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Greetings and Salutations!

I have been gaming now for about 15 years. Started off playing AD&D, then moved to TMNT, Marvel Superhoroes, Rifts, then on to all the assorted White Wolf books. Been Storytelling Exalted now since about day one when it was released and havent really storytelled anything else since. I love the Exalted setting and all the different enviroments you can shift characters in and out of.

I have not really posted my stuff anywhere else. I had bought a domain and had planned on creating a website dedicated to the several stories that I have ran so far. But, just time, effort and motivation were not on my side. I guess I spent to much time planning my weekly sessions. However, my players loved me for it. But, here is my stuff. Enjoy.

Joe aka Savare

My Campaign's

Detailed herein will be a session by session account of some of my campaign's

  • Rising Suns - This was my first Exalted game ever. It is also my pride and joy. 57 sessions of high intense gaming. Was ran for little more than a year on a weekly basis. Set in cannon setting and then modern, this was by far one of my most sucessful stories.
  • All Good Things - The is a Exalted story dealing with the Solars coming back into their own and fighting for what is theirs. They have started to make Warstriders in mass. But the Empress is back from her exile and with Infernal Exalted at her side and is ready to once again, fight for her realm. Who will win? No one knows. But All Good Things ..
  • The Passing Of Decretum - This is a mondern take on Exalted, this was my second run at a modern Exalted game. The story was good, but the mix of player characters was not and it self destructed after 12 sessions.
  • School of the Glittering Spiral - A Dragon Blooded school based in Lookshy. The characters were on their 5th year of schooling and already Exalted. Lasted 4 sessions. Good idea, but again, the characters did not gell good together.
  • Through The Ages - A tale that starts off in the end of the First Age and moves onto the Second Age.


Artifacts, Charms, and Sorcery

  • Devil Eye Style - A very powerful Martial Art that is loosely based on Byakugan from Naruto.
  • Mutsu Roshin - A martial art developed on the idea of defense and counter attacks.
  • The Copy Wheel Eye - Made from the eyes of a three Sidereals during the First Age, this power artifact allows the character to make the best possible choice in a situation.

My Writings and Ideas

I have a few stories that I would like to share, just need to do some final editing and stuff.

Farewell To A Friend - A story of an adventure from a long time ago that I wrote up for a English Composition class.

Contact Information

e-mail: bigcozybear NOSPAM at comcast dot net
AIM: bigcozybear
ICQ: 16830961

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