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I'm just getting started on this.

I'm a tech geek who likes writing up game rules. Most of the stuff I've done here is in CrunchRelay, but here's a few other things I've written for Exalted.

TedPro/Fendoril - A while back I was playing a game that pitted the PCs against the Ebon Dragon. In this game, the Ebon Dragon's bride-to-be was the Lunar bride of a PC Solar king, so they were going to need to do a descent into the underworld to free her. The game kinda puttered out, but I wrote up an idea for the Ebon Dragon's fetich anyway. Fendoril is a third circle demon.

TedPro/WyldTransformations - A weird little list of ways for a character to die in the Deep Wyld. A tool for journeys through the Wyld. Hopefully, I'll finish this chart and do another chart for transformations that are nuisance/beneficial, and for transformations that are hazards to overcome. Mostly I see this chart as something to use when you push an NPC into the Wyld, or someone strays away from safe areas.

TedPro/DaiklaveUprising - A facetious idea that just crossed my mind about the end of the Second Age.

TedPro/Mobstergame - I just had an idea for a game while trying to get my head around FairFolk and am seeking comments. With sufficient interest, maybe it could even be a Play By Email or Play By Wiki. Otherwise I'll probably run it tabletop. Comments and advice please, either way.