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I've been playing Exalted since it came out and fussing around with it the whole time. At the moment, I'm converting my old 1E charms to 2E; mainly, by adding conversion notes below the 1E charms, so both versions are available. All new charms will be exclusively 2E, though.


Charm Count for personal obsession: 803 Solar + 1 Lunar + 166 Dragon-Blooded + 14 Alchemical = 984 net charms. Charm count is being reorganized; only fully converted 2E stuff counts. Will be some redundancy for a bit. Note to self-- you removed the count for Transcendent Prowesses already

Solar Charms:

Lunar Charms:

Dragon-Blooded Charms:




Alchemical Charms:

After reading one too many C&P jobs, and one too many repeats of Walking Outside Fate's little Keyword... comprehension issues, I came up with the following joke Keyword (that could probably apply to several of my own Charms):

Keyword: Inconceivable. This Keyword represents the fact that this Charm includes (or excludes) mechanics that its author does not understand, and its editors failed to correct. The fact that this Keyword is generally missing from those charms is further evidence of its applicability.

I like to challenge myself, and I'm one of those obsessive freaks who actually likes doing Achievements in WOW, or even making up my own handicaps. So I've laid out a series of projects for myself. I'm working on this in roughly this order, though points 1-4 are sort of happening simultaneously. This doesn't include the (currently stalled for 2 months :( ) Secret Project.


(1) Reconversions: Take Charms (canon and my own) that were not converted to 2E and write either:
Mechanical conversions-- bring them in line with 2E rules, so my players can use them-- or...
Thematic conversions (ranging from the same effect within a different framework to taking the name and going from there).
Mechanical conversions do not count for the obsessicount.
(2) Charm Expansions: Taking each Charm (where possible) in the 2E core rules and writing a permanent Charm to expand it.
The permanent Charms that expand earlier Charms have been popping up since the Core, but Infernals really showed the potential for it.
Sadly, Solars, since they're always written first, don't usually benefit from the cool ideas that develop as the line do; I'm going to try to give them some of that Neat.
(3) Clean up the Charm Banyans by making subpages for any Ability that has more than 20 Charms.
(4) Clear my backlog of Solar Charm ideas.
(5) Convert DB-Charms
(6) Clear my backlog of DB Charm ideas
(7) Clear my backlog of TMA ideas
(8) Clear my backlog of Lunar Charm ideas
(9) Clear my backlog of CMA ideas
(10) Clear my backlog of SMA ideas






It's nice to see someone else working on good Terrestrial Charms. You've done good work! Maybe you can work on Performance? It makes me draw blanks. Stupid wood-based Performance...should be in Fire... - Telgar

I grin. :) Thanks. Actually, yes, Wood is next on the DB list; my partner in a DB game is Wood-- and Performance-main for that matter. I don't have much unique planned for Performance, yet; I'm sure things will occur to me as I go. I only had 5 ideas for Sail when I started writing those today, after all. But you should see the lists I have for Archery and Medicine. ^_^ -- IsawaBrian

Archery and Medicine are a snap. I've got bunches for both. They're fun. - Telgar

Not sure where else to ask this. My Charm mangroves-- *cough* trees-- have become rather large at this point, and I'm thinking about separating them into subtypes-- melee might get separated into Attack, Damage, Defense, Extra Action and Weird subpages, for example. Is this a Best Practice for charms or should I look into something else? If it is the best practice, how do I make it so that each page is a subpage of the original link to my Charms of that Ability type-- or should I create them in a different way? Thanks for your time--IsawaBrian

Read the "What should I name a new page?" on the HowDoIDoThat page. If still not sure what to do, ask again here. - Wordman Whoops. I did read that part, but was sort of despairing by number six and missed it. I'm still not sure what to do, but I'm moving this to my User Page. Thanks! --IsawaBrian

So, back over to here. I read the "What should I name a new page" part even before my first question; I suppose I should have looked deeper into it. What I want to know is:

(a) Is sub-paging a good idea in the first place and then
(b) if so, what's the best way to go about doing it.
Looking at the SilverMasks example has me a bit skeptical of my way to go forward; I think the idea I'm getting is that there should either be a new top page: (de-wikified to not create page clutter) Solar Melee Isawa Brian slash attack or defense or whatever, or to pull them off my page-- IsawaBrian slash Solar Melee Attack etc. etc. If I do that, I think my course of action would be to include a link to a linking page off SolarMelee and here.

(my thoughts separated to create separate answer possibilities)--IsawaBrian

Hey, I wanted to thank you for writing all of those charms. I've never really sat down and looked through the trees - perhaps because of their Banyan-like scale, but those are great. I've only got through brawl so far, but I'm going to read them all. Anyways, I would think Isawabrian slash solarmeleeattack would be a delightful solution; and then the solarmelee/isawabrian can be a convenient link list. Thanks for the charms, TheHoverpope.
Oh, thank you. Yes, I've noticed their *cough* interdependent root system. I'm mostly doing reconversions right now, but when I get bored with that, I'm working on doing Melee first, since it's the biggest one. It's just getting tedious adding links to prereq charms. I'd love to hear what you think about any/all of them!-- IsawaBrian