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Where to begin...

Welcome, one and all, to my first little try at a webpage. *does a little happy dance* Name's Caitlin (aka Caelene on the White Wolf Forums and QuicksilverFox85 on, and I'm currently working towards a Classics major (possible minor in Theatre) at Florida State University. I've been playing Exalted since 2002, although I've been roleplaying (mostly White Wolf games with a small smattering of D&D) since 2001.

I'm also a Freedom Stoner, and can be found there under the username of QuicksilverFox85. Feel free to stop by and get your daily dose of insanity. =D

Catch you on the flip side...

^_^ Caelene

Your friendly neighborhood Latin nerd

"Pay no attention to the man behind the Storyteller!"

Ways ta get a hold of me

AIM: QuicksilverFox85, Borgstromancer (QSF85 more often than not)
MSN: QuicksilverFox85
LJ: QuicksilverFox


Celestial Hairsticks - Celestial versions of the jade hairsticks from the Exalted comics
Hatnu Agata - A pair of revolvers charged with the Essence of the Underworld
Kanamtar - A rather unique reaver Daiklaive
Lokadvara, The Key of Heaven - A dire lance that allows its user to better use the Heavenly Gates of Yu-Shan


House Rules

Caelene/CharacterGenRules : House rules for making younger Dragonbloods.

Setting Info

Caelene/HistoryofAnacarAcademy : The history of the Anacar Academy, located in Sion. It is one of the more well-known schools focused on the lore found throughout Creation.

Caelene/Layout : The layout of the school. Just descriptions at the moment; I'll try to get a map of sorts up eventually


Once I get the ball rolling,Caelene/PCs andCaelene/NPCs will find their way here.


Oh, I love the little Raksha. I love them GOOD. So, here I place all my Raksha-friendly items, creatures, whathaveyou.

Sundry Things

Here shall be placed any Glamour sorcery spells that I come up with.
Caelene/BookofGoodAdvice - Exactly how it sounds. That rarely occurs with the denizens of the Wyld no?
Caelene/CrystalDictum - Sometimes, an important man needs to make sure that others realize such
Caelene/DistillerofDreams - A simple bauble made for a Changeling by her 'loving' father
Caelene/EyeoftheCoralTurtle - A gift from a Luminary to her Eclipse daughter...err, son...oh, whatever.
Caelene/InnerMaliceTurnedOutward - What better way to protect what's your than to turn people that attack it into monsters?
Caelene/TalonsoftheWyld - A pair of razor claws empowered by the fires of the Southern Wyld
Caelene/SheathingtheSoul - For some raksha, the creation of new items requires a more...tasteful stock

Behemoth Petting Zoo

Boredom plus a fellow TFSer needing behemoths for a game equals much fun indeed. =D
Caelene/Alajagati - A fiery terror of the skies, warped by the forces of chaos
Caelene/Bjorn - Small for your average behemoth, but powerful nonetheless
Caelene/Bubo - A bone owl discarded by his maker, then picked up by an odd little Twilight
Caelene/Havakarvara - A graceful cat of such incredible beauty that those who look upon it becomes addicted to it.
Caelene/Himagraha - A creature of the sea strengthened by the deft hand of a skilled Wyld crafter.
Caelene/Karataka - A creation in its twilight years, relying on the strength of a young Exalt to continue.
Caelene/Kuhuzaza - A rabbit who can only be seen by those who it speaks to
Caelene/Rana - The pet of a southern Luminary; rather cute, too


Caelene/BuildTraits - Additional traits for the Manse build rules found in Oadenol's Codex that apply to the Wyld at Heart

Caelene/Samudaya - The humble abode of one Jairika, an Artisan of high renown
Caelene/Vallikagra - A Western Freehold situated on the back of a huge turtle.

Mountain Folk

Okay, they're technically not Raksha any more, but the Jadeborne fit here better than anywhere else on my page. So, deal.  :P

Caelene/Suaven - Took one of the niftier parts of House of the Blooded (which you should totally check out) and tweaked it. Chaos Seers need more love, anyway.

Other Stuff

WoD Conversion

The illustrious BuddhasFist and I have been working on a conversion of sorts. The idea is this: what if, after the Apocalypse (or what have you) happens, the cycle restarts and the Exalted return to the world? Read on and do let us know what you think. Caelene/WoDtoEx

The 4400: Exalted

Some ponderings for an Exalted version of The 4400, a tres nifty show on USA Networks. Basically think Aberrant but shinier.Caelene/The4400Exalted

Cool Stuffs

Caelene/GameIdeas - Place to put random game ideas so they don't go poof
Caelene/WordList - A collection of nifty words I've found through my searches that would make cool character names or just sound interesting. Enjoy!

My Characters

First Edition

Caelene/HeartofManyDesires - Luminary Raksha who totally isn't a rip-off of Valentine from Mirrormask...I swear >.>
Caelene/Jairika - an Artisan behemoth builder I made on a lark...with 500 XP.  :o
Caelene/KalenaWindrider - Haslanti gilder pilot Yellowsid for a PBeM game
Caelene/LedaalDeget - A Water Aspect I made for an online Heptagram game that (unfortunatly) never got off the ground. She's a Isel...I mean, Ledaal. Yeah, that's it, Ledaal.  ;-)
Caelene/LucasCerulean - A rather interesting fae-blooded bard. Actually my friend's character, but I typed it up so he'd have it after he moved.
Caelene/MasterMalkin - An Artisan who has himself at home in the Cinnabar District of Nexus
Caelene/Ryohohki - A cat-spirit god blooded
Caelene/Sanura - My Fox totem Changing Moon for Burning the Shadows, an awesome Exalted-WoD crossover game. She was built using the Lunar mods made by DualMegami.
Caelene/WalksinShadow - Desert Spider No Moon for a play-by-post game

Second Edition

Caelene/Acaryamaru - Diplomat of the Obsidian Household; NPC for a game on The Freedom Stone
Caelene/AmritaVinewalker - Eclipse Guild Merchant for a 2e Solar game
Caelene/Aramika - Artisan Raksha who tends a very special garden; NPC for a game on The Freedom Stone
Caelene/AyameSlidingScales - Changing Moon snake totem made for an online game using Konpeito's 2e Lunars modifications
Caelene/BearerofMyrrhTouchedBlessings - Raven beastman Daybreak for an AU Abyssals setting
Caelene/CrimsonWind - A Zenith brawler with fists of steel and a heart of gold.
Caelene/InnocentWisdom - Child Twilight, good with gadgets, trying to find his parents' killer...wait, why does this sound familiar?
Caelene/Jamol - Full Moon cat totem made for an online game using Konpeito's 2e Lunars modifications
Caelene/KalenTiral - Twilight librarian from the North with a very strong tie to the First Age
Caelene/Keiki - An Ornamental Raksha for an online game
Caelene/KeikiTakeTwo - Rewrite of Keiki as an Artisan with a few changes
Caelene/LarekKuruyuki - A Dawn Chosen from a tribe of Icewalkers in the North. Has dire lance, will travel.
Caelene/LedaalKebokAvana - An Air-Aspect Akuma that one of my fellow Freedom Stoners asked me to make
Caelene/Molli - A Dawn caste...who also happens to be a Moogle. ^^'
Caelene/Ninetails - Sanura seen through a mirror darkly, using Konpeito's 2e Lunars modifications
Caelene/Ninetails2e - Ninetails using "Real Deal" 2e chargen, aka the stats that Domino sent it but weren't used
Caelene/RekuAvakaza - A Twilight who read something that he shouldn't have
Caelene/SagaciousOrchid - Another Moogle!Exalt, this time a Twilight cook
Caelene/Sanura2e - Rebuild of 1e Sanura. Yay for 2e Lunars! =D
Caelene/Valeria - A Luminary NPC for a West-based 2eLunars game that Konpeito is running
Caelene/Willow - A Black Widow Waxing Moon with a rather large axe
Caelene/WintersBlood - Air-aspect sorceror made for the ExaltedMUSH


Nifty places on the interwebs.

Sanskrit, Tamil and Pahlavi Dictionaries - Very kickass Sanskrit dictionary. Incredibly handy for coming up with Raksha-friendly names


11-08-05: I have returned to my poor neglected wikipage to add the Changeling-to-Raksha conversion of the project I'm working on with BuddhasFist. Feel free to check it out.

7-8-04: Got four PCs and five NPCs up; will prolly have about five or six more up by the end of the day. Slowly working out a layout and history for the school; with luck with have them done by next week.

7-19-04: On vacation; will have more up when I get home in a few days.

7-21-04: Back in Florida (yeah). Got the rest of the NPCs I have statted out put up (still a few I need to do), as well as doing a total overhaul on Rishi and Riana. I'm gonna try to get at least a little something on the school's history done this week.

12-15-04: Thanks to craptastic grades in the summer semester (and lack of time during the fall semester), I've left this poor little website (and the game itself) untouched for some time. However, I will be starting the game some time in January, so I'm going to be working on it quite a bit in the next few weeks. A description of the layout of the school grounds is now up, and I'm working on a map of sorts. More to come soon.

12-16-04: I added about 60-75 XP to each of the DB teachers, mainly because I realized that most Dragon-blooded who teach are usually a decent bit older than how I had first made the characters. I also gave Kiano a few charms from the Fair Folk book.

12-28-04: FINALLY got a history of the school up on the site. Will be working on a map of the layout; should have that up soon.

3-31-05: As you may have noticed, the DB game has fallen flat. However, I will be keeping everything up in case I find time to run it. Also, I've put up a page for a new online Solar game that I'm planning on playing in. There isn't much in it at the moment (since we haven't made characters yet), but more shall come as the game progresses.


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Cheers mate.

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