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Well hello there whoever you are, this is my sketchbook. The stuff I do here is just random thoughts or some stuff I need to work on... ya know, the stuff that isn't finished so it isn't on the Wiki proper yet. Anyway, check it out it may be interesting.

People to see

Willows: Great rules ideas, and his Martial arts are simply awe-inspiring.

Telgar: Tons of great charms, but you have to visit his beast armor section. I usually hate armor, (personal insanity) but these things rock on so many levels. There's also a useful link to Natural Wonders of Creation a nice place to find a story location, or inspiration for your own Locations.

Darloth: Home of the Ooze Spitter, need I say more?

Nikink: This page has rockin links. If you can't find it on the Wiki, go to his page and you just might find a link to what you need

Moxiane: Has a great campaign setting/story The Saga of Ice and Wave, and the best rules for Mortal Sorcery I've seen yet.

Quendalon: This page has tons, and I do mean tons of ideas. From charms to spells it's got it but I love his Ascended mortals the best. They're awesome! It lets mortals be something other than "Squishy number two". Check it out, and see what i'm talking about.

Seiraryu: WOW!!!...just wow! Where do I start; hell where do I finish? Well for starters his character write-up's are some of the best I have seen on, or off the Wiki. As for the rest go give him a look it's bound to please even the most discerning of tastes.

szilard : This page has one of the most extensive idea banks on the wiki. If you can't finish a thought go here you might not have to.

Dreaming Nymph: She is one of the best writers I know. She doesn't have much posted right now, but believe me what she has is Great.

Scytheus : A great guy. He has very little stuff posted, but since he's a friend I get to hear the give him some time it'll be a great page soon.

Places to Go

The Nexus project
Martial Arts
Crunch relay
Acronym finder === My Stuff ===
Issaru/WeirdStuff</b>: This is where I keep Manses, Charms, Artifacts, and (eventually) spells.
<b>NPCs</b>: NPC's Duh.
<b>campaign notes</b>:
Players in my game keep yer grubby hands off!
<b>Confluence of Terrible Understanding</b>: Collaboration site for my ST group.
<b>Mad Ramblings</b>: Lots of various things on this page. Dedicated to other Wikizens' projects I'm helping with.

Non-page posts i've contributed to

Cloud Palm Style - Terrestrial Air phantom-fist style.
Giant Slaying - Mountain Killing Gadfly Style.
Lucent Guardian In the Night Sky Style - Sidereal Warstrider astrology based martial art.
Serpent Ocean Style - a toxic, action-splitting, violent style.
The Broken Mirror - a coffee house where coffee is rarely served.
The Theatre of Death - Oddly named abandoned Jailhouse.

<b>My Styles</b>

12DeadlyFists:Non-aspected Terrestrial style focused on defence, and redirection.<b>Finished

Shen-Tao Family Style: Fire aspected Terrestrial Martial Art. It's focus is that of the heritage of the Shen-Tao family.Finished

Claw of the rising Moon: Lunar style dedicated to destruction of those inimical to nature, and Shapeshifting. <b>Redux in progress

Confluence of Terrestrial Understanding : Celestial style constructed for sorcerers of the terrestrial circle. under construction
Path of the Unseeing Eye : Celestial Style focusing on the bow. Finished
Shen-Tao Elder Style: Fire aspected celestial style that advances the family style even further. Finished
Striking Cobra Sword Style: Celestial style designed to work with solar melee charms. Redux in progress

Mastery of the Sacred Wind : Siderial style focused around cultivating ones virtues. <b>Redux in progress

Void of Presence: Sidereal Secret Style under construction

My characters</b>

Ten-Thousand shining Orchids: Dawn Caste Solar Swordswoman

Not my characters but in my game(s)

Gilean: Twilight Caste Solar sorcerer/ Scholar

Wind: Zenith Preist

Lupin V: Night Caste Solar master theif and gangster

Resplendant Dreams of Seraphim: Eclipse Caste Solar Master courtesan


Welcome, and don't forget to sign in when you post, so you don't leave your IP address plastered all over the RecentChanges page. :) -LiOfOrchid

Thanx i forget simple stuff like that all the time i really appreciate the reminder and any other suggestions anyone can give me-Issaru

Issaru, by sticking words together, like IssaruCampaignNotes, you create wikiwords that act as links. You don't have to do [[]]s around everything. In fact, it's easier if you don't. And don't forget to use /'s in front of your titles to create sub-pages! Not everything should be a top-level page. - Telgar

Thanx for the assist and advice. - Issaru

<b>Scytheus:</b> Hey, I tried to contribute to the Nexus Project. The Firewander District. Let me know what you think.

just cleaning luv...don't mind me -- Dreaming Nymph

Dude...lmao. I'm a <B>GUY. Hahahahahah! I fixed it up above in this page. *Shakes his head.* Oh sheesh. That's funny. Anyway, yeah. I'm a guy, dude. Funny stuff. -- Seiraryu

Oops! I'm sooooo Sorry!!! I didn't know! <hangs head in shame> - Issaru

Hey Issaru, I added some optionla Brawl Rules in my page. You should check them out if you're interested. :) - Seiraryu

Wow! it's been a long time since i've visited the Wiki. I'm going to be revising, and editing most of my page in the next couple of weeks.I hope to give all the stuff I have written a lot more polish, so as to make it more understandable, and interesting. Issaru Glad to be able to post once more

welcome back!
-- Darloth
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Hey yo, thanks for the warm welcome! "To know the world is to greet it," said UncleChu