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WoD is a common abbreviation for "the World of Darkness", which is currently in the process of being ended by the Time of Judgement to make room for the new World of Darkness -- beginning, apparently, with something called "Vampire: the Requiem". Published before Exalted, and widely advertised to be "what comes after" the Exalted setting...or perhaps, the horrid threat averted by the Sidereals prophecy and the Usurpation. Actual 'crossover' between the two settings is widely discouraged by a vocal portion of the fanbase; some of which go even further, disliking even mention that the two might be connected.


  • snip a bunch of stuff that formerly was above, making fun of the World of Darkness and belittling d20

There's nothing inherently evil about D&D either, for that matter. Enjoyment of RPGs is not a zero-sum game, folks. D&D (looking at this page's vaguely anti-WoD tone, I should probably throw it in here too) doesn't have to suck for Exalted to be cool. -Davidl

I agree with Davidl; there's nothing inherently wrong with the WoD or D&D. I think it's kind of inappropriate to be putting this up, unsigned, as a global statement of disdain for those systems/settings. If you want to have your own page about how D&D and the WoD suck, at least have the respect to do so as a separate subpage under your own path, so you're only speaking for yourself and not for the whole population of the Wiki. - Quendalon

Anyone excited for the new Aeoniverse d20? I know I'm not. And yes a whole game can suck, look at WNBA or college football for that matter. If you like d20 its like the lowest common denominator and if you have ever had construction done you know that by paying the lowest bidder you get the shoddiest work done. I for one lost much respect for White Wolf when it started publishing d20 crap. The group I game with have taken oaths of loyalty to oppose d20 and we work dilligently to unconvert works which were once great but foolishly converted into d20. About the only game system that could be improved by turning it into d20 would be the Palladium system which is the only system I can think of that is more flawed than the d20 system. Sure you say you can't judge a system by a game but really I hate White Wolf's products except for Exalted and I still play Trinity. When we do play WoD related games its with Exalted/Aeon type changes to the rules (dramatic editing, stunts, etc.). And no college football doesn't have to suck for hockey to be cool, its cool no matter how many stupid sports there are just like Exalted is cool no matter how many shitty not thought out sell out backassward converted systems are made for the d20. - MastaBlasta

Those people who *think* they're having fun playing d20 games are wrong and deluded, and it's my self-evident duty to show them the error of their ways. This dangerous threat to the exclusivity of our hobby must be stopped. Xyphoid

I agree with Quendalon, myself. Thus, I changed the definition;P I won't do it again if anyone reverts it, however (easy to do, if you know what your doing, really). But this is a lot more correct. Feel free to keep up the arguement, though. -- CrownedSun

I have to agree withQuendalon as well. Different things appeal to different individuals. It's taken me eight years to convince a group of solidly d20 playing individuals to touch Exalted. And with good reason. There are plenty of reasons to play either style of system without devolving to name-calling. I personally play anything I can get my hands on. I prefer Exalted, Storyteller, and the d10 systems but that's because I devour the character creation and over-the-topness that seems to be inherent in it. DnD (not including 4E because I have no experience with) is great for the nitty-gritty, I'm nothing, but may one day become something style of play that creates a character while playing as opposed to creating a fully formed being that changes with play. Either is cool. That's why I have a different group to play with most nights of the week. Diversity keeps it fresh. - EwindaleMoss