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I'm Seiraryu. My name, however, is Manuel, though anyone who's anyone calls me Manu. While I lived ten years in the United States (California, specifically), I am from and am now once again living in Argentina (you know, the huge place under Brasil everyone forgets exists with all the great meat and tango). I'm twenty-two, and enjoy Exalted immensely (and would enjoy it more if I got to play it more often. If you like any of the stuff I have on this page (anything from fluff, to setting material, to artifacts, to characters) don't be shy and let me know. You can usually find me in the #WoD channel on on IRC.



News and Updates

12 : 28 : 05 - Added theSeiraryu/Wizardry Background.
12 : 25 : 05 - Fixed up some of the stuff onSeiraryu/Familiar, (mostly scripting).
12 : 24 : 05 - Did a whole bunch of stuff by now. Added theSeiraryu/VestigeMoira,Seiraryu/TheKindred,Seiraryu/ElsewhereTavern, and theSeiraryu/GodSmackingGlove andSeiraryu/GodWatchingSpectacles, and, of course, the great and powerfulSeiraryu/Acharon. There may be more, my memory is shot from booze and girls. XD
10 : 14 : 05 - Modified Wendigo, the Frore Duke; began brainstorming for a new organization of Lunars; and began work on Majestic Totem Aspect.
08 : 02 : 05 - I've added my slightly (very) detailed Alternate Familiar Background and a link to StarHawk's Holidays in Creation page.


Concept Ideas

  • Artifact: elemental surplus reduction amulet.
  • Seiraryu/MoonDukes - An organization of Lunars scattered across creation.
  • Project to re-organize and complete Lunar Charms by Attributes.
    • (Mostly) Finished Attributes: Intelligence, Wits, Perception, Stamina
    • Current Attribute: Strength
  • Ghost-Blooded based vampires.
  • Tian-shi-shequi and hingu - Martial Arts Syles (Sidereal and Celestial).
  • Powerful Artifact Knife (or maybe a group of knives of the different magical materials).
  • Artifacts: Featherlight, Traveler's Oasis, Trailblazer, Crocodile's Smile, Wayfarer's Satchel, Uhuru's Blessing, Emissary Stone, Bear Hands



Seiraryu/Udal - Sun-Priest Udal Serenei. Peaceful Zenith with a dark past and a love for helping the less fortunate.
- "I am Udal, and here to serve. Would you like to offer your prayers to the Unconquered Sun?"
Seiraryu/ShadyEyes - Inspector Shady Eyes. Pot-smoking Night Caste inspector of Great Forks.
- "Hey, hey! Come back here!" Dragging sound, and then breathlessly: "...goddammit, hate it when they run." Exhaling sound.
Seiraryu/Corve - Inspector Corve of the Brume floating islands. A spin-off fromSeiraryu/ShadyEyes, since he didn't fit the game that well.
- "Huh. Boulder, check. Bad guys everywhere, check. Loaded boomstick, check. Alright, now where's my frickin' dino?"
Seiraryu/Alepeleke - Cynis Daanen, now Alepeleke Hassandamar. A Robin Hood type, Eclipse Caste pirate and outlaw.
- "Hey boys! I'm Alepeleke, and this is my crew of bitter men...we'll be takin' ye jade now, if'n y'don't mind."
Seiraryu/Vija - Vija "Telestic Reverie" Aykie. A nigh-fanatical Zenith Caste, who was converted from worshipping a corrupt Elemental Dragon by the blessing of the Unconquered Sun.
- "There is no light more enthralling and just than that of the Unconquered Sun." Sound of blade unsheathing.
Seiraryu/Abis - V'neef Abis, the Devil-Child. A very angry and unlucky Fire-Aspected Legionnaire who likes to bite noses off.
- "You wanna fuck with me!? Come on! Bring it!"
Seiraryu/Letuil - Councilman Letuil, Stem of the South. Wood-Aspected protector of the Southern village of Hanour. (NPC)
- "If you're here to cause havoc, minion of the undead, you're going to fail!"
Seiraryu/Akharin - Craftsman and hero of the Lookshy elite.
- No quote.
Seiraryu/AshenEnigmaDrake - Anake, the Ashen Enigma Drake. Quiet and peaceful Full Moon in love with an Abyssal.
- "We will redeem you, my matter what it takes!"
Seiraryu/Wendigo - Wendigo, the Frore Duke, Changing Moon Lunar with a Moonsilver arm and a Horned Snow Hunter totem.
- No quote yet.
Volitant Justice - Changing Moon deity of the Niaska tribe. (NPC)
- "I spare your"
Shadow of the Hunter - No Moon teacher and trainer of young Lunar Exalts. (NPC)
- "What? That's it? Get back up! We're not done yet! We will not stop until you don't fall."
Seven Sorrows Web - The Eight Legs of the Moon. Spirder-totemed Changing-Moon with a penchant for distrusting everyone and everything.
- No quote yet.
Seiraryu/Omen - Casteless, Omen Dog totemed Lunar Full Moon who runs a gang in Nexus.
- "We have a saying here in Nexus: shit fall on the shoes of rich people from the asscrack of dogs."
Seiraryu/Dirja - Red Dirja, The Fell Star. Traitorous Chosen of Battles who works for the First and Forsaken Lion. (NPC)
- "Bite me, you ass-kissing bureaucrat!"
Seiraryu/AndimMael - Andim Mael, Chosen of Journeys and demon hunting archer extraordinaire!
- "Follow me, I know the way to our quarry's hideout!"
The Warden of the Faceless Peons - Dusk Caste of the Forsaken Lion, who emotionally tortures a poor Zenith sorceress he's secretly obssessed with.
- Malevolent sing-song voice: "...swish swash goes the willow branch; and a thousand children die tonight..."
Invigilator of Immoral Principles - Moonshadow Caste drug peddler and corrupter.
- No quote yet.
Seiraryu/MistressMadali - The Wine Goddess of Great Forks. A powerful and emotional god who helps those she likes, and hinders those she loathes. (NPC)
- "Come in, come in...make yourselves at home. Now, can I offer any of you anything to drink?"
Seiraryu/Sanjiv - The River of Timeless Anamnesis.
Alevuil Eyetinge - Fae-blooded mop boy on a pirate ship crewed by people just as weird as he is.
- Joyful whistling while mopping the deck.

Seiraryu/VestigeMoira - A clan of Demon-blooded servants to the River of Timeless Anamnesis, and created from the shadows of mortals.

- "My fate is not my own. Do unto it what you will!"

Seiraryu/TheKindred - A vampiric race of Abyssal Half-Caste spawned by a Labyrinth Circle Necromancy spell created by the Sovereing Draped in the Shroud of Fratricide.

- "Oh, don't worry... I'll only take a little bit..."
Heroic Mortals
-Seiraryu/Dante - Dante, a pit-fighter of the River Province; fated to be a Chosen of Mars.
- "I have to fight that? Oh boy..."
Sheet Templates


House Rules

Idea Pile
Seiraryu/GodBlooded - Revised character creation for more powerful God-Blooded.
Seiraryu/Mortals - Revised Merits, Flaws and Backgrounds for mortals.
Seiraryu/Combat - Altered weapons, systems, etc.
Seiraryu/Charms - Changed canon charms.
Seiraryu/MTA]] - Majestic Totem Aspect, an alternative system for Lunar hybrid shapes.
Seiraryu/Brawl - For Brawlers who love their style!
Seiraryu/Familiar - Alternate (and extremely detailed) rules for creating Familiars.
Seiraryu/Wizardry - Replacement for the Necromancy and Sorcery backgrounds.



Level One
Seiraryu/SweetNet - (Artifact) A net that purifies contaminated water.
Seiraryu/GodWatchingSpectacles - (Artifact) Spectacles that allow Exalts to see dematerialized beings.
Level Two
Seiraryu/KineticGauntlet - (Artifact) Mostly defensive gauntlets that blast invisible force against opponents.
Seiraryu/GodSmackingGloves - (Artifact) Gloves that allow for attacks on dematerialized beings.
Level Three
Seiraryu/OrbObtenebration - (Artifact) This spherical object grants power over a blanket of inky darkness.
Seiraryu/CraftBracers - (Artifact) Bracers that imbue the wearer with any crafting skill wished.
Seiraryu/BleedingMoonsFlesh - (Artifact) A skintight suit of armor that protects the treacherous Sidereal.
Level Four
Seiraryu/Pledgekeeper - (Artifact) A daiklave that keeps people honest...somewhat.
Seiraryu/ElevationEbonStars - (Artifact) Elevation of Ebon Stars; a pair of Hearthstone Bracers...with an Abyssal twist.
Level N/A
Seiraryu/Acharon - (Artifact) The August Ensemble of God-Slaying Design (name sort of says it all, dunnit?)



Brawl - Custom made Brawl Charms for Solars.
Melee - Custom made Melee Charms for Solars.
Shapeshifting - Custom made Shapeshifting Charms for Lunars.
Brawl - Custom Brawl Charms for Dragon-Blooded.
Melee - Custom Melee Charms for Dragon-Blooded.
Martial Arts
Merciful Bear Style - A style dedicated to non-lethal combat.
Thrashing Dragon Style - A style built for rapid movements and sudden attacks.
Righteous Devil Style (Redux) - A revision of the canon style.
Compassion - Custom made Compassion Charms for spirits.
Temperance - Custom made Temperance Charms for spirits.
Seiraryu/MadaliCharms - Mistress Madali's specialized Charms.
Terrestrial - Combos made of Dragon-blooded Charms.
Seiraryu/AstroCheat - A cheat sheet for Sidereal Astrology.




Seiraryu/PalmShriekers - The Palm Shriekers. Nocturnal horrors with no heads that live underground and rise among ruins.

- Silence... and then death.

Seiraryu/RegionalCoordinators - The Regional Elemental Coordinators of the Realm; a group of low-level Lesser Elemental Dragons who keep the elementals of the realm in check.

- "A crime in my region is a crime in all regions, little nymph. Go back to your job, lest I call the Coordinators' vengeance upon thee."

Seiraryu/Bluzbug - The Bluzbugs, ecstatic dream guides with a penchant for tea, social situations and mischief.

- "Where you wanna go? Huh?! Huh?! Whereyouwannagoooooo?! Oooh, tea!"

Seiraryu/BranchMaidens - The Branch Maidens, kind wood elementals that love to serve people in their homes. They're very good housekeepers.

- "Yes, mistress, I will watch the children and not worry about the garden, it is doing quite well."

Seiraryu/Brackies - Mischievious, mean-spirited, and all around inappropriate satyr-like wood-elementals who enjoy making anyone they meet's life miserable... until they lose interest.


Seiraryu/WatchetSqualls - Whimsical boy-shaped air-elementals that cause blizzards, snowstorms, and ice-borne hurricanes.

- "If you can reach the eye of my storm... then I may allow you an audience!"

Seiraryu/Niaska - The Niaska. Peaceful mutated barbarians that simply want to live and worship their Lunar Exalted deity, Volitant Justice.

- "We do not know what you speak of, Golden One--but I am sure that our most generous God will be of service if you merely ask."



Region of Calormene - A mysterious region with lost history and lore that is located around the Calormene River, which branches off the River of Tears half-way between its mouth and the Salt Marches.
Melaustere - A small mining city near the southern shore of the White Sea, between Icehome and Gethamane. It holds a dangerously guarded, very deep Blue Jade mine.
Hanour - A small blacksmithing and crop-growing Southern village near the coast-line and the Southwestern mountains.
Falda - A small farming and fishing village near the Tear of Calormene.

Seiraryu/ElsewhereTavern - A tavern called "Elsewhere," located in Elsewhere, and only accessible through certain entrances.

Lodge of Misted Mirrors - One of Calormene's Air Manses. It contains Ikselam's Stone of Fog.
Palace of the Echoing Fountain - Another Manse (Water) in Calormene. It contains the Gem of Spoken Languages.
Mansion of the Hallow Sigh - A haunted and nigh-abandoned Air Manse in Melaustere. It is the largest manse in the city; and it generates the Windhands Gemstone.


Wiki Links

My Contributions
Constricting Ivy Style - A Terrestrial Style I contributed to.
TheNexusProject - Building Nexus one twisted characteristic at a time.
CrunchRelay: MartialArtsRelay, CharmRelay, ArtifactRelay.
NaturalWondersOfCreation - Excellent resource material. Useful for games spanning across Creation.
  • GoldenCat. Colapso. A tireless, peerless storytelling machine, he re-designed Lunars so that they're more awesome! Mind, he's never run anything I've been part of; he does however run a massive game, and we are in the process of starting a new one that we co-run, along with...
  • Greymane. The wolf! Creative and really long-winded. He makes interesting characters, even though half the time he's tempted to just throw them out and try something else. It's been a chore trying to make him stick to one thing, but I think I got his methods in my grasp. Mwahaha!
  • Kraken. The tentacled one is legendary! He's also like, a dude in England with an outstanding grasp of of Exalted mechanics and some of the funnest character's I've seen in a long time. I've seriously enjoyed playing with him these past two months.
  • DarkSirenSally. Mieu. It's a Mieu! Nice and go luck, Sally has incredible ideas! I am indeed fearful that if she doesn't stop soon, she'll pop her lid and her brain will jump out like the Warner Bros. frog dancing with a cane and top-hat. She's a fun player, and I shall soon find out if she and her husband...
  • Kazuki are up to the storytelling challenge! I'm sure they'll do fine. Jon's an upstanding fellow! The kind of guy I imagine myself going to a pub to and having a cigar with. I don't know why. My brain is like God... omniscient, but in mysterious ways... or something.
  • FiatVictrix is nuts. He's coo-coo. His brain goes twirly-twirl. At least, this is the impression I get. Not that it bothers me in any way, I mean, I'm as nuts as he is, most likely. At least we agree on several key issues, like whiskey being the only thing worth a damn.
  • Telgar is the storyteller of High Pulp Exalted, the game that my character, Assessor Corve, is in. He's a good storyteller... when he's around. He tends to fall asleep. Also, he comes off as a lot tougher than he is, the big baby. All he needs is to be petted!
  • Raccoon. Slade is weird. He likes making characters for the sake of making characters, which is something we share. I look forward to playing with him in the game we're both to be in soon, he seems like someone that might make it that much more fun.
  • DarkheartOne. Shelby. Raksha Boy. The One With The Weird. He's my Fair Folk 101 professor, and also another person I'm seriopusly looking forward to roleplaying with soon. Some of his ideas are interesting enough to catch my eye, so I'm awating the chance to see them for myself!
  • Morrigu. Hysterical! Eni's got more energy inside her than a... a... a... hell, I dunno, it's like six in the morning. Point is, through all her hysterics, she's got creative drive. If only she would concentrate it more into certain things, instead of spreading it out.
  • Haren. Bri is worth mentioning. Everytime I'm stuck on a project and I mention it in #wod, she pops out of the blue with an idea that lets me keep going. I don't really know her much, but I thought that for that, she at least deserved a mention. Besides, she's funny.
  • Stryck. Last, and most definitely not least, is Charlotte. She's so cool she makes ice warm. Or something like that. Anyway, it's been a blast roleplaying in Exalted Pulp with her as a Dragon King, and she always has something fun to say! A good person.
Random Stuff
WriterQuotes - Quotes by the writers and developers of Exalted.
RandomTableMadness - A dice based table with hilarious plot ideas that can actually be used, despite the hilarity. By Kai Tave.
Holidays in Creation - A good complement of non-canon holidays all through-out Creation.



I accept comments of all types. If you're going to comment on a specific entry, please do so at the bottom of said entry. Otherwise, anything else can go here. Yay! There's also my comments archive atSeiraryu/Comments. - Seiraryu

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