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Exalted Notes

My name is JC McCormick, and I enjoy working on various things for my RL and online players while I ought to be building crappy posters. When I'm not at work, I don't normally post, being thoroughly addicted to tracking down the omega hare, so unfortunately I miss a lot of what goes on here. I enjoy the tons of projects going on here, I just wish I could participate more.

In the future I will be posting less game-neutral content and sticking to things for my upcoming online game, SignsOfConjunction, to take place on at #SignsOfConjunction and #WoD, in the company of many of my long-time online friends.

I go by Balthasar on the internet by habit, since he's been, to date, my only truly successful Exalted character - and the only one that I thought might eventually fulfill my goal for world domination (I'm not joking).

An ExMod Game



The Wiki

There are plenty of sections in the Wiki - enough to occupy someone for days, at this point. I like to print up offerings from the following people, and bring them home to read through.

The following people have only a dim recognition of my shadowy, lurking presence...

  • Ashande another of my extremely old online friends. I met Kaine in one of Brandon's first Vampire sessions. He and I share many common loves: video games, the dark side, occult history, and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Because of that, we usually pick up each other's vibes way before anyone else does, and tag-team in games together. If he hadn't been around, I would have enjoyed Balthasar far less.
  • CrownedSun is da man. You can critique his content all you like, and it won't change the simple fact that this fella runs some of the most solid and believable games I've ever played, with just a few hours of preparation. It may not seem so at first, but everything he does is somehow interweaved, and if I may say so, it usually all fits together beautifully. I may be biased because of the fact that Brandon is one of my oldest online friends.
  • DariusSolluman and I get along pretty well, although his love for dissecting things seems occasionally vicious :-D We share a love for houseruling things up, and it seems, we also share a grudging admittance that perhaps Exalted is better without us houseruling it up. He has joined me in working on ExMod, which will at least keep me hung up for the next month or so, I have so many notes left to post. Right now I'm working on converting his crunchy Charms to Lite versions, because I like them so much I intend to use them in my ExMod game, SignsOfConjunction.
  • FourWillowsWeeping I suspect somehow saw Roger's brainstorming style somewhere, too. He seems to be a forumite, but I wish he weren't. In fact, if I could get this guy and Ikselam in #WoD with my little crowd, I'd be happy as a clam. Willows thinks on his feet and has a very positive manner, something very rare amongst the fueding White Wolf cronies. What's more, he pours out content like a fountain. I'm bored by very little this man writes.
  • Haren is a new addition to my list of friends. If you put Kaine, Haren and I together in a room, we could have a week-long conversation and never disagree, our ideas are so similar. It's amazing how you can post a few bits here and there concerning your thoughts on a matter, and God will reward you with a new like-minded associate with which to bounce your geeky made-up philosophies off of.
  • Ikselam gets a lot of attention because he is a freaking genius. I saw his Infernals project and offered to help, only to discover while e-mailing back and forth with Roger that he already knew exactly how he wanted the project to turn out. As it turned out, I was the one that came away with more information than I'd started with - because I'd adopted Roger's crystal-clear brainstorming method. And so, if it isn't a Kaishar Blood Art, or an Abyssal Charm, it's probably only here because of what Ikselam taught me.
  • Telgar was raised in the wild, and only recently has been taught the ways of civilized monkey-speak. Armed with only an emu carcass and the Mighty Shovel of Pasiasp, John stalks the lush jungle of #WoD in search of fools to drub with the overwhelming power of the Earth Dragon. Also, he was with Kaine and I in a certain game of CrownedSun's that I talk so much about. Look here for his strange litany of elemental magics. And he calls me freak.

Further Notes

Forthcoming ExMod Appendices (also known as a to-do list)\\ ExMod/TheSupernaturalWorld\\ ExMod/LiteDramaComputerSystems - With heavy influence from Darius' ExMod/ModernSolarComputers page ExMod/ModernAbilities\\ ExMod/ModernBackgrounds\\ ExMod/ModernSolarPilot, ExMod/ModernDBPilot, ExMod/ModernAbyssalPilot, ExMod/ModernLunarPilot\\ ExMod/ModernDBComputers, ExMod/ModernAbyssalComputers\\ ExMod/AutocyberneticLunars


March 30th, 2004 - Good news, everybody! I've just come back from Bum-f'ed Four!\\ So, I don't know how many of you figured this out, but I up and lost my home a few months ago to some Really Shitty Circumstances. Now, I'm back!

From the looks of it, I have a lot to get reacclimated with - luckily, the Wiki was never that hard to begin with, and mostly I just have a lot of content to catch up with. Poor me.  :-)

Mostly, you can ignore a lot of the updates and 'soon to comes' here right now. My computer has sat as dormant as my career as a roleplayer these past few months, and I feel a warm up coming on. Maybe some Whirlwind Brush will calm my nerves... - Balthasar

November 11th, 2003 - Exalted: Modern?\\ Having finished withBalthasar/TheForgingOfSoulsteel, and seeing actual Wiki interest in my occasionally mentioned ExMod Project, I've turned the majority of my efforts away from the remainder of my Underworld essays, and toward the publication of my ExMod notes here. Hell, it's even kind of exclusive, unless you're going to be one of my PCs in the forthcoming game.

As anyone could have figured out by now, I disenjoy openly venting my thoughts and emotions on this page. Typically such matters bore me, and I would hate to think I was boring anyone else who would otherwise be on my vibe. However, in this case, I'd like to make an exception as regards ExMod.

Recently a good amount of ideas I'd never even considered were posted to the various ExMod pages already published here. I was thrown off balance at first - ExMod was my project! But the more I read, the more everyone else's concepts validated themselves, and I realized I was just being stingy. So here's the deal: I'd like to open ExMod to the public. If you have ideas, create your own ExMod page and tell them to those of us already there. If you want to join the creative team, either just call dibs on some unfinished Charms, or, hell, add new Charms to existing pages. Just credit yourself at the top of the document.

The goal for ExMod will no longer be a uniform project, but rather, a repository of (hopefully) modular pieces that anyone desiring to run an ExMod campaign can pick and choose amongst. This way, if one Storyteller's vision of Exalted: Modern exclusively involves autocybernetic Lunars, he can download the appropriate Charms and get started without worrying about the God-Knows-How-Many other ExMod appendices. DariusSolluman and I have already divided the Drive and Firearms Systems to both get a spotlight on our system ideas. You can write your own systems, too.

Above all, I just hope you guys enjoy yourselves. Given how many positive attitudes there are on the ExaltedWiki, I'm sure that won't be a problem. - Balthasar

September 10th, 2003 - A Major Revision\\ I updated the page and many subpages to better utilize the ExaltedWiki system of paths and links. I will continue to do this, and I hope to have much of the formatting done soon. Also, I have more content! Around June this year I wrote a good amount of Abyssal Charms for various Abilities (mostly Melee, naturally). Once I'm done proof-reading those, they will be up here and on the Charms pages. Forgive me if a few of the forthcoming items aren't adequately formatted - I hope to get to them later, when I'm not hiding my browser from my boss!

Feel free to post as you like, especially in the comments section Quendalon so kindly set up! - Balthasar


Welcome! Nice work, and I look forward to seeing the rest of the Blood Arts and whatever other material you have to contribute. However, would you mind putting your entries under the proper paths? (i.e. MartialArts/CrimsonTempleStyle) Thanks! - Quendalon

Thank you for the tip. I've adjusted my page accordingly, as well as the Crimson Temple page. I hope you enjoy the Blood Arts (still a work in progress). - Balthasar

Cool. But, y'know, everything should have a path. TheKaishar can be a section unto itself, with all of its components slotted into it (i.e. TheKaishar/RitualOfRebirth, TheKaishar/StrengthArts, etc). Anything that doesn't belong in a specific section should go under your own personal path, like Balthasar/LanguorOfAMillionHopes. When in doubt as to the standards, just browse around the ImportantLinks section and see how people have pathed their pages. It's easy! - Quendalon

Yeah, I've been browsing the site more today - slow day at work. I'm sure I'll have some paths put together soon, but I'm anal enough that I'll probably spend more time on organization than necessary. Still haven't been able to find any definitive articles on the matter, really. - Balthasar

Good stuff so far, Joel! Very pretty page layout too. I'm glad to have ya here, gives me some more competition for putting stuff down here. Heh. I need to post more of my charms... - CrownedSun

Hey man! Yep, I saw you posting like crazy when I was wincing at all the edits I hadn't hit 'minor change' on yesterday and today. God. Maybe we should slow down some? Nah... - Balthasar

I added in a little something for you Balth, just figure save the time I get to talk to you for gaming, look down for a little Modern Melee Charm for you. I'd say the Abyssal would be the same, just you have to spend a mote to cause lethal with a weapon. - haren

I call you a freak because you are! FREAK! - Telgar

Hey, man, welcome back.\\ _Ikselam

Just a question for Balthasar. Are you going to post any more of the setting. I'm very curious as to the differing possibilities for the new setting and all you have is aggravating little tidbits to chew on. :) - Jaelra

I'm seeking permission to use some of your work in an artifacts book. Please check it out. - Wordman