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The New Big Stick

Hplovescats is a great beast, both large and small. He graduated from Reed College with a B.A. in Psychology, and currently attends the Art Institute of Portland, madly bolting for another B.A. in Digital Media Production. He currently working on a game about the role of Lunars in the Celestial Hierarchy and the meaning of the Silver Way.

House Rules! Hplovescats/NewBackgroundSystem


This was the name of the Solar Circle my group played for about two years. You'll probably see bits from my old Solar game archived here, because it lasted for a while and had plenty of NPCs, new artifacts, and other detrius. That will probably be showing up around here sometime.

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Comments & Messages

12/2/2003: Yo, Matt! Check out http://www.cthulhulives.org/Solstice/index.html . 'Cause I know you don't check your email. -AlecAustin

Wow, you graduated from Reed, i got accepted and am attending there next school year. I got so many questions and other stuff but most importantly: Hows the gaming scene on campus and/or in Portland?\\ -Killed

Well, there was a gaming scene, but I haven't been in contact with actual attending Reedies in a while, so I couldn't tell you how healthy it is right now. Two organizations you should know about: there is a small room in the basement of ODB, and I forget what it is called, the Game Closet or the Game Society or something like that. The room is full of board games, role-playing games, and even some video games. All horribly old and dusty, but if you get in contact with the Signator of this student organization, they're probably big geeks who can hook you up with a play group. Also good to know about is the Reed College MLLL. Don't worry about what the acronym means, what you need to know is that it's the Reed Comic Book Library. Yes, that's right, the college pays cash money to buy comic books which get stored in a room for Reedies to peruse. I used to be a Signator for the MLLL and I was a big freak, I knew the most recent signator, and he was a big freak, so it stands to reason that that the next signator will probably be a freak as well. Also, I met the people who are still my gaming group at Reed because my then-ST AlecAustin was wearing a Vampire t-shirt. So, that's another way to attract fellow gamers on campus. Feel freed to post more questions, I'm getting a nice nostalgic vibe here. hplovescats

Yeah i visited the MLLL when i stayed over night like in september. Hmm i may just have to try carrying around my core book and character sheets where ever i go. I really don't have too many questions, just can't wait to get out of the town and high school i'm at now. I'm not too sure what i want to do as far as a major at all, but i'm leaning towards Psych, Poli Sci, or Econ (or some dual major of the above). Any classes that are "must takes?" Anything you wish you'd remember to have brought with you? -Killed