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Geoffrey C. Grabowski - Quotes

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Feel free to add, each quote in a different section please. ^_^

Core Rulebook



Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/AccuracyWithoutDistance for how perfect it is and its interaction with Rain of Feathered Death
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/FlawlessHandiworkMethod - how long it takes
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/GEBandDSD stack ...
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/HGDAndOrchDaiklaves - and why they rulez.
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/LookingLikeGods for what happens when you show your anima banner to the peasants
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/WhatDoTheyDo - and why they do it.
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/WyldShapingTechnique - what the intent behind it was.


Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/FutureAbyssalCharms for the "wonderful" things these might do!


Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/AppearanceBasedCharms for why there aren't any
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/BeastMen for how these are created
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/Complaints for who to contact (but just don't! ^_^)
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/ConditionOfCreation for how Lunars fit in to this
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/IfTheLunarsWin for what happens if the Lunars take control
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/LunarAdamantSkin for how to beat a lunar with healing gifts and a certain gemstone ...
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/LunarExcerciseCharms for what these are intended for
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/LunarIllusionists for what happened here
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/LunarProofRead when Lunars was about to come out
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/LunarXPCosts for why these are higher
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/LunarsOutsidePact for ways to play this
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/ReleasingLunarErrata for when we hoped Lunar errata was coming ... ^_^
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/ShapeShiftAnimal for what you can do in animal form
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/TigerClawSwatErrata for how to limit this charm slightly
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/WaterBreathingGift for a tiny bit of info
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/WhatCultsAre to explain Exalted use of the word "cult"

Dragon Blooded

Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/DBsArentNice for thoughts on the personalities of the more "virtuous" Dragon-Bloods
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/HouseBasedBooks for what books may and will not be coming out
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/RealmScript for an old post on when this might have been seen ^_^


Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/DeployingAstrology for general information on astrology
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/DestinyInfectingTouch for how sneaky Sidereals really are
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/ExaltedCosmology for some of GCG's invulnerable preconceptions about Exaltedness
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/FiveSplatHappiness for how happy GCG is that all five fatsplats are done
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/MultipleFamiliars for how these work
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/PolicingMandateOfHeaven to state that all Bureaus handle this
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/PracticalAstrology for good astrological effects
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/SiderealErrata for mistakes and fixes
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/SiderealsSoon for its release (before it had come out) ...
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/SpiderColleges for what these are

Fair Folk


Other Rules Commentary

Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/ArmorComparison - why a breastplate has more Lethal than Bashing soak
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/BattleCasting - it IS hard. Do something about it.
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/CancelingYourSorcery - you need Countermagic.
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/CraftRules are probably too abstract
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/DottedYellowLines go where the road goes, and not the other way around
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/ExaltedCombat for how it differs for mortals and Exalted
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/InterestingComments on HCM, DFAM, BDD (3 agg), MTW, Fae Essence, Night Anima, Mortal Talismans
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/LearningSorcery takes a long time
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/MassCombat on the rules for large-scale battles in the Player's Guide
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/NinjaInteriorDecoration for why lots of Manses are a logistical nightmare
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/PGErrata - and the book's not even out yet! Plus a major ??? moment. :)
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/PowerCombat on the new combat rules in the Player's Guide
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/Sorcery for why sorcery works the way it does in Exalted
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/Stunts and how they work
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/SummoningPower for what is permissible, and the consequences

Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/TheErrataMaybe - Maybe pre-errata?
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/VirtuesVsMorality - "the Virtue system operates independently of good and evil"
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/PowerCombatRateAndDualWielding - On dual wielding in power combat

Other Setting Commentary

Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/Authoritarianism for how Paragon sucks as much as the rest of the world
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/BigWorld - it's huge, in fact, and that's realistic
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/CoolestHell for a sentence on how wonderful aspects of Exalted are
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/EmpireBuilding for how possible the Exalted setting is
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/FightingThePrimordials - how the First Age Solars did it
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/ImperfectGodsAndWorship for what is ok and what is frowned on
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/ImperialMountain - it's damn big
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/InvadingNexus for what would happen if
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/LytekPossibilities for how to approach him
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/NavalPower - on how creation supports so many ships
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/RealmAsPersia - if you want to extend the "Lookshy = Sparta" equation a little further
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/RealmTechnologicalLevels for what to expect when dealing with the technology in the Realm.
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/ShallowGods for why they are portrayed as they are
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/StandardMeasurements and their role in history
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/TheEnd - of the 2nd Age, as hinted in several books.
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/WingedMen - the man talks about a brief note in a Castebook.
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/WritingAndReading - and why he makes it tough.


Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/AllFourDragonKings because you know you'd do it anyway
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/BloodAndSalt for what this is about
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/BookReleases past and future
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/CoTWCover for a one line query about the cover
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/DBsVsSolars - and why one should rule.
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/DinosaursVsRobots - an alternative title for Exalted
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/EssentialSupplements for which books are really needed, and which nice to have
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/ExaltedInspiration - take that!
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/ExaltedOperationInstructions - the guidebooklet.
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/HearthstonesAreFragile since all it takes is one hammer ...
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/IntroduceExaltedToFriends 'cause if you do, they will love it
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/OnAnime - and why it doesn't have to be Exalted.
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/PastLives for why MF was so amazed to see that Merit in the Player's Guide :)
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/PlayersGuideContents ...
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/PlayingDragonKings as an option in the Players' Guide
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/PowerScaling for why statted gods etc. aren't as powerful as they could be
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/ParryBullets just 'cause you can
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/ReluctantHorrorFans and how to convince them.
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/SanctityOfGameWorld to tell you its Your game, You can do Anything!
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/SavantandSorcerer for what this is about
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/SecondEd - and what G has to say about it.
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/UsefulnessOfGoD - that says it all.

Off Topic =

Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/GeoffTheMan - new-conservative and more!
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/Underground and why you might hate it.
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/QinShihuangdi for opinion's on Hero and the First Emperor of China
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/Movie for the Developer's casting choices
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/OfficeBehaviour for the fun the developers have in the office ^_^
Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/LookingForWolfPack to finish matters started at GenCon


Dude, this is awesome! I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for some quotes. Too bad I didn't have the foresight to copy stuff from before Exalted was released. There was some awesome things said back then... ~Mailanka

Gaw-damn, this was a lot of writing. And I edited it for format, too. Damn, I'm a nice guy! !Domino

You sure are a nice guy, Domino! ^_^ Thanks! -- BrokenShade

I'd like to add that many, many of these quotes are only in my personal collection thanks to the diligence of jpcardier. I think. Domino

This is great! However, I miss the quote about the combo of Tornado Offense and Air Dragon Signature Weapon. Clebo

I am adding an absolute boatload of quotes from late 2001/early 2002 that I had archived on HD, on the theory that if I found it interesting enough to save, other people will probably find it interesting too. Also, I split up the "Other" section a bit, because it was way too large. --MF

Say, are there any official changes to weapon stats for people who otherwise aren't using the Power Combat rules? I've always thought the Lightning Torment Hatchets were Underpowered/Overpriced. -- DODurden

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