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In case it wasn't patently obvious, this is my user page. I'm a moderately-experienced Exalted Storyteller with a love of cinematicism, tinkering, and Rebecca Borgstrom's imagination. In the course of my games, I inevitably amass a small arsenal of concepts, characters, game mechanics and house rules that are really wasted sitting in folders at home - hence the Wikification! Well, that, and insurance against some IT-related catastrophe.

I really hope this material helps someone out there. Any comments, suggestions or criticisms are welcomed with open arms, as there's no way of me making these to myself. Also, I love attention; the more feedback I get, the larger the number of people I appear to be writing for (and thus the more motivated I am).

Actual Content

Third Edition

  • GracefulCharmMethodology - An overhaul of the 3e Charmsets so that they follow best practice established in previous editions.
  • UnifiedProjectMethodology - A merging of the Leadership and Craft project rules, to provide a 'best of both' approach.

Infernal Exalted

DBSInfernalExalted - An introduction, and notes on their development. 1st edition; 2nd edition will follow release of the Abyssals book.

Infernal Character Sheet - By kind and capable effort of Grandmasta.

Third Age

TheThirdAge - A dark steam/cyberpunk setting placed after the successful Locust and Baalorian Crusades, with the reintroduction of Autocthon to Creation.

  • TheThirdAge/Glossary - Terms and words used distinct from canon Exalted, for easy reference.
  • TheThirdAge/History - Chronicles detailing the fall of the Second Age, and events leading up to the present day in the Third Age.
  • TheThirdAge/Setting - Cultures, regions and locales unique to the Third Age, or irrevocably changed by the flow of time.
  • TheThirdAge/Heroes - Exalts and other magical beings involved in the unfolding Age.
  • TheThirdAge/Technology - Gadgets, machines and artifacts developed over the course of the many catacylsms.
  • TheThirdAge/MartialArts - The essence-recalibrative martial arts designed to turn Dragon-Blooded into dedicated adherents of Autocthonian faith.

Martial Arts Styles

Alchemical Charms

Gizmos for the gizmo god!


Other Stuff


Well, I was just tickled by this project, and therefore couldn't help but hack the Solar charactersheet into an Infernal one. I'm rather proud of it. Do let me know if I missed anything? ~ Grandmasta

Wonderfully done - thanks ever so much for your help, and the character sheet is now duly adopted. I'm really glad you liked my efforts so much, and any other feedback or suggestions you can give would be most welcome...DeathBySurfeit

Well, actual character creation rules would be nice, but I guess those would have to wait until after the Charms are finished, eh? ~ G

Except for weird-ass backgrounds, what do you need? These infernals seem like the Most-Evil-Guy type, and so I'd assume they follow the Abyssals in having character creations very, very similar to solars, but with better backgrounds in the backing kinda line. I could see some Leige or Sorcery backgrounds certainly.
-- Darloth

The weird-ass backgrounds are actually what I was thinking of, specifically. ^_^() ~ G
You know, some original backgrounds would be interesting. Anything come to mind, G? -Suzume
Well, it has been suggested that Demon-Blooded get a form of Whispers that works with the Yozis instead of the Malfeans. That'd be a good place to start. :) They definitely need a Leige style background; even the lowliest of the Akuma (*scoff!*) get Patron and Inheritance 5 as part of the basic deal. ~ G
Oh, and there's gotta be a Demonic Contacts...Allies...Henchmen ... hell, why not just make a catch-all "Demons I Chill With" background? ~ G
Actually, though I'm not so sure how it would fit in with DeathBySurfeit's stuff, Ikselam has some preliminary backgrounds that I think are at least worth a look, being rather original. -Suzume
I dunno if DBS would agree with me, but I would think the Yozis would be pretty careful in choosing who to pick as their Exalted. Careful enough to make conventions like a sliding scale of How Much Daddy Likes Me a tad irrelevant. Oh, they might like specific examples of the little bastards, but I'd think that'd be represented as a Merit (or Flaw?) than as a background. I guess they could be adapted, but it sounds like they were written with the possibility of an Infernal going rogue, which doesn't sound terribly likely to happen in this incarnation. :) ~ G, rambling

Say, another random question. Do Infernals get their own signature Magical Material to play with? If so, what is it called? Daimonion? Ormulo? Gluebrass? :) ~ G

Black Lead, or at least that's what Spider and I have decided on for BoXPInfernals. If you reverse-engineer from Dukantha's Daiklave it's +2 accuracy, +1 damage, which can reasonably be toned down to +1/+1 each. --MUrielw

I'll be uploading them shortly, but I've actually been working on much of what you have mentioned. Character creation is basically the same as Solars, with the addition of Voices (similar to Whispers) and Sorcery (similar to Necromancy) backgrounds. With regards Magical Materials, I'm presently deciding on whether to go for willows's idea of corrupted materials or my campaign's addition of vitrioline (after a reference in Games of Divinity to it as the caustic element unique to to Malfeas). I'll upload them when I'm finished (Voices was done some time ago), but feedback on the MM debate would be of great help...DeathBySurfeit

I'm divided on it myself; I like the corrupted materials (to match with the corrupted Shards), but there is a definite appeal in a new material entirely. I'm not sure how much I like the term 'vitrioline', sounds like a kind of fuel. Poking around some bilingual dictionaries, I don't see anything better...look in alchemy? - willows

Could stick with Vitriline... since Vitriol seems to be limited to Malfeas, it would certainly be a possiblity as a material. Heck, there's even a pseudo-elemental of it.
-- Darloth

Aside from a preexisting tendency to align Vitioline / Vitriline with the minorMM's, I like the idea of solidified Malice. ^_^ Mayhap a compromise idea would be that the Infernals use the 5MM, but they must be alloyed and corupted by the Yozi's crunchy-hate. It's one thought anyway. -Suzume

-We're Catholic.
-Oh, then you want That's Pure Evil Coming Out of Your Backside, You Naughty Child.

I say give them Vitriol, or Vitrioline, if that's native to Malfeas. If it's not already what would be considered a "magical" material, have THAT alloyed with atrocity and damnation and call it what you will. WaiyaddoNoDan convinced me that corrupted MMs are cheesy. :) ~ G

Vitrioline, vitriol refined and purified a thousand times over, will be finished off shortly, as will character creation rules. I'm currently seeking themes for the Athletics and Dodge trees, if anyone's got a creative mind spare...DeathBySurfeit

Athletics could be based around how progressively less and less physical 'laws' apply to them. I mean... start with things like friction, work up to gravity on a small scale, and eventually just negate gravity, intertia, stuff like that entirely? I can certainly see an inertia-less charm as some sort of dodge-charm as well.
-- Darloth

That idea seems almost exactly like the Alchemical Strength Charms, though. -- Will
Also, the altering geometry shtick works pretty well too. Two points separated by a vast distance are also tangental, and the infernal just sort of steps across. Or say an arrow is fired, and travels in its normal, basically parabolic path. It just happens that now that very same parabolic path takes it straight up and over the infernal, as she stands there smiling at you, ready to take that step from one point to another, and take your insides on a trip outside--thanks to his trusty poignard of... whatever they end up using--on her way. ^_^ -Suzume (Try waking up in the middle of the night from dreaming of that, explaining that to your lover, and having her give you the "disgusted" look because it made you very happy. ^_^ )

Impatient demand for more stuff! o_o ~ G

Delighted cheering! ~ G

Ideas presently very welcome on the subject of the Dodge tree. It's somewhat a crucial tree; Infernals presently have an extremely noticeable lack of defensive Charms, so if they were to be included at all they'd be included there. The tree could be orientated around physical and social defence mechanisms, or it could be orientated around counterattack charms, obscure evasion methods, stealth and other such things. Or something else entirely. Thanks for the comments in advance...DeathBySurfeit

Hmmmmmm.... Several demons and demon types dance, so why not have them doing demon dances that break reality and allow them to do such things as warp space to shift attacks away from themselves, avoid the bonds of hate, friendship, etc. They should probably have a charm that allows them to retarget attacks on other people or the attacker. I haven't read through all of the charms so if you have already used any of these, I'm sorry. Still, I like the mental image I get of somone dancing in place while reality fractures like a broken mirror around them and all attacks on that person get warped around to strike the attacker.
-- BrilliantRain
Just realised something else. Regardless of what else you do, they should probably have a dodge charm that allows them to make a charm enhanced dodge that counts as a parry or soak instead of a dodge, otherwise they will be vulnerable to a decent subset of charms. After all there are charms out there that totally ignore dodge and charms that ignore non-charm enhanced defences.
-- BrilliantRain
I was thinking perhaps that since the Infernal shtick as far as combat goes thus far appears to be "kill you before you can kill me," the Dodge tree might not focus so much on avoiding attacks as dissuading attackers from attacking in the first place. I can definitely see a series of "Sure, go ahead and hit me. Heh heh heh." Charms being right at home there. Or maybe a Celestial Safety Amongst Enemies. Maybe a Charm or set thereof which trick the target into thinking one of his comrades is actually the Infernal? ~ G

Whoo, congrats on finishing! I've kind of watched this over the months it's developed, and I think the project is preeeetty neat. Now.. Infernal chargen rules! Citizens demand it! -- Will

I'll get working on them. In the meantime, just imagine they're Solars with differently named weaponry, castes and Charm sets...DeathBySurfeit

This is great stuff! Well done! *so yoinked* - Nikink

I aim to, er, be yoinked. Mwa to all those Friend Citizens who voted for Five Falling Butterflies Style! ...DeathBySurfeit

That is one awesome Charmset, sir or ma'am. Obviously our visions of the Infernals differ, but I covet your talent. --MUrielw

Many thanks, sir or ma'am! I've somehow omitted to link to your own rendition of those charming individuals, but that's since fixed. Eee, I don't look forward to converting all the Charms to their second edition variants. Still, nobbleyess obleegay...DeathBySurfeit

Talking about Nobbly-Ess Oblighey, check your gmail. Sorry to everyone else, but DBS will never see this if I don't major it, and you would not -believe- how difficult it is to get in contact otherwise.
-- Darloth

Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahhaha! Gold, pure gold! B-) -nikink

^_^ ...DeathBySurfeit

This might not be the right place to ask, but since you've been giving me advice I hope you can give me some more. I tried to do as you said and made new pages without spaces in the name. But that left old pages with the bad names and I think maybe they should be deleted. But I dont know how to do it... can you help me? /Swifty

Sadly, he cannot help you delete pages, as it is basically impossible. However, if you move all the stuff onto the better-named page, you can either leave the old one blank or use a redirect to make the old page point at the new page. An example of how to do that can be found Here, under the miscellaneous section. Doing either of those keeps the wasted space to a minimum, and then the old pages will eventually fall out of use.

In other news, DbS, that gif is awesome!
-- Darloth

Darloth got it in one. Don't worry about leaving redundant pages around; if you delete all references to them, they're as good as removed anyway. Glad you liekd the gif, Dar! I think the meme is old enough to start being funny again...DeathBySurfeit

By the way - did Square pay you for the english translation of Balthier, or did you just mentally imprint yourself onto him from afar?
-- Darloth finds the similarities disturbing sometimes

Gah! I shall have to demand royalties...DeathBySurfeit

HOLY CRAP. Has that GIF been here all this time? Is it yours? It is amazing. Amazing.
~ Shataina

It has been here for some time, and I was the one who compiled the images together into an animation that DeathBySurfeit posted on the The Freedom Stone forum some time back. Mind you, my version was more vibrant for some odd reason, compared to the other one that someone else made ~ Haku
Mmm! I had a flash of inspiration, spent a little time in photoshop and the ever-delightful Haku rendered it into a gif for me. It was supposed to only be a temporary thing, but I've since become quite attached to it...DeathBySurfeit

You should talk with Jachra - he hangs around on OpenRPG a fair bit, and I think you two would get on well on the subject of faeries.
-- Darloth.