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This page features some of the discussions I've started, artifacts I've created, and information on my Lookshy Intelligence Directorate campaign. So far, I'm using the page to keep track of important NPCs. Players in my campaign are free to add comments and expand the descriptions of their characters.

My current discussions include PowerCombat, which is a discussion on, you guessed it, the revised combat rules just released in the ExaltedPlayersGuide.

- Ascendance





  • The Escaped - A number of powerful Solars who escaped from a prison. Originally written for a thread. (Not part of the campaign)
  • Amilar Shanxu - Deputy Director of Intelligence\\

Amilar Shanxu is a Wood-Aspected Terrestrial Exalt of Lookshy. He is a career bureaucrat, and extremely dedicated to his job. He overseas the South-Western Intelligence Group. It is an occasionally frustrating experience for him.

  • Black Wind Upon The Blood Sea - Admiral of the Black Fleet\\

A Moonshadow Caste Deathknight. He is a roving pirate who proclaims allegiance to no-one. Most suspect he serves at least one of the Deathlords, but the Deathlords themselves are mysterious and uncounted.

A Fire-Aspected Terrestrial Exalt of the Realm. She is daughter of Cathak Cainan, and mother of Karal Medea. A former military attache posted to Lookshy, she was later part of the advisory force sent to Thorns. Her experience with Lookshy military training and strategy eventually led to her promotion to Supreme Commander of the Thorns Expeditionary Force. After the defeat at Mishaka, Thena was forced to take up holy vows and enter the Immaculate Order. She has not been heard from since.

A Daybreak Caste Deathknight who serves Mask of Winters. Pale and androgynously beautiful, she serves his dark master from the back of her Soulsteel Warbird. Her weapons include the great bow Song of Sweet Passing, and the mighty spear Passionate Lament. She is often served by a pair of Nemissaries that take the form of twin raitons.

  • Karal Medea - Taizei, South-Western Intelligence Group\\

Karal Medea is a Fire-Aspected Terrestrial Exalt of Lookshy. She is partially descended from a scion of a Great House of the Realm. Her Bloodline is impeccable, and her connection to the Elemental Dragons is said to be on par with the direct descendants of the Scarlet Empress herself. Due to murky politics, she came to live with her father in Lookshy, and was raised within Gens Karal. She is skilled at the use of the Infinite Jade Chakram and renowned for her fiery temperment.

  • Karal Winters Thurde - Taizei, South-Western Intelligence Group, Sorcerer-Technician\\

Winters Thurde is an Air-Aspected Terrestrial Exalt of Lookshy. He is a Sorcerer-Technician seconded to the Intelligence Directorate. Though usually soft spoken in his role as "the good son" and devout priest, he is a something of an incouragable errant. Ironically, he has been saddled with the role as the group operations officer.

  • Yushoto Tensu - Taizei, South-Western Intelligence Group\\

A Water-Aspected Terrestrial Exalt of Lookshy. Tensu is well-connected within the Guild and many other organizations - a necessity of sorts given his penchant for the alluring soporific known as "Chill". Still, he's reliable when he needs to be, and serves as the group's foremost nautical specialist. He is renowned for his mastery of the Gauntlets of Distant Claws.

This unknown Water-Aspected, possibly Terrestrial Exalt has been spotted in the shadows of current events by the some of the more gifted seers. Along with the gleam of a watchful eye, some have observed the dull glint of a fabled bow, ready to strike. Authorities have been alerted.


  • Rhavaan - Herald of the Mask of Winters\\

A Nemissary and servant of Mask of Winters.


  • Audric - Master the of Portentious and Timely Arrival of Messages\\

An ambitious godling seconded from the Division of Journeys to the Divisions of Secrets. He reports to Ba Nela Fa. He acts as the Western Intelligence Group's communications link, relaying messages between distant Lookshy and An-Teng.

  • Ba Nela Fa - The Benevolent Magistrate of Ciphers\\

While a member of the Division of Secrets, he and his God-Blooded proteges work closely with the Lookshy Intelligence Directorate.


The Verdigris Sage claims to be a Varangian magician and astrologer, but he has fingers in many pies, from smuggling to the contracting of magical services. He claims to be innocent, but there's a somewhat dishonest cast to his face. Somehow, he's gotten the job of being the group's local runner.

House Rules

Rules with the (Official) stamp are going to be in my Lookshy Intelligence Directorate game.

Character Creation rules for my Lookshy Intelligence Directorate campaign.

  • Delaying Attack Actions (Official)\\

Characters may not delay their actions. Instead, they may declare that they will attack when a specific condition is met. If that condition is not met by the end of the round, then the action is lost. I would rather not keep track of the penalties for delaying.

  • Heavy Artifact Armor and Hardness (Official)\\

All Artifact Armor that is considered heavy, basically articulated plate on, has a Hardness equal to half of their lowest soak number. All Warstriders and similar artifact vehicles also have a Hardness equal to half their soak.

I plan to write up shields as weapons that can be used to actively parry.