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This is the central hub of all things related to my campaign, entitled 'Heroes of Chaos. From here you may peruse my weekly updates, read about the characters, or sample my short game fiction based on and around the story.

Heroes of Chaos Game Details

Heroes of Chaos Storylines

Note:This is confidential information that could spoil the game. So if you're in my group, please do not read these.

  • HeroesofChaos/TheHeirofBridgid In which a young Twilight slowly comes into her terrible birthright, and the equally terrible repercussions which follow...
  • HeroesofChaos/BloodAndSand In which total war threatens to obliterate the Southern bulwark and draw in a renewed Fair Folk invasion...
  • HeroesofChaos/TerrorOnTheWaters In which a Deathlord's terrible plans for conquest threaten to draw the Heroes of Chaos in like the riptide drowns hapless swimmers...

====HeroesofChaos/GameUpdates ==== Where all the current and past progress of the game has been recorded.

Heroes of Chaos Fiction

Heroes of Chaos Discussion