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R. Sean Borgstrom - Quotes

Feel free to add ... please try to put each quote in a separate subsection so this is readable! ^_^ Please also include the header line so that the quote is verifiable ...

Exalted 2nd Edition Charms

Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/AnointmentOfMiraculousHealth for how this works in Ex2
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/FiveFoldBulwarkStance - Does it reduce every action in a flurry? (Y)
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/SolarMentalInfluence - What does unnatural mental influence feel like?

Individual Sidereal Charms

Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/AvoidanceKata for how the charm interacts with Demons and Fate, its Consequences and Details
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/AvoidingTruthTechnique for how to use this
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/BattlePattern for use on Deathlords
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/BlindingTheBoar for its specialised use
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/BladeOfTheBattleMaiden for the irrelevance of pre-requisite depth
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/CharcoalMarchOfSpiders on when you get the extra actions
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/CeasingToExistApproach for how this charm interacts with Backgrounds
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/CrimsonPalmCounterstrike which explains how the flavour text can sometimes be relevant
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/DuckFate on whether a complete twink could use this charm to avoid Pattern Bite
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/EarthAndSkyBargain for possible circumstances of the spirit in question, and stackability
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/EfficientSecretaryTechnique where the pattern spider is when not in use
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/ExaltWays for what this Charm does and does not let you do
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/ForceDecision ... this is really useful, and really funny too!
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/FourMagicalMaterialsForm for "why" this does not include Soulsteel
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/GrandmotherSpiderMastery turning legions into chickens
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/HarmonicCompletion for communication while the Charm is in effect
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/ImpedingTheFlow for how good this charm is relative to others
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/JoyInAdversityStance for when this triggers and when not
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/LoversOath on polygamy
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/MarvelousInclusionofDetails on seeing the fates of things studied
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/OfThingsDesiredandFeared on finding a newly exalted Solar
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/OfTruthsBestUnspoken on finding Solars
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/OrdainedBridleOfMercury on why the Maidens made this charm before Arcane Fate
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/PAoCFormAndArmour which explains armour not being allowed
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/PatternSpiderTouch to make an army of Elemental Dragons ...
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/PiratesAndWaterSpirits for why a star was devoted to driving them out
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/RidingTheDragon for information on mounts
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/ShunTheSmilingLady yes, this charm sucks (did that even need to be said?)
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/SongOfSpiritPersuasion on how this charm affects creatures outside of fate
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/SpellShatteringPalm for Rebecca's take on this charm
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/SpiritShapeCompanion for changes to the familiar's attributes (or lack therof)
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/SubordinateInspirationTechnique ... sit, Ubu, sit
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/TerminalSanction this charm doesn't summon spirits
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/OSPvsUWBM for why these charms are the way they are, and info on Impeding the Flow
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/TranscendentHatchetOfFate for how to escape destiny BY escaping destiny
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/WorldShapingArtisticVision for how broad specialities can be, Eclipse usage, and the scope of TN reduction

Charm Related

Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/CharmTrees for advantages and disadvantages of short non-expandable trees
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/DevelopingNewCharms for how tough the charm limit is on Sidereals, and what they did during the Primordial War
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/EclipsesCanUsePrayerStrips ... interesting, hmm?
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/HowtoFindaFreshExalt What Sidereal charms are used to find a Newly Exalted Solar
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/PrayerStripsReusability save the trees, recycle! or not!
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/RideCharms for how familiars and aquaintances stack
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/SolarVsSiderealDefence for how good these are relative to each other
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/SolarVsSiderealCharms for how she tried to balance these.

Rebecca's Thoughts on Martial Arts

Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/FullyIndependentActions for clarification on what these are and why
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/MaidensofPAoC for Maidens of the Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Style
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/MAandTNs for World Shaping Artistic Vision and MA
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/MartialArtsWeapons for e.g. using a sword as a MA weapon
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/NewSiderealLevelMA for notes on creating a new Sidereal level martial art
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/PAoCandCMOS ... which to put up first ...
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/PrismaticStyleAbyssals for information on Prismatic Style and Abyssals
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/SiderealCreatedMA for non-Sidereal MA vs Sidereal MA
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/SiderealUseofImmaculateMA for how Sidereal use of the Immaculate Arts works
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/SolarChargen for use of SMA by Solars at generation
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/VBoSOddities for Virtue-reduction / Great Curse interaction
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/WhenToLearnSMA for information on when to learn a secret style
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/GodOfMA for an envisioning of how the Face background works


Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/EvilDemons on comparing Demons' morality to Raksi's
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/WhenAndWhichLimitBreak on what circumstances produce bound demons with Limit, and whether the same Demon will break the same way every time


Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/AbyssalsNotOutsideFate for more information as to why Abyssals are not outside Fate
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/ArcaneFateAndResplendentDestinies for comments on these two
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/FateMACombination for how Sidereals combine the two
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/GreatProphecy on how the great prophecy came about ...
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/NudgeFate for how far Fate can be "nudged"
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/PredictTheFuture about one incidental way Sidereals predict the future


Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/ForestWitches for connections ...
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/Numina for information and differences between these and Sorcerors
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/SeaOfMind on how it interacts with the Real Exalted World

Fair Folk

Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/FairFolkAttunement for Fair Folk having servants attune their Daiklaves and such.
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/FairFolkInspiration with Charm Hints
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/GracesPwnJ00 for why Staff Grace and not Temperance Art
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/NormalActions for why Normal Actions and the Fae don't always interact
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/WhyBeingDeadIsntSoBad for why Fae don't HAVE to reshape themselves after dying
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/ReactionsToShaping for how a Warrior might react to a Cup-shaping from his consort
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/Hephaestus for an example of why the Greater Arts of Glamour work the way they do
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/NotJustShaping for why shaping actions aren't the only meaningful things in a FF game


Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/ArmourShouldSoakAgg for a comment that backs this up
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/BanalExalted for exaltation in a very boring world
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/CKvsSolars for her opinion of Solars attacking Chejop
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/DeathlordsPlan for a plan to save Creation using the Deathlords, and how it might have started.
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/DemonsAndFate for Demons in Creation
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/DemonSummoning for her take on the subject
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/FirstAgeNight for the importance of Night Castes in the First Age
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/FiveMaidens for the sanity of the Maidens
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/FiveMaidensEndings about the Maiden of Endings & Limits
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/GamesOfDivinity for what these might be
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/GoodandEvil and why it's not as important as you think.
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/HeavenWontSave for why Heaven won't save the day
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/LunarExaltation for Luna's role in Lunar Exaltation
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/KillingPrimordials for taking down the Yozis
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/MAInArmour for her take on what might be possible
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/Outcastes for a ditty about them
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/ParryFalling for whether or not one can parry a fall. Quite interesting.
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/Pie for pies appreciated by different maidens
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/PrayerStrips for the possibility of prayer strips for Occult or the other MA styles
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/PrimordialSouls for speculation on Demons and Gaia's souls
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/Quintessence for 7-Aspect DBs
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/RecognisingResplendantDestinies for some comment on this issue
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/SadIvoryDeath on Sad Ivory and the vagaries of life and death
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/SocialCombat for her take on how "social combat" works
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/SolarUsurpation for how the Sidereals arranged the Usurpation
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/SolarMonsters an alternate mortal's-eye-view of the First Age
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/Stunting for the fact that you can't use the same stunt too many times
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/SutraOfGenre on the seven natures of Exalted
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/TheGameWorldWorks explaining that Sidereal NPCs need not be overpowering
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/UsurpationAlternatives for how things could have been different, if ...
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/WhatRSBAimsFor when she's writing a game
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/YesNoMaybe for the existence of a unified metaphysics of Exalted, and the mathematical philosophy behind the Fair Folk

Weird without Context

Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/FunWithMortals - For a mortals game with Exalted
Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/MarxCreateYou - Exalted and memes


Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom/Rebecca for information she posted about herself on the WW forum ...

Rebecca's personal blog is here, and she sometimes discusses her work on Exalted in the Gaming forum here. (If you like her writing style, you will probably enjoy Hitherby Dragons, her daily storyblog, which she describes as "like a webcomic without the pictures." Brainhurty goodness!)