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Welcome, this is DaveFayram's UserPage. There isn't much to see, these days.

DaveFayram is a software engineer who right now works for Trigger Consulting. He lives in Pacifica, California with his girlfriend Su. His little dog, Taylor, is still with him. He's angrier and uglier than ever, but Dave and Su love him in spite of this.

DaveFayram started ExaltedWiki so that people could collaborate on Exalted projects and so that a better medium than the WhiteWolf Forums would exist for people. He got fed up with seeing the same trollish people start the same lame topics and use the same dragoonish tactics again, and again, and again. He has since changed his opinion about forums, feeling that they can be decent mediums for communication if they are as carefully tended as most successful wikis are.

Dave created and maintained ExaltedWiki until January 2005, when he happily passed it over to Xyphoid due to domain name troubles.

His most recent project has been the startup, Magnolia. Check out http://ma.gnolia.com for social bookmarking for the rest of us.