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Hi there!

I'm Clebo, a RPG fan without much actual playing in the last couple of years. Most of my regulars have grown old and pursuing their careers (just like me, well, let's just say that there are other fun things in life then RPGs). Furthermore, I'm a PhD in Psychology. If you have any questions about the origin of your wicked thoughts or behavior, then I'd be happy to inform you that I have no idea ;-). O`n the other hand, there are great things to learn from psychology in roleplaying and vice versa. On of my sections (CombatStrategies) is derived from cognitive psychology.

Exalted Resources

Here I'll put my resources for Exalted. Sometimes, I'm sure that others would be really upset by my ideas. However, every once in a while you may find something interesting.

Paragon of Light Style

Yes, I finally gave in and created yet another Martial Arts Style; ParagonOfLightStyle

Combat Strategies

Often, storytellers have a massive cognitive load to have multiple Exalted NPCs fight. In the CombatStrategies page, I have used the notion that the NPCs are static in terms of charms' use. As evident in many Anime episodes, the villian have one very powerful strategy that the hero is trying to defeat. So, in this vein, I have devised a place where all users are encouraged to present their cool combat strategies. There is only one rule, keep it short and simple.

Check it out, and post your cool and original ideas. Well, they don't have to be that original either.

Charm Ideas

Here, I plan to write down some CompleteCharms or CharmIdeas. The point of the latter is to inspire others to create some charms from the ideas. The idea could be a new mechanic for instance.

Exalted Plot

This is the space I use forClebo/PlotIdeas. My players should not read this.


Here is the place for CleboArtifacts.

Solar Fluff Upgrading

In an attempt to make Solar non MA look cool too, I've made some more descriptions on how things might look like. First, there was MeleePaths, now there are some ArcheryPaths as well. Masters of Archery are connected to love and philosophy. I hope you enjoy this reading..

Martial Arts Charm Creation Guide

Here, you can see my thoughts on how to have some control on your MA charms; MACharmGuide.

ISP vs. WF

A high level combat between Solar and Dragon-Blooded. Check out the CombatScroll!