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New Junk

12/4/04: I've become quite caught up in TheNexusProject. Here are the entries I've written:

Abattoir Rise
Jade Cage of Warrants
The Rivergate Scandal
Wives of Gozen
The Traveler's Companion

And here are the empty pages I created. These need to be filled in by someone other than me (hint hint):

Glowering Bust of Desiccated Ivory
Odalisque of the Perpetual Gaze
Stone Pine Marsh

Old Junk

Um. I have a page now. For now, though, it's just aEJGRgunner/SandBox until I figure this whole thing out.

So. EJGRgunner/Artifacts I've come up with that are worthy of note. Also posted over at the Exalted Compendium.

Somehow, this page has degenerated into a battle of wits... although I can't really call it 'wit' since these "your mom" jokes are about as good as two-bit whores (no offense meant to anyone's mama). In the meanwhile, I'm cooking up aEJGRgunner/WyldLab for all my half-assed (and, sadly, infrequently half-baked) ideas. You'll see what I mean.

MartialArts/ServantOfTheBladeStyle is pretty much done. Comment, my Exalted webmonkeys! COMMENT!!!

Also going ahead and doing some pre-lim work on what I'm callingEJGRgunner/TheObsidianProphecies

Everyone should check out WhirlwindBrushMethod, and in particualr my chapter.


Just saw a little discussion at the Beast Artifacts page, and I'm... miffed. White Wolf is great and all, but it bothers me when people use Vampire as a historic refernce. Typhon is a greek reference to Theogony, not Set. Grr.\\

It makes me want to start collecting and posting links to good texts applicable to the setting. I mean, honestly, it's just wrong on some fundamental level to use Vampire\Werewolf\Mage as references in Exalted. It's so much cooler to bust out Enuma Elish and the like.


Ha! I knew it!\\ <gloats at your assimilative demise>\\ ~ Shataina

'Taina seems to have an obsession with assimilation.\\ P'raps it's because she's gotten me, too.\\ ~LorienFeanturi~

I think she just resents the fact that\\ all her base are belong to us.\\ ~*~Braydz~*~

What you say???\\ -SilverMeerKat

Huh.\\ Well, I hit all your mom's bases last night.\\ So there.\\ ~ Shataina

I freebased a couple of hits with your mom last night. Then I made her pay for 'em, cause she ain't gimme my money yet. ZING!! - SilverMeerKat\\ PS I apologize to everyone for that. Really, I'm sorry.

:P I don't think you are.\\ ~ Shataina

Yeah dude, you're really not sorry enough.\\ And for something productive, I really like that "Nexus-Below" idea in your Wyld-Lab.\\ ~*~Braydz~*~

You bastard. You stole my dice. ~Lorien~

Hey, when my Sidereals done I'll post it up on my characters. Even though my Sifu is distgusting, I'm sure it was something that going to make the game very interesting --KaleUtterdark

Hey, how's work coming on that WBM part? If you need an extension, or have decided to drop, that's okay, but please indicate it in the queue.\\ _Ikselam

Roger. Sorry. Life gets in the way. - EJGRgunner
Understood; no biggie. If you still want someone to do proofreading/idea-sounding, I'm available. I'm sure dissolvegirl would be up for it, too, seeing as how she's complaining about being bored.\\


Thank you for correcting what I missed. I wasn't aware of a Martial Arts - By contributor page, and therefore neglected it. Jydan