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This is a list of discussions that have cropped up. When you start a discussion, Link it here so we can find it.

If a discussion has been dead for a long time, move it to the Old Discussions section.

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( I like how people keep making controversial discussions :) -- DaveFayram (Who'd be up for a IC spot? Make a character (with or without stats) just to play out your fav character? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? XD )-- MidKnight

Not a bad idea, man. Make a page for it, and put yourself in the "important links" section of the front page. I'm sure some people will be down. However, remember that things will be a little slow as everyone kinda warms up to this wiki idea, so be patient and bug the forumites about it. I am going to end up doing a lot of work on this wiki, but if it's going to suceed other people need to do stuff too :) -- DaveFayram

Oh, no doubt, I know it won't be big right away, but I figure this sort of thing, by it's very nature, either gets really big, really quick or stays underground until it breaks full. My question, should it be a whole new page or should it just be a heading on this page? Discussions, Controversial, Old, IC? -- MidKnight

Argh, can't sleep. ExaltedWiki calls me. Anyways, MidKnight, I'd think it would deserve its own page, InCharacter. You could make different settings or games as sublinks from there (which may or may not work, maybe they should just be normal pages?). Go for it, and experiment. The worst that can happen is we move it. -- DaveFayram

Consider it implemented! -- MidKnight off to play in the code.

Here's a questions especially relevant for the discussions. Is there any way, when displaying a link, to show when the linked page was last updated? I'm finding myself having to check the Recent Changes to see if any of my favorite pages have been updated recently. That isn't so bad while the Wiki is still a somewhat small community, but I fear the day when there are hundreds of changes to look through every day. If there isn't a way then maybe we can just note the most recent update next to the link manually, but that can be difficult when (in some cases) we don't even KNOW all the places a page is linked from. -- Shoggoth

Very good question. Shoggoth. I'll put up a page, KeepingTrackOfTheWiki at lunch. I am on break so I only have time to tell you. You might want to make a ControlRoom subpage off of your user page. You can tell when a page has been last updated by clicking the "View other revisions" link at the bottom of the page, which gives you a RecentChanges style listing for ONLY that page. More generally, you can make a link of the following pattern:


This will let you build links in your ControlRoom right to changes on your favorite pages.

Modified-time dates and page tracking sidebars are one of the features BurningWiki should have, obviously :) \\ -- DaveFayram