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Campaign: Pirate, Monkey

This was a piratical campaign that ended with a defeat for the Mask of Winters in Thorns. It now continues under 2nd edition.

Campaign: Heroes of a Wooded Land

This was a face-to-face campaign that suffered a bit from group expansion -- six Solars are not easy to keep track of.



Quick Reference Links

Pics of models of Five Star Stories Mortar Headds are here. Mortar Headd Technically Mortar Headds aren't the same scale, but they're good illustrations of what warstriders might look like.


Jesse, you wrote:
> Originally Posted by Random Nerd
> > For that matter... as far as Dinosaurs Vs Robots goes... what would a warstrider built for a tyrant lizard beastman look like?

> I don't know, but I think my players are going to find out.
Cool! Hey! Hey ! Over here! Not the Whine Pine guys. Drop the Dino-Strider in Pirate Monkey instead. - TonyC

Hey Jesse, saw you put yourself up on the ContactBoard. Just wanted to call attention to our little game, now summarized on that very same page. If you're interested, lemme know. - DigitalSentience

Your idea for Alternate Abyssals is, I think, a good one. I probably think this because it runs close to the best analogue for Abyssals I've been able to understand, that being the Spectres from Saint Seiya. They're holy warriors who work for Hades (and probably also his Queen), and they are the administrators of hell. Sure, they can control demons - demons are the grunt labourers of hell. And sure, they do nasty, nasty things to people - but most of the people they deal with are the damned. They're also unfailingly loyal. Just thought I'd mention them, in case you wanted to check out something your idea works well for (you'll need the Hades arc of the story to see Spectres), and so you know you're not the only one who thinks this is a really good idea. -Okensha