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Once upon a time, there existed a web site dedicated to Exalted called the Exalted Compendium. It was similar in purpose to this wiki, in that anyone could contribute, but was more rigid and database-like, defining specific types of records that could be submited (charms, artifacts, etc.). It also featured a forum dominated by the rantings of possibly the least mature gamers in creation. In spite of this, it had the potential to be great, given a bit of additional care from its creator. Instead, its creator abandoned it.

It used to be found at http://exalted.rpgcompendium.com. It is no longer. It's data is lost forever, because its creator refused to open his code and data format.

There is now a site called "Exalted Compendium Redux", intended to fill the role EC did, without EC's weaknesses. It can be found at [1]


Neph has expressed his thoughts on the compendium.

Is it just me, or is the explination for the old EC just a little harsh? ~ StarHawk

I too have expressed my feelings elsewhere and I shalln't bring it up. But nonetheless, I shall miss the Exalted Compendium and the people I met there... - Haku

I've been working on the code for a forum-less EC ripoff, and all that's left is to write the front end for it and probably find some sort of semi-professional hosting. -- BillGarrett

If anyone cares (and isn't already hooked on PHPBB over there) you can see the sorts of things I've got so far at Lore 5. If the site doesn't respond, my box is busy or down, but that's rare. -- BillGarrett
Well... we would be interested if you could pop by the EC redux... as we can most definately use a nice sleek database for submissions, and Stillborn might be willing to host it. ~ Haku
Been there, seen it. Still working on what I've got, but if someone wants to host this thing in connection with that thing, that's fine. Email me at memesis@gmail.com :) -- BillGarrett
Will pass this msg on to the forum in general, as I'm only a forum goer and no real authority or whatnot... ^_^ ~ Haku

I would very much like to see the EC, or something like the EC come back. It was a nice site, and a neato way to quickly get an NPC for a game with it's character area. - StarHawk

Has the EC actually been confirmed dead? It's gone down before, and it's come back. Has anyone heard from Yoshi? -Stillborn

I hope it returns, since i found it to be a place of wonder where i learnt so much about this fantastic game, and where help was at hand, as long as one didn't mind the language. It shall be missed ~ FornClakes

I have started a new project called (tentatively) Exalted Compenidum Redux. I want to build the EC that everyone wish they had once it started breaking down. http://www.patternspider.net - Stillborn

Congrats, Stillborn, and the best of luck. Are you actually going to try and moderate it? Won't that tarnish some of the old Compendium's.... er... charm? - Wheloc
Thanks. I'm not into censorship. I'll be there to make improvements, fix problems, etc. The only time I'd ever ban/delete a user or post is if it was obvious spam. If you have other questions, post 'em on the site! -Stillborn
It looks like it could have potential, but it'll need quite abit more then just a forum to get people to go there, even if it doesn't have any moderation beyond spam-control.
~ Haku
Patience, Haku. Patience. -Stillborn

There was one redeeming feature to the Compendium. The most glorious Exalted Fiction ever written.... The One True Thread. The glory of this tale will never be forgotten, and the travils of its stars will be remembered forever in the annuals of greatness. Plus, the writers will be showered with beautiful women and money. - Jydan

I thought it was pretty great, right up to the point where they started enforcing continuity. _Ikselam
Nobody ever enforced continuity. Its just that nobody could ever decide if there was continuity or not in the first place (some people wanted/recognized continuity in some form, some in others, and some people didn't at all), and there was alot of OOC discussion invisisble to those who only saw the thread. - GoldenH
There were times when we'd just hammer out what was going to happen in the next episode. I liked those times, especailly when SHE was around, telling us what to do. Such a bossy girl (BOTH of them). Most of the fun of it, was those sessions and the complete wackiness that resulted from them. I've been very sad that I can't seem to find it anywhere on the net. It depresses me.