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Best Of The Wiki: Martial Arts

Round Two... FIGHT!


Congratulations to everyone who got a Martial Art into the top ten. And thanks to all those who took time to vote.

Get the PDF from my website:


The Winners

  1. MartialArts/ArgentScorpionOfOppositionStyle - by FourWillowsWeeping (32 points)
  2. MartialArts/ThousandWoundsGearStyle by Scrollreader (22 points)
  3. MartialArts/HouseOfJourneysStyle by Quendalon (19 points)
  4. MartialArts/MothandBonfireStyle - Oneironaut (18 points)
  5. MartialArts/RoilingVernalTempestStyle - By FourWillowsWeeping (17 points)
  6. MartialArts/WhiteCraneStyle - By Quendalon (17 points)
  7. MartialArts/RipplingQuicksilverStyle - By Quendalon (15 points)
  8. Five Falling Butterflies Style - By DeathBySurfeit (14 points)
  9. MartialArts/UnrelentingAutomatonStyle by Argent(14 points)
  10. MartialArts/BlossomingCherryTreeStyle - By Haku (13 points)


(for tracking purposes)

  1. MartialArts/BurningScytheStyle - By Nephilpal (12 points)
  2. MartialArts/RagDollStyle By IceShade, Kraken, Etrangere, GoldenH, Andrix (12 points)
  3. MartialArts/EverVigilantSoldierStyle - by DeadManSeven (10 points)
  4. MartialArts/WorldlyHarlotStyle - By Haku (9 points)
  5. MartialArts/SunStyle - By DualMegami (9 points)
  6. CelestialMartialArts/CelestialCourtesanStyle - By Haku (8 points)
  7. MartialArts/LeopardStyle by TheScreenJockey (7 points)
  8. MartialArts/SpiritFoxStyle by Madu (7 points)
  9. MartialArts/GrassSpider - By tk421 on (6 points)
  10. MartialArtsRelay/LucentGuardianintheNightSky by too many to list (5 points)
  11. MartialArts/MercifulBearStyle by Seiraryu (5 points)
  12. MartialArts/GhostDragonStyle by Telgar (5 points)
  13. Whispering Dragon Style - By Mailanka (5 points)
  14. MartialArts/BladeStyle by Shantak (4 points)
  15. MartialArts/FlowingOrbAndTempestStyle by Falcon (4 points) (
  16. MartialArts/ResplendentCraneStyle by teflonshugenja (3 points)
  17. MartialArts/UnityThroughHarmonyAndConflictStyle by Telgar (3 points)
  18. MartialArts/BladeofHeavenStyle by Haku (3 points)
  19. MartialArts/HungryRaptorStyle by IsawaBrian (2 points)
  20. MartialArts/AutumnWindSongStyle by Grandmasta (2 points)
  21. MartialArts/IrresistiblyTemptedGamblerStyle - By DeadManSeven (2 points)
  22. MartialArts/WhirlingLunaticStyle by OhJames (2 points)
  23. MartialArts/PeacockStyle by Jabberwocky (1 point)
  24. MartialArts/CeruleanLuteofHarmonyStyle1 by Joseph D. Carriker, Jr. and Mel Wong (1 point)


  1. MartialArts/FivefoldWayofBattlesStyle - by David. (15 points)
  • This style wasn't finished in time. Sorry David.


Here is the list of titles. Just stick your name under your favorite title. Add a suggestion if you want(please do, pretty please)

  • Martial Arts from the Exalted Wiki
  • Wiki Style: Martial Arts from the Exalted Wiki
  • Form & Finesse: The Best of the Exalted Wiki's Martial Arts
  • Arts & Antics: The Best of the Exalted Wiki's Martial Arts
  • Coils & Katas : The Best of the Exalted Wiki's Martial Arts
  • Coils, Cascades & Katas: The Best of the Exalted Wiki's Martial Arts
  • Practice & Perfection : The Best of the Exalted Wiki's Martial Arts
  • Mastery & Meditation: The Best of the Exalted Wiki's Martial Arts
  • The Tenfold Scrolls of Most Incomparable Tactics
  • Growing the Perfected Lotus

Martial Arts Already In the PDF

For reference, the MAs already in the PDF (determined by voting in MartialArts/BestOfOld) are:


Prior comments have moved to MartialArts/BestOfArchive, though it looks like the voting history for the second round got removed at some point.

Hey, so, now that Ex2's out, I'm thinking about converting these to 2nd Edition rules. Who's up for it? - willows

I say you do one better, and create a second publication of new styles for the new Edition. Anyone can convert charms, but it's much more difficult--and therefore, valuable--to create an entire tree from scratch. -- Ketrus
Either sounds great for me! I've been looking to rework Five Falling Butterflies Style for some time, and second edition has given me some great new ideas for martial arts Charms. I'd certainly like to take part...DeathBySurfeit
Ketrus, have you looked at the styles and tried to convert any? I do not think it as easy as you seem to, nor do I think that "more difficult" is the same as "more valuable". In fact, I would think that, if there are people in the world who are using these styles and switching editions, they'd appreciate converted styles a lot more than totally new ones. - willows
I concur with Willows. Converted would be more useful at this point. I haven't read Ex2 yet, so I can't help unfortunately, but once I have I would love to help. It should be fairly straightforward shouldn't it? I guess different costings would be fiddly... nikink
I've been trying to convert a few of these styles myself, for use in my current chronicle. I've got to say, it's not easy. Rafilar
I'm working on an update to Ashen Calender of Setesh. It's ass of yet, unfinished, but can be seen at MartialArts/AshenCalenderofSetesh2E - haren

Funny thing about this is that I've done a conversion for Blossoming Cherry Tree to 2e. Without knowing about this thread. Check it out here - # MartialArts/BlossomingCherryTreeStyle2E ^_^