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MartialArts Relay

The Twenty-Fourth Theme is The Best Defense

Steel Winter Style

This is a First Edition Terrestrial martial art, developed and used by a small tribe of Outcastes in the north. Drawing inspiration from the unrelenting and cutting winter, it is a style of pure grinding offense and aims to transform the martial artist into an icy killing machine. It has 10 Charms, 3 pre-form, 6 post-form. Charms of this style count the use of Grimclevers as unarmed and typically expect the martial artist to be wielding two at once. It is an unarmored martial art.

All Charms in this style draw heavily on the Essence of the Air. As a result, only Air Aspected Terrestrials and the God-Blooded children of air elementals and air or winter-alligned detities may use this style at the listed costs. All other characters pay the standard 1 mote elemental surcharge to use any of these Charms. – Greymane

1. Mountain Overwhelming Onslaught - Greymane

Cost: 2 motes
Duration: Instant
Type: Reflexive
Minimum Martial Arts: 2
Minimum Essence: 1
Perquisite Charms: None

As the storm is unstopped by the mountains craggy peeks, driving all before him, the martial artist assault is unslowed by the petty barriers that stand in his way. With every attack made, the martial artist may move forward, up to his permanent Essence in yards, forcing the target of his attack to move as well - be they dead or alive after the attack.


This relay hadn't been touched by anyone in forever, so as the second-to-last person to make a Charm for the previous theme, I thought I'd give the relay a kick and start the next one. Anyway, I'm picturing the style as pure, undiluted offense. Something without any real defensive elements at all. - Greymane

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