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New Charms, Charm construction, Charm discussion, and so on.

Charm Construction

New Charms

This is a place to put new charms that you have designed. Before contributing, be sure to peruse the FormatStandards. When you add a new Charm under your name, please also link it from the index-by-splat pages.

Charms by Type

Charms by Contributor



Seiraryu and Epsilon, you had your UserPages listed under the Charms List by contributor, which isn't super-helpful. Could you make yourself a Charm index of your work or something atCharms/Seiraryu orCharms/Epsilon, etc, and then list that page?
~ Shataina

Done. Seiraryu

Is there a page anywhere for Charm Ideas that you want someone else to do but you don't want to do as you suck at it? - ScrambledValkyrie

Not that I'm aware of... make one, it sounds fun! (As an aside, it's really confusing when you put your comment in between an indented one that was made earlier and the comment the indent was originally referring to. At least, I think that's what happened. Confuzzling. Hopefully, this order is correct, since I can't find a record of Seiraryu making a page in response to you, and thus was probably responding to Shataina)
-- Darloth

Hmm, okay. I'll see about doing that, then. :D I think I was a little burbleheaded when I did that comment. I usually know what I'm doing! - ScrambledValkyrie

Sorry for being anal but I alphabatized the list by type. - Dmccoy1693

No infernal charms page. There should be an infernals charms page. - Han'ya with a sick look in his eyes.