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I've found I think best at the keyboard, so a lot of my random ideas and not-exactly-meaningful-to-my-current-projects ideas are likely to wind up here anyway. If you're curious, check outHapushet/MySandBox to see the current fruits of my chaotic labors.

In addition to random stuff I've come up with on the fly, I'm also going to be posting background info for my current campaign, the Fallen Shadows War, down the page a bit. If I get really ambitious, I might even do session notes! <gasp> I'm not promising anything, though, since I'm pretty bad at making myself actually take those notes...

Character Stuff



Solar Charms

Martial Arts Styles

The Fallen Shadows War

Notes and background material for my current Exalted game : Hapushet/FallenShadowsWar

Other Stuff

Check out Characters/SignatureCharactersReloaded for updates of printed NPCs, a la the Exalted Wikizens.

A sample experiencedHapushet/WyldHunt.



I'd be interested in testing out your MA style in Schmendricks. Do you have AIM? ~Overshee

I don't - we'd probably have to do it here. Is that a problem? - Hapushet
Not a problem, but the setup was nice and quick over IM. I'm traveling the rest of the day, but I'll have an MA style selected by the end of the day. ~Overshee
Excellent. I'm most interested in testing against canon styles, but I'll take whatever. - Hapushet
In response to your edit title, haha no. - willows
Yeah, I didn't think so either.  :) - Hapushet
I'll try Tiger Style, I suppose. ~Overshee
Awesome. I'll meet you over there. - Hapushet
Also, how will you do invulnerable kinship with only 1 schmendrick? Wanna do a 2v2 as well? ~Overshee
Obviously it would have to be 2v2. But no, at least not while we're doing the other. I would like to try it at some point, but I don't think I have the free time to try to do three fights at once. :)~ - Hapushet
OK, hollar when you're ready!

Hey, Hapushet. I'm working on clearing up Orphans for the UserFriendlyCategories project. A bunch of these are your pages. I could clear up a number of them by 1) creating Hapushet/FallingShadows, 2) moving/copying the links to the session pages onto this new page and 3) linking the new page to Campaigns. Do you have any objection to this? - Wordman

In the lack of reply from Hapushet, I'm going ahead and making a campaign page for Fallen Shadows War. If you seriously dislike it, Hap, you can go ahead and undo it - FrivYeti