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Pretty Wiki Project

Sort of a funny name, but I'm not feeling very creative today. Regardless of it's name, the Pretty Wiki Project is something I came up with to make our Wiki more user-friendly and more newbie-friendly. At the moment, the easiest way to get around is by checking RecentChanges or people's UserPages. This, however, means that old stuff and some lesser-known users aren't getting as much traffic as they could. That's annoying, but the real problems are newbies and organization.

Most of the UserPages are organized, as is the stuff inside, but non-UserPage links are less well maintained and developed. What I'd like to see the Pretty Wiki Project do is clean up the navigation a bit, organize non-UserPage links and compile a WikiNewbieGuide for new Wikities.

To Do List

  • Update Important Links and create a more efficient way to get around to everything
  • Get a group of WikiGnomes together to work on the PWP.
  • Create a WikiNewbieGuide
  • In general clean the Wiki and make it, well, pretty.

Project Members

I hope we eventually get several members working on this, especially Wiki users who know their way around and are adept at handling and formatting and don't mind the effort. We will be the WikiGnomes.

  • Telgar - Wiki Warden and founder of PWP.
  • BillGarrett - some random schmuck who's been using wikis for awhile.
  • Insert You Here


SeePrettyWikiProject/PastComments for old rantings and discussions (there's a lot). Last archived 3.14.05 by Shataina.

So, I didn't really know about this page. I get the impression this project is kind of dead; anyone around still doing anything along these lines? I've personally been doing a lot of reorganization and streamlining (particularly to the pages on WikiContent). I also appropriated the BestPractices page a while ago, substantially rewrote it, and tried to fling it onto as many portions of the site as possible in an attempt to create the aforementioned WikiNewbieGuide. If anyone wants to take issue with my efforts or whatever, that would be awesome, as I feel sort of officious just doing it all myself.
~ Shataina

I've noticed you doing stuff, and it's usually good stuff, so I'm very happy if you decide to keep doing it! ^_^
-- Darloth

Telgar is still hard at work ensuring that newbies like me don't cause chaos. He dropped by my UserPage and pointed out a mistake, then told me the correct way. Perhaps someone should link PrettyWikiProject to BestPractices to let newbies understand how much work has been done to ensure a functional and eye pleasing wiki. - Virgil