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A Brief History of Dim

Hiya! I'm a gamer from Atlanta, where I go to school at Georgia Tech. I'm well aquainted with DariusSolluman; he introduced me to D&D back in Freshman year of High School, and we've been gaming ever since.

Since then, I've played in many games with *many* different systems. My initial reaction to Exalted was bland at best, primariy because it was from White Wolf. I've always held a lot of respect for WW's system and game settings, but I just couldn't get it through my skull that they could do something with so little angst.

So, when Darius asked for players in a game of Exalted, I was a bit put off. But, I trust him, so I gave it a shot. I mean, if he liked it, it couldn't be *that* bad.

Even though I played my first game with practically *no* knowledge of the setting or charms rules, I had an absolute blast. Since that campaign ended, I've been exploring the world of Exalted, and I'm constantly delighted with what I find. WW has impressed me with their ability to publish their own take on the High Action/Fantasy genre (of which I am a HUGE fan) with an unbiased and refreshingly unique approach.

It's just so....so cool.


From the Lab of Dr. Dim

Hearthstones A short list of my homebrewed Hearthstones. \\ Unbreakable Lotus A Zenith Warrior-Shaman from the burning Southlands \\ Sesus Agaba A Fire-Aspect Dynast in search of the best volleyball game ever.

Dim's Story Corner

Tales of Tinalion Chronicle of the game I'm currently playing in, ST'd by DariusSolluman

Really Useful Stuff

ArtifactCreationErrata Artifact Creation. Canon. Beauty.

Dim, a quick note re: WBM. You are signed up to write two parts concurrently, unless either willows or I put on a massive burst of speed and finish a part, like, tomorrow. You might want to think about switching places with TheMyriadOfShades on the CTS queue, just so you won't have to deal with Embarassing Overlap.\\ _Ikselam

Ooo....ouch. Didn't realize that. Hmm......Shades, would you be okay with switching places with me for CTS? -Dim

Hey Dim! Now that you've finished that WBM installment, how about some Lexicon goodness? - Quendalon

Indeed! Let me power up Boss Distracting Prana. -Dim

Would you drop me a note at untaken (underscore) address at yahoo dot com? I'd like to ask you some stuff about your last WBM chapter, as I'm starting my continuation tomorrow. --Dissolvegirl

So, WBM? - willows

Brother, let me say that I'm rather occupied at the moment. Give me a day to get my head straight. -Dim

Why don't you post what ideas you did have in the CaKe forum? They might be useful to others, even though you did not end up writing a part.\\ _Ikselam

Please do. - willows