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I wanted to say thanks for helping get LunarsAreFine going, and for your comments and opinions posted there. The section looks to be a mature and useful resource, and you are due a share of the credit for that. -- BillGarrett

I appreciate the sentiment, albeit belatedly. It just seemed a logical step, since FixTheLunars was beginning to devolve into a place to argue about it, rather than a place for Wikizens to work on a community project. - David.

(Relocated from an inappropriate location. - David.)
Question, meant not to offend. Given the recent discussions of politeness, I wonder - is asking this question itself inappropriate? Similarly, is asking the question "I don't recognize your username - have you posted on the wiki before?" impolite? (Again, in your opinion, David.. -- GreenLantern, truly not meaning to start any sort of war, nor long drawn out discussion

Well, like, these questions are not inappropriate. However, uh, these are the kind of questions best directed to a UserPage, rather than smeared across the bottom of a content page that is being deliberately concealed, in my opinion. I'm sure this could be made more complicated, but I've not seen anyone choosing to conceal their UserPage before. Content pages, yes, but never their arrival to the Wiki. - David.
Thanks for the information! -- GreenLantern