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This is my liddle diddling corner of teh Exalted Wiki. Maybe I will store stuff here :-)


All Creation - My Exaltedy website, now with less fugly.

  • Xeriar/Setting - Stories and changes I have made to cannon.
  • Xeriar/Maps - Map work that I have been doing.
  • Xeriar/HouseRules - Miscellanious House Rules. Also has my master list of House Rule nodes :-)
  • XerExaltedLite - My Exalted Lite project. Different from my House Rules, which will eventually be a much smaller list.
  • XerAllCreation - 'All Creation' campaign, though this will probably lead to my forums mostly.
  • LordDunsanysPegana - Lord Dunsany's Pegana, one of the inspirations for Exalted (according to Geoff anyway :-)


I like libraries in my games, so I will be creating a number of books to help flesh them out. Some books will have mechanical effects (naturally), others will not :-)