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This is my Hive...

If you are an agent of Order, than leave at once! Go to your boring allegedly safe live you call civilized! Sniveling weakling!

You Sidereal! I noticed YOU! You thought, you would escape my Perceiving The Hidden World-Technique, BUT NOT IN MY HOUSE!

the sound of a head ripped of by a powerful claw blow - the head flies through the air leaving a trail of blood - finally landing in a basket full of other heads, prevouisly owned by overconfident spies and wannabe assassins - hundreds of tiny claws scurring over the stone floor, hungry beasts feeding on the corpse, sqeeking with joy

I'm sorry, what were we talking about? Ah, the Chaos, yes, and it unmeasurable pleasures...

...and your're welcome to enter (at your own risk)!

My first hearthstone Blood-Lust Jewel you can find under HearthStones/WyldSpawn. In fact, it is not really my hearthstone, since I stole the idea of the Blood-Lust Jewel from Ikselam.

Stuff I'm working on (sometimes, Me a lazy bastard, I am)

WyldSpawn/Houserules Some stuff I use (or plan to do so) in my games.

LunarFlux"": A change on the Great Curse of the Lunars. This change was made on a small group of Lunars. The new system is something like the Abyssal Curse, but of course based on the Wyld and not on Death.

FluxManipulationEffect""s: Effects created by LunarFlux"". Add your ideas.

Old stuff


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