it nearly killed it and we exceeded our resource limit. Right now, we should be okay but DO NOT USE ANY AUTOMATED ARCHIVING TOOL ON THE WIKI!!!!!
In any case, we need to consider migrating to another piece of wiki software, one based on a database, not a filesystem. UseMod and OddMuse simply do not scale, and I just don't have time to finish BurningWiki while working at LockheedMartin.
  • 4/20/04 We've had a recent flood of non-IDed entries, so please everyone remember to set Preferences to your name so we know who's doing all these edits :)

Ex-Pages of Note

  • 7th August: Uncle Zocrith has added the wonderfully and horribly stupid The Harvester of Men to the Alchemcials page.
  • 14-Aug-05 - I'm trying to redo the artifact creation system. Please give your feedback to me on the most recent part: GoldenH/CreatingArtifactsInCharacter- GoldenH
  • 10-Aug-05 - I think it is worth a read over at FrivYeti on his Solar Circle versus The First and Forsake Lion- Savare
  • 18th July: The Martial Arts PDF featuring the best stylers on the Wiki is now finished. Get it from MartialArts/BestOf - Voidstate
  • 30-Jul-05 - Another Power Combat tutorial, this one looking at the advantages of persistent VS Instant defenses. Power Combat 255: A Brief Look At Different Approaches To Defense
  • 27-Jul-05 - Tardach 2.0! More content! More organization! Excellent things! Go look! - Tardach
  • 19-Jul-05 - Just getting into the wiki, but I already have some Dragon King MAs and a couple sorceries to check out. Comments welcome and appreciated! - Hapushet Very cool stuff. Check it out and give feedback. -Tardach
  • 09-Jul-05 - Yet another new addition to the ExaltedWiki ranks. I've put up an Improvised Weapon tree tonight. Let me know what you think. - Eustacio
  • 06-Jul-05 - Hello! I've added one more MA for critique, Facilitator of Calamities - a MA for Infernals and particularly sadistic Eclipses. Its emphasis is on letting enemies pick their poison, setting groups against each other and using Words of Power as its form weapon. Yes, it's pretty weird. Thanks everyone who looked over my other styles! - garrisod
  • 28-Jun-05 - Guess what? The first of the Solar Prayer Charms are up at Coridan/SolarPrayerCharms! Please comment or tear asunder as you will. I'm not sure at all how balanced they are, so any input would be helpful.-Coridan
  • 28-Jun-05 - Hello everybody. I've made my first submission to the Exlated Wiki, a Sidereal Martial Arts Style I hope you'll enjoy reading. Reviews would be appreciated, too. You can find it at The Facets of the Moving Windmill Style. I hope you like it!
  • 27-Jun-05 - 'sup folks. I've released my Secret Notes of Artifact Creation onto the ExaltedWiki. I am looking to improve them obviously, so please give them a look. Any problems you have with it would be great, as well as ideas for Powers and Flaws. Check it out at GoldenH/ArtifactCreation

  • 13-Jun-05 - FifteenRakshaInAmber is an attempt to assign each member of the ruling house of Amber (yeah, from the novels by Roger Zelazny) to one of the FairFolk noble castes. - MetalFatigue
  • 12-Jun-05 - Power Combat tutorials. One examining the tactics of a 50-xp non-DBT Lunar VS 2 DBs fight at Power Combat 225: Tactics For Those Without Tons Of Full-Pool Reflexives (intended to highlight the tactics of people without easy-to-use, powerful reflexive defense Charms like Dipping Swallow Defense and Impeding the Flow), and another examining the tactics of a 300-xp Solar VS Lunar fight at Power Combat 450: High-xp Combat Example (intended to highlight things one must worry about in high-xp Exalted combat). - TheMyriadOfShades
  • 10-Jun-05 - Straight from the White Wolf News Announcement mailer "The second edition of Exalted, a 352-page full-color hardcover roleplaying rulebook, releases in February 2006." - Savare
  • 8-Jun-2005 - Voting is open for the Best of the Wiki Martial Arts. Please take 5 minutes to list your favourite 5 martial arts here on the wiki and I'll add them to the "Best Of" PDF I made last year complete with charm diagrams and pretty exalted fonts. Good luck everyone! - Voidstate
  • 1-Jun-05 - The effort to compile and document a previously-overlooked splat over at DBSInfernalExalted is now complete! By all means have a gander, and leave a little feedback if you're fond or none too fond of what you find...DeathBySurfeit
  • (Unknown) - Two short essays related to the Fair Folk are up at MetalFatigue/Bedlam and MetalFatigue/WayGrace. -MF
  • 28-Apr-05 - My page now has some content! Check out Coridan/Solars In Yu Shan. I'll move it to the appropriate section once I get a hang of this Wiki thing - Coridan
  • 27-Apr-05 - I made a Sidereal Martial Art! Feedback would be rad. - DeadManSeven
  • 10-Apr- 05 New User- I hope to co-ordinate some of the write-ups of my campaign on this Wiki- Edge of Destruction: A Gem City Watch Campaign - My Heroic Mortals campaign where the valiant City Watch must save Gem from all threats internal and external.... and the ChalkBoard where I hope to create a Homicide Life on the Street board to chart the progress of the PC's investigations.SJE
  • I have begun a Charm Reduction program at Exalted Lite and am soliciting comments and general advice, for it is a big job and my mind is small. - Xeriar
  • Check out SolarMelee/Vizzeroth for a charm set. Feedback appreciated.
  • Just tossed up Miedvied/Vines, an Exalted sport. Full write-up, including description, quick-resolution rules, extended resolution rules, et al.
  • 24-Dec-04: I just had an idea for a game while trying to get my head around FairFolk and am seeking comments. It's at TedPro/Mobstergame. With sufficient interest, maybe it could even be a Play By Email or Play By Wiki. Otherwise I'll probably run it tabletop. Comments and advice please, either way. -TedPro
  • 17-Dec-04: Joined just today and I've posted the workings of a campaign and my intro page. Comments appreciated. -Tyren
  • 09-Dec-04: Joined a few days back, finally got some things to show. It's not much right now, but I could still use feedback. So, anyone, feel free to drop in. - Doorman
  • 07-Dec-04: Hey check out for A Day Dark as Night, Exalted Fiction from Carl Bowen

    Harmonious Jade is one of the deadliest women in the legendary time that is the Second Age of Man. Chosen by the Unconquered Sun itself, she has been remade into a demigod whose bow can fell whole companies of men. With that exaltation, however, have come echoes of ancient memories and a sense that she must use her gifts for a greater purpose. Chasing these phantasms of a past life, she has come to the trading city of Nexus, where others of her kind may hide. But are they long-lost companions, deadly enemies, or worse - both?
    - Jarons20
  • 01-Dec-04: I'd like everybody's help with the next version of my map. See my newly-created userpage for details, please. - Stephenls
  • 30-Oct-04: Announcing TheNexusProject - a collaborative writing exercise dedicated to that most insane of cities. - Moxiane
  • 10-23-04: Wikified at last! For a fresh look at Infernals, including five full and meticulously-balanced Charm trees, please visit DeathBySurfeit's page and leave your thoughts and feelings.
  • 10-23-04: Hi there. I just joined up with Exalted Wiki, my userpage is mostly finished with some of my material up there, if anyone can take a look and leave me some feedback, that'd be great. Thanks. - Jai
  • 10-13-04: I joined the Exalted Wiki a few days ago! Yay! My user page is up with a whole bunch of my stuff--some unfinished. I'd love some feedback. Thanks! - Seiraryu
  • 2nd Oct: The Best Of The Wiki martial arts PDF is finished, with 15 not just 10 martial arts in the end. Get it at MartialArts/BestOf. Thanks to everyone who voted. - Voidstate
  • Chucked out a few simple elementals - please add some more or comment on what's already there. - Moxiane
  • Please vote for your favourite Wiki martial arts at MartialArts/BestOf. I'll make a PDF of the top ten for us to print out when voting slows down. [UPDATE: VOTING HAS ENDED. Thanks to everyone who voted, I'll post the PDF tomorrow.]- Voidstate
  • 9-26-04: Added a new Terrestrial Martial Art. Rippling Quicksilver Style provides great defensive benefits; like the metal, it is evasive, resilient, and hard to get rid of.
  • 9-21-04: I've started work on a new background called Bastion which allows creation of places of power that are effectivly giant hybrids of Artifacts and Manses. Locations with powers that are a part of them instead of an outside function. The Rathess observatory and the Reality Engine Place are examples of this sort of structure. - Telgar
  • got off my butt and finished writing the 12DeadlyFistsStyle , hope you guys enjoy-Issaru
  • Finaly did some work, writing up the demon of the second circle called Ianos, Lord of the Mental Labyrinth. More demonic creatures soon to come. Nihilio
  • KingLeon again. I've posted my system of Dynastic Challenges under KingLeon/DynasticChallenges, and I'll start putting more of my campaign stuff up soon. I also have my CombatPrimer up for all of you to look at it and point out the inaccuracies.
  • Hi! I'm KingLeon, from and the WW forums. I've posted my InterestingLocales from the infamous thread and will have more stuff up over the next week.
  • The new MartialArtsRelay theme is Giant Slaying.
  • 9/16/04: Moved the RecentChanges breakdown discussion to BrokenRecentChanges. -EJGRgunner
  • New user page, and its got stuff on it too! Mostly some Lunar house rules. Griffon
  • 9.18.04: Oooh, looky, Shataina wrote some new Virtue Flaws! She also made up a point-based Manse creation system (very loosely based on the Artifact creation system from "Savant and Sorcerer") which needs work and would welcome feedback.
  • Szilard wrote a new Martial Arts style at MartialArts/MagpieStyle and would really, really like some feedback and constructive critique.
  • Miedvied/Matoskah Comments desired. Addendum: I should have said badly desired
  • 9/14/04: So honestly, I was wondering where to put this and I guess it's a self-important rambling. I can't see any changes on the RecentChanges page and was wondering if that was just currently disabled or if something is going wacky in my browser. I can see diffs and page histories on a page-by-page basis, though... -- ReallyBored
  • Important note about HTML formatting! Tags you open first are closed last. Thus, if you surround text with italic and bold tags (like titles on CrunchRelay entries, for example), it should look like this: [i][b]Title[/b][/i]. Yes, I'm an anal web developer. But malformed HTML (which the Wiki itself is guilty of spewing out) messes with stylesheets applied to the Wiki.
  • Anyone interested in seeing my new and hopefully really interesting martial arts tree, which pushes the rules in ways they've only rarely been pushed before, it's now up at MartialArts/ThirteenGoldenDragonsStyle. Comments and assistance with tuning helpful and welcome! - Darloth
  • Created a variant of the combat system (at MfGames/SingleRollCombat) that uses only a single roll to hit. This is based on the defense rules of the new WoD that a friend picked up at GenCon. I figured I'd get some feedback on it. - MfGames
  • Not sure, but I think this is a first. Just posted a new custom DK path over on my as-yet unorganized user page. Everybody go look and help me smooth it out! - Tardach
  • I've posted my first MA Style, Northern Hunter Style, and would love to get some comments to help polish it! - Qaphsiel
  • I put up a bunch of Solar trees- additions to Brawl, Presence, Performance, Ride, Lore, Melee, and Hungry Raptor Martial Arts- in the Charm pages and my userpage. I'd highly appreciate comments and criticism on them. - IsawaBrian (These trees cover themes that begged for development. Recommended. -Tardach)
  • History of Kruzky up. Some character sheets for notable (N)PC's are up. More coming. Contributions and/or comments would be adored The Kruzky Empire Page . Addendum I just think that this guy right here</b> is damn cool.- Miedvied
  • Any <b>linguists out there? I need languages, language ideas, linguistic ideas, and any other good stuff at MoLinguistics.
  • Diamond adds another new Martial Art to the list, and some house rules for an Exalted campaign in the Naruto setting.
  • Do you like making up new Artifacts, HearthStones, or Charms? Visit CrunchRelay for a fun, collaborative twist on custom-content creation. _Ikselam also encourages people to check out WhirlwindBrushMethod.
  • Back in Florida (yeah). Got the rest of the NPCs I have statted out put up (still a few I need to do), as well as doing a total overhaul on Rishi and Riana. I'm gonna try to get at least a little something on the school's history done this week. - Caelene
  • Added Between Heaven and Earth, a page for my Sidereal game. Currently only has PC sheets; will eventually have more NPCs, artifacts, and other goodies. -LiOfOrchid
  • Grandmasta shares his thoughts on a Grandmasta/Civ3Conversion Civ3Conversion, and hopes for suggestions on his first Grandmasta/Charms Charm.
  • WarStriders - Like War Striders? Want more detailed chrunch and tasty expanded goodness? Excellent. JackT
  • TheWikiIsACommunity. We are. And here's a sort of voluntary code of ethics and community. Scrollreader
  • Somebody wrote this on the WWForums and I guess it's time to archive it so here Chelle
  • Ponderings on what would happen if we destroyed the Underworld here , and the coolest sidereal I've ever come up with is here. - Miedvied
  • Check out my high Essence Solar Charms at Charms/NailRat for ways to kick that martial artist's ass. - NailRat
  • Go to Charlequin/ManacleAndCoinRevisedChart, and finally learn exactly how many minae a month's supply of horse fodder will run you. - Kicker
  • Started up my Userpage. I shall be writing diffrent charms for Brawl, Martial Arts, Sorcory, and my Essay on the 108 sidereal theory. -- HaganeGiri
  • Two artifacts added to my page, the MelWong/ColdFlameDagger and LionHeart. - MelWong
  • Working on some DBT Gifts, trying to flesh out Lunars. Check out Charms/SMKDBTGifts. Also, everyone should post Lunar Charms. All the time. - SMK
  • Just created my UserPage. It features story, characters, fiction, etc on the Solar campaign I have been running for over two years now. Check it out, it may be worth it! -- DivMax
  • Behold my Solar charm tree charts at Charlequin/SolarCharmTrees. They are complete, with every Solar charm published thus far, and annotated with ability and Essence minimums, as well as book and page number. Hope they prove useful to y'all. -- Charlequin
  • Just created FixThePowerCombatRules, as a place for concrete proposals for changes (not for complaining about how the rules are broken without offering solutions). It's modeled after the existing FixTheSolarCharmTrees hierarchy. Check it out! --MF
  • Starting a discussion on PowerCombat, the revised combat system from the Players Guide. Included are my thoughts on its balance, what it does well, and what it does poorly. -- Ascendance
  • On a similar note, check out the draft of Kasumi/PowerCombat101 - it won't make you a better person, but hopefully it'll help 'till Mailanka can do one :) -- Kasumi
  • Here's my new attempt at an unholy combination of Exalted and Magic The Gathering cards. GC3/MagicCards
  • I went ahead and updated MartialArts/ByContributor as much as I can. I'd appreciate it if you went through and double checked to see that a)you're on there if you've contributed and b) all of your styles are on there c) I didn't misspell or misformat anything. -EJGRgunner
  • New member Nihilio posts a solar melee charm and waits for comments.
  • Alabrax is running an Exalted Fan Art Contest with first prize as the Earth Aspect Book. Check it out.
  • Check out Discussions/WikiCon2004 and input your own thoughts to an Atlanta-based get together sometime later this year! -Dim
  • Please look at the IndividualChallenges pages, and if you think them worthwhile add some of your own. Note that the ones I have filled in are from ideas I have heard from others! ^_^ -- BrokenShade
  • I really hope I'm not overstepping my bounds by putting this here ... I'm not sure I fully comprehend Wiki-quette. Well, here goes. I have a Fantasy / RPG survey, and I'd love it if everyone who has the extraordinary beneficience to fill it out could head on over] to it. More info on my userpage. ~ Shataina
  • EJGRgunner has joined. For some reason he speaks in the third person. He has Artifacts that bear scrutiny. Bear it...
  • Morpheus/PoisonForMe - System to help simulate damage over time for poison.
  • It's not to late to join in the Lexicon of Eldar Days! It's a game where each player writes entries about the First Age in the guise of a scholar, quoting (and hopefully repudiating) other players' entries. It's fun and a good way to stimulate your creative juices. - Voidstate
  • Exalted Art Since there's a page for Fiction, I thought an Art page is fitting. I know there's at least one other artist who does Exalted-inspired art on the Wiki. Resplendence
  • Crystal A city writeup for an old Haslanti League game, dug up, dusted off, and plunked into the Setting section. MelWong
  • Right, I hope I'm supposed to put this at the top and not the bottom. I'm Shataina, and I just joined and added a couple new Artifacts/Shataina Artifacts. Eventually I'll probably add characters too. Mm, tasty Exalted fandom.
  • A chilling prelude to a threat to the West; TheDarkWave. SteelAngel
  • Let your Lunars be more Wyld! Look for Flux on LunarFlux and FluxManipulationEffect""s. WyldSpawn
  • Get your write on at WhirlwindBrushMethod. Round-robin fanfic is fun! _Ikselam
  • If you think some of the Solar Charms could be improved, go to FixTheSolarCharmTrees and vote for the version of the Charm you prefer (or insert a new one if you don't like those already there). Or vote for the original if you think it is great the way it is! -- BrokenShade
  • Here's something new and origonal for you to look at. It's an Exalted system Ninja RPG, a bit more combat centric, with flashier combat moves. I need some helpful inspiration and suggestions from anyone who cares to. =) Breif Description at Sabis, and the outline tree at [[Sabis]FrontPageArchive/NinjaRPG
  • I have completed my houseruling of the Dragon Blooded charms and rules, and am fishing for comments. Please check out both GoldenH/DBHouserules and Charms/GoldenH and comment! good or bad, it's all appreciated. It might be a little long, so if you want to make a new page for comments or something, go ahead.. just don't make them minor edits, so I can see if you say something - GoldenH
  • No, it's not beastiality, but it's close. Check out the love on hplovescats's LunarHouseRules page for new ideas and expanded backgrounds. Geddit!
  • It isn't much, but for anyone interested in making Charms, I put up a CharmCreationGuide with ideas from myself and a bunch of other people on possible considerations and things to help people. Also have a bunch of Abyssal Charms on my user page. - haren
  • It's a lengthy read, but I think any Abyssal fans out there will glean a thought or two from Balthasar/TheForgingOfSoulsteel - a synopsis of soulsteel alloys and forging techniques. Hope you enjoy! - Balthasar
  • Anyone interested in working on a unified index for all the Exalted books? The ones in some of the existing books are pretty terrible really, so I've started a page here (BookIndex) where people can add in entries. Feel free to join in the fun! OK, fun may be a bit too strong a word, but we'll all have something useful at the end of it. When it's finished, I'll make a PDF for download and printing. Voidstate
  • Worship at the altar of the Maiden of Secrets herself! Rebecca Borgstrom's famous riddles live at Thus Spake Zaraborgstrom! Hooray! - FourWillowsWeeping
  • Sidereal Astrology giving you fits? Observe the example of HowToEnrichCattleProduction! -- Jeffwik
  • See the words of the master! GCG's recorded proverbs at Thus Spake Zargrabowski! Domino
  • Melee is cool too, check out my MeleePaths. There are even some "new" charms, and the Paths capitalizes on the notion of synergy between the Paths.- Clebo
  • Added and updated my campaign, HeroesofChaos to and through Chapter 2. Also added some in-game fiction in the form of the Nexus Dispatch and updated and revised the PC and NPC bios! Come! Read! Comment! --Sigilistic
  • Added some fiction based off of my weekly tabletop game. In the process of adding updates when and where I can. -- Sigilistic
  • *tap tap tap* Is thing on? I'm new to this, so I'll keep it short - I added a few Charms today, and risked my job to do it, too! I hope you like 'em! - Balthasar (P.S. Sorry for bumping you, Ikselam - I wasn't sure what box use.)
  • Take a gander at my World-Famous Brawl Charms(Charms/IkselamSolarBrawl)! They will make you a better person, guaranteed. _Ikselam