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O man, I love your character sheets, too!! I'd kinda like to see a God-Blooded sheet (specifically Ghost-Blooded), if you ever get around to it . It's hard to find good custom sheets for them and they're so sweet. (In that kind of loserly way, I mean.) Anyway, good job. - AmbroseCollector

I wasn't sure if I should place this here or on the character sheet page, so I opted for here. I liked your new Alchie sheet, but you might want to change the history section a bit. Year of Exalation & Year of Birth are kinda redundant, and the same generally applies to Homeland & Place of Birth. The charm section is also well done, but a spot for install costs (same for arrays) might be nice, as well as a place to keep track of whether the charm is in a general or dedicated slot.
--DarkWolff who has be planning on making an Alchie addon sheet since the book came out, but has been too lazy.

Why are year of exaltation and birth redundant? Alchies are born and exalt, right? As for homeland and birthplace, well, Autochtonia is a big place with many cities. I'll probably implement your ideas about the Charms though. Good call. Resplendence
No, Alchies are created, fully Exalted, so the line would be more accurate if it was "Date of Creation." Homeland and Birthplace are redundance because both are the place they are created, although I guess certain situations could change that.
Right, I was just being confused. Birth and Exaltation are the same for them. I'll go with the Date of Creation. Resplendence

I was wondering what you used to make those charactersheets, and if I could possibly get them in an editable format? I've been wanting to make a 5th page for keeping track of experience spending and training times, and would like some help. - Trithne

I use Illustrator CS2 to make the character sheets. I could send you the .ai file for one of the pages so you can piece together your own. How's that sound? Email me at mike [at] miketilly [dot] com.