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I'm thiefing this page, for I am the only ipsi.

Should anyone actually care, I'm currently playing in a Solars campaign all the way down in New Zealand. Good fun. I've decided to post some stuff relating to my character here, just to get some use out of this. Anyways, if you happen to be one of the people in my Friday Night game, read not stuff about Karis. That would be naughty. Or you will be shot. If you've been really bad, you may even merit a visit from Lou... ;-)

Go here to find session reports and whatnot for the Exalted Campaign I currently play in. Seriously. Awesome stuff. But I could be biased.

Currently, I'm working on some Exalted Programming stuff. At the moment, it's just a Dice Roller, with a DB of Exalted Charms attached (And a couple of other features.). The DB isn't fully functioning, as it still needs a search function, among other things. And the rest of the Solar Charms added. I'm also going to include descriptions from the charm cards, as they are freely available.

If people want to help, that would be pretty fantastic. Currently, it's built in Java, and that's unlikely to change. DB is also Java, but not mine, and is integrated with the program. Hmmm... Too many ,'s :D

Finally found somewhere to host: http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/ipsi. Nice and easy. Have a look and tell me what you think. Currently, the DB isn't complete, but it wouldn't be hard to make it complete.


This is a list of Exalted characters I'm playing/have played:



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Wow. Someone's been to my page! :p Thanks for that, it even works too :D - ipsi

Thanks for the tip on the DriveThruRPG free download! I'm trying to start up an online game of Exalted for some folks who don't have any books, and I've been going crazy trying to explain enough to run the game effectively; now they all have their own copies of the core rulebook! -Everyl

Cool, it's nice to know that it benefited someone :D -ipsi