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<bMelWong/Crystal</b> A city writeup for an old Haslanti League game, dug up, dusted off, and plunked into the Setting section.








Martial Arts

MartialArts/SilkenLashStyle An MA style that involves hair-fu.


Lvl 1 Artifacts
<bMelWong/TellinsFishingRod</b> An artifact for a No-Moon concept I came up with, which I may post on the wiki when I finish working on it.

<bMelWong/SatchelOfPerfectBenison</b> Ye olde classic black doctor's bag, given the Exalted treatment.

Lvl 2 Artifacts
<bMelWong/PigSticker</b> A lvl 2 moonsilver dagger for a Changing Moon. Nasty, nasty pointy thing.

Lvl 3 Artifacts
<bMelWong/ColdFlameDagger</b> A demon-forged artifact dagger inspired by a panel from Books of Magic, featuring John Constantine.

Lvl 4 Artifacts
<bMelWong/LionHeart</b> A gunblade-inspired moonsilver daiklave.
<bMelWong/TsunamiBlade</b> A legendary wavecleaver daiklave that harnesses the power of the Uttermost West.

Lvl 5 Artifacts

N/A Artifacts
<bMelWong/FirstTsurugiReforged</b> A somewhat-broken moonsilver daiklave inspired by the antics in FFVII: Advent Children. Yes, it's six swords in one!

Other Wiki Stuff

TheNexusProject - I've been contributing a lot to the Nexus Project of late.

Off-Wiki Links

Cyanide Breathmint Productions is my personal webspace - my Exalted-inspired art is posted there. You can find out more about me there, too.

My Blog. My personal blog. Read if if you like bloggery, but it's an inconsequential mess as most blogs tend to be. It's a clearinghouse of my thoughts, after all. Forums - I post there regularly. Most of the time I hang out in Tangency, but I often post Artifact writeups and Exalted character backgrounds in Roleplaying Open.


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