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Edge of Destruction- A Gem City Watch Campaign

This is my aide memoire for the Exalted game which I'm running for YerMum, Vervain and others in London. Basic Premise is to run a Heroic Mortals game with the PC's as Gem's underfunded City Watch.

Conceptually its Exalted meets Ankh Morpork meets Crowner John and the Falco mysteries. Origins of the campaign

My vision of Gem-

Gem is set into the side of a (supposedly) extinct volcano Minas Tirith style, with great markets, homes, slave pens set deep into the lava tunnels and chambers of the mountain. The rich and noble live at the top on the Peak, dominated by Despot Rankar VII's Diamond Palace.

Down the northern, shaded and cooler slope the middle class and prosperus live in the Shades district. The Watch's HQ, the decaying Granite Tower is mid-Shades. At the foot of the mountain, spread out on the desert plain, exposed to the sun and heat is the Hot District- a sprawling shanty town surrounding the base of Gems volcano, filled with beggars, cattle pens, caravanesaris, hovels, adventurers, cholera and typhus, and of course the destitute. Here the Ruby Citadel and the mercenary army guards the approaches to the city.

The economics of Gem rely on the valauble minerals to be found in this hellhole. Like many human ventures, its the Jewel-rush which makes Gem a viable settlement, despite having to import most of its water and food across the desert.

The Despot grants local monopolies to those nobles and Guilds able to afford them. As long as he receives his cut, he is happy to leave business to them, so long as they take responsbility for their own security. He is rumoured to have reached an accomodation with the powerful Obsidian Thieves Guild, partially legalising them. He's found its more economic if the theives do less work then if he pays the Watch to do more. Now the theives sell protection to citizens (giving them a black armband to wear, which then warns thieves off them) and when they steal, they leave a shard of obsidian behind. If citizens want their stuff back, they can go to certain taverns and buy it back from the Guild.

As a result, over the last decade or so, the City Watch has been stripped back, Watch Houses closed, wages frozen, discouraged from pursuing the criminals. Now only the disgraced and desperate work for the Watch, patrolling the streets and ringing their bell to announce "All is Well!".

But all is not well in Gem......

Cast of NPC's

(which may well organically expand further)

Despot Rankar VII- as played by the Patrician.

Lord Steward Valtess- Gives the PC's their orders. Mouthpiece for the Despot Arrogant & dismissive of Captain Brand and busted him down to the City Guard in disgrace. Currently under arrest for High Treason. Played by Alan Rickman

Great Aunt Marigold. Age 73, the Despots last living relative.

Chief Clerk Sitting Dove. The paymaster for the Despots Treasury- Peter Mandelson

General Braun Dragonroar- commander of Gems Mercenary armies. Usually to be found drunk. Brian Blessed

Major Ymes (WHY-mes), formerly of the Palace Guard. Hates the Watch as incompetents and disgraces. Punished for High Treason against the Despot he is now the Head of Maintenance and Janitorial for the Scorpion Pits.

Guilds & Nobles
Rankar- Gems & Jewelry
Arbani & Sons- Firewands
House of Sahlak, led by Mother Sahlak (who is played by Glenn Close) is brothels & dream parlours
House Iblan- Gold & Silver trade- 3 sons- Amir (23), Fareem (19) and Ahmed (10))
House Dari- Water and Camel Dung (Utilities). Lady Dari and her 2 daughters, the beauty Topaz (18) and the brat, Amethyst (11)
Circla & Co. Gladiators Arena
Trasti- Banks & Gambling Dens
Quiet Fox is the defacto head of the Obsidian Thieves Guild- stolen items can be bought back, protection against theft available if you wear a black badge. They leave a piece of obsidian behind to mark their crimes. Now on the run after their failed Coup attempt
Black Night- Assassins Guild

Diplomats & Travelers

Ambassador Hollow Reed of Paragon (Looks like Neville Chamberlain)
Demi-Prefect Shania, his bodyguard or minder? (played by Denise Crosby)
Deputy Khan Fast Horse- envoy from Chiarascoro. Likes the desert races.

Street Contacts

Hal- street urchin- knows whats going on. Claims to have Terrestial ancestors.
Blind Man Fish- beggar
"Two Ales" Sextus- tavern proprieter
Young Iblan Ahmed- YasalCrystalDuellist
Ginger- YasalCrystalDuellist
Amethyst Dari - See above- a YasalCrystalDuellist
Fragrant Blossom- Houri with a Heart.
Khalid the Slaver- partner to the deceased Weyoun & his legal heir
Marta- Head slave of Weyouns Household. Willed to Khalid.
Euphenes the Scribe- slave accountant to Weyoun & Khalids partnership. Willed to Khalid
Silver Coin- supposed pawnbroker, suspected fence for non-Obsidian theives.
Desert Goat- money man for the Obsidian Thieves Guild, now deceased
Ahram the Trader- dodgy trader who lost a bundle 3 years ago. Had a Firedust export lisence. Fled to the Lap
Prophetic Voice- astrologer for hire, sensitive to noise.
Venerable Otaki- deaf ex-miner.
Dashing Hare- Rogue & Scoundrel. Seduced Topaz Dari.
Nesta the Maid- a woman seduced and then disapointed by the Captain.
Five Knives- a psychopath and lieutenant of Quiet Fox.


Immaculate Order- Master Ledaal Tanaka- wise Sifu and traditionalist- now a Phoenix
Cathak Anaria- female hot head with Fire Dragon Style, currently conveting to the Solar Church
Mad Fraho- Cultist of Ikerre. Fae hater. Claims to know where the Eye of Ikerre fell.
Mrs. Ahlat. Bride of Ahlat. Hundred God Heretic. Tall, lean Zulu.
Angry Tiger- revolutionary & idealist.
Righteous Serpent- High Priest to the Temple of the SnakeGodSsseth.

Exalts in Gem

Cathak Aron. A Legionnaire stationed here. Hates Gem, keeps having accidents with firedust. Brother of Anaria
Lord of Silent Repose- Moonshadow Abyssal emissary from the First & Forsaken Lion. Currently free, his carriage is said to visit the Diamond Palace most nights.
Maiden of the Mirthless Smile- Dusk Caste warrior and dread interior decorator. Voiced by Linda Barker.
Knight of Dark Renown - a Moonsilver Plate clad Daybreak and necromancer.
Voice of Oblivion- A silent Midnight Caste zealot, feared by other Abyssals
Disciple of the Seven Forbidden Wisdoms- a Day caste Archer par excellence
Cathak Anaria (see above)
Master Ledaal Tanaka (see above)
Demi-Prefect Shania (see above)
King-Of-The-Desert- a feral Full Moon caste Lion-totem Lunar
The Mahdi- Zenith Caste Messiah of the Dehennen Nomads


See the ChalkBoard for more details

Drunken Horse- Dead & Eviscerated in the Hot District. Sewer Monster case closed.
Unknown drayman- second victim of the Sewer Monster, eviscerated in Hot District. Closed
Weyoun the Procurer- presumed dead of Spontanous Human Combustion. Under Investigation.
Jade Eyes- dead Courtesean found in Hot District bedsit. Spontanous Human Combustion. No apparent connection to Weyoun other than manner of death
Joaqim the Dreamer- anarchist and orator. Reportedly missing, had 2 close friends- Petal the girlfriend & Yellow Dog, a layabout/ ne'er do well who sold Joaqims stuff to Silver Coin, a fence
Autumn Breeze, artist, scultress and dreamstone addict. Dissapeared in a golden blaze during the night but didnt leave ashes.
Achmed, Wali and Djion- three rich johns killed & possessed by Yigor to go whoring & visit Fragrant Blossom.
Ali al' Mazarin- last Watch Exorcist. Died 5 years ago, eaten by Hungry Ghost.
Old Tam and McMurty- decapitated by the alien Hunter in Gate Tower.
Desert Goat (Lieutenant in Obsidian Guild) & unidentified slave messenger- Killed by alien Hunter at 15 Opal St.


Diamond Palace- Home of the Despot, set high in a lava tube.
Ruby Citadel- Gems Armies.
Granite Tower- base of the (reduced) City Guard.

The Market- set in the interior of a mid level lava tube
The Slave Stalls- slave market- Deep interior low level lava tube. Cholera & Typhus rampant.
The Camel Pens- Hot District, scene of murder most terrible.

Emerald Bower- a posh and trendy restaurant in the Upper Shades
Dragons Rest- tavern & watering hole for the Guard in the lower Shades.
Hungry Yeddim- saloon/cathouse in the Hot District
Camels Bottom- the worst hive of scum and villainy in the Hot District. Now destroyed, but sure to rise again.


Slavery in Gem
Gem's relationship to the Realm
City Watch Department of Forbidden Magics and Profane Rites
Calendar for Creation
Oaths Sanctified by Floating Summer Orchid
Mail & Steel stats for the City Watch
Fae in my campaign
Treasures of Gem
How the Lord of Silent Repose came to be Imprisoned below the Granite Watchtower
What savants know of Aranea Spirits of Secrets
Realms ABC Primer The "ABC" for the Realm Education system
Solaria What you have heard about this tiny country.
Immaculate Hymns A small selection...
Solarian Exalts The Realm's outcasts
The Sky Eater The Sky-Eater- First & Forsaken Lions Flagship

Players Characters

Burning Brand
Captain Ibrahim al'Amarah
Ravitsu Cail
(Cathak) Alana
Floating Summer Orchid

Campaign Log

SJE/Session1 (10 Descending Fire) - In the Beginning...
SJE/Session2 (11 Descending Fire) - Demons and Abyssals
SJE/Session3 (12 Descending Fire) - Stealing from Sssseth
SJE/Session4 (13 Descending Fire) - Lion Taming, Exalted-style!
SJE/Session5 (13 Descending Fire) - Send in the Clowns
SJE/Session6 (14 Descending Fire) - Yigor the Nemessary
SJE/Session7 (14 Descending Fire) - Nobody expects the Wyld Hunt...
SJE/Session8 (15-16 Descending Fire) - Investigations continue
SJE/Session9 (16 Descending Fire) - The Darkness Below
SJE/Session10 (17 Descending Fire) - Exaltations Complete
SJE/Session11 (18 Descending Fire) - New Arrivals
SJE/Session12 (18-19 Descending Fire) - Predator
SJE/Session13 (19 Descending Fire) - The Ambassadors Reception
SJE/Session14 (20 Descending Fire)- The Chase is On!
SJE/Session15 (20 Descending Fire)- End of the Hunt
SJE/Session16 (21-22 Descending Fire)- Together They Fight Crime!
SJE/Session17 (23 Descending Fire)- Fox Holed
SJE/Session18 (24-25 Descending Fire)- Road Trip
SJE/Session19 (25-28 Descending Fire)-Paragon Arrives
SJE/Session20 (28 Descending Fire)-Behind Enemy Lines
SJE/Session21 (28 Descending Fire)- Stampede
SJE/Session22 (1 Calibration)- The Prodigal Returns
SJE/Session23 (1 Calibration)- Scorpion Pits and Beer Duels
SJE/Session24 (1-2 Calibration)- Bollywood, Exalted-style!
SJE/Session25 (2 Calibration)- Dueling Demons
SJE/Session26 (2 Calibration)- The Passion of the Captain
SJE/Session27 (2 Calibration)-From Hell
SJE/Session28 (2 Calibration)- Sacrifices
SJE/Session29 (2 Calibration)- Dark Deeds
SJE/Session30 (2 Calibration)- Betrayal!
SJE/Session31 (2 Calibration) - The Final Battle Pt.1
SJE/Session32 (2 Calibration) - The Final Battle Pt.2
SJE/Session33 (3 Calibration) - Carnival of Meeting
SJE/Session34 (4-5 Calibration) - Excession
SJE/Session35 (5 Calibration) - Contact with the Autocthonian Culture
SJE/Session36 (5 Calibration - 1 Ascending Air) - The Great Gem Kettle Shortage
SJE/Session37 (1-2 Ascending Air) - Regime Change
SJE/Session38 (2 Ascending Air) - A Fistful Of Chakrams
SJE/Session39 (2 Ascending Air) - For A Few Chakrams More
SJE/Session40 (2-4 Ascending Air) - The Good, The Brand And The Ugly
SJE/Session41 (4-6 Ascending Air) - You're Not Smiting Any More
SJE/Session42 (6 Ascending Air) - Dangerous Liaisons
SJE/Session43 (6-7 Ascending Air) - The Filth And The Fury
SJE/Session44 (7 Ascending Air) - Deliverance
SJE/Session45 (7-9 Ascending Air) - The Revenge of Ssseth
SJE/Session46 (9-10 Ascending Air) - Snakes In A Fane
SJE/Session47 (11-12 Ascending Air)- Gods & Exalts
SJE/Session48 (13-14 Ascending Air) - Damascene Conversions
SJE/Session49 (15th Ascending Air) - The Fall of the Temple
SJE/Session50 (16-20 Ascending Air) - Uninvited Guests
SJE/Session51 (20 Ascending Air) - Trouble in Paradise
SJE/Session52 (21 Ascending Air) - Framed for a Crime they have yet to commit...
SJE/Session53 (21 Ascending Air) - Lie Low & Stitch
SJE/Session54 (21-24 Ascending Air) - The Five Commandments
SJE/Session55 (25 Ascending Air) - Mugs (Where Everybody Knows Her Name
SJE/Session56 (25-26 Ascending Air) - Enemy At The Pub
SJE/Session57 (26 Ascending Air-3 Resplendent Air) - Heart of Darkness
SJE/Session58 (3 Resplendent Air) - Black Narcissus
SJE/Session59 (3 Resplendent Air) - Heart of Darkness Redux
SJE/Session60 (3-5 Resplendent Air) - Strange Bedfellows
SJE/Session61 (5-10 Resplendent Air)- Intermission
SJE/Session62 (10-16 Resplendent Air)- Day & Night
SJE/Session63 (16 Resplendent Air)- Igor, Throw the Switch!
SJE/Session64 (17 Resplendent Air)- Party Before You Die
SJE/Session65 (18 Resplendent Air)- Thunderbirds Are Go...
SJE/Session66 (18 Resplendent Air)- What Goes Up...
SJE/Session67 (19-22 Resplendent Air)- What Price Victory?
SJE/Session68 (22 Resplendent Air)- The Face of Oblivion
SJE/Session69 (22 Resplendent Air)- Last Stand at the Coral Corral
SJE/Session70 (22-15 Descending Air)- Where the Wild Things Are
SJE/Session71 (15 Descending Air- 1 Ascending Water)- Absolutely Fabulous
SJE/Session72 (1 Ascending Water) - Carry on Catering
SJE/Session73 (1-5 Ascending Water)- Court TV
SJE/Session74 (5-10 Ascending Water) Wedding Bells
SJE/Session75 (10-12 Ascending Water) A Day at the Races
SJE/Session76 (12 Ascending- 15 Descending Water) Spider, Spider on the Wall...
SJE/Session77 (15-22 Descending Water) An Interesting Proposal
SJE/Session78 (22-28 Descending Water) Terms of Surrender
SJE/Session79 (1 Ascending Earth) Mad (as a) Hatters Tea Party
SJE/Session80 (1 Ascending Earth) When Exalts Collide
SJE/Session81 (1-28 Ascending Earth) Reconstruction
SJE/Session82 (1-15 Resplendent Earth) The Tragedy of Saint Alana, Shakespeare-style.
SJE/Session83 (15 Resplendent Earth) Into the Belly of the Beast
SJE/Session84 (15-20 Resplendent Earth) I am Rubber, you are Glue

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I've been beaten to it. Darn. I've been thinking about a game in which Exalted meets the Ankh-Morpork City Watch, in one form or another, for a while. I couldn't decide if I just wanted to port the heroic mortal rules for Exalted over to Discworld or if I wanted to port the City Watch into Exalted, or if I wanted to do something totally different and crazy involving the Shadowrun rules, of all things. You have a neat idea going, I think. -- Vervain

Just finished reading the thread from and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it, sounds like a fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable game! Very much pleased to find out it was also a UK group ;) If I was closer (live in Southampton) I'd love to have joined in. Keep up the excellent storytelling :) -- RoninKitty