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I'm still getting the hang of this wiki thing, so if I make any mistakes that need to be corrected, will people speak up?

As a veteran gamer and roleplayer, I was actually induced into the world of Exalted quite recently. As a player, I'm still working out a few things in my knowledge, but I understand most of the information regarding the history of creation, the threats against it in the Second Age, the dissapearance of the Scarlet Empress, the Realm vs. Confederation of Rivers war, a number of southern cities, and part of the bureaucracy, but not much, of Yu-Shan.

My knowledge is limited almost all around, but in particular, the Wyld, the Underworld, and the West.

I'm learning all I can, much of it from my fellow Exalted player LordAuran, who has the patience, sometimes, to not smack me upside the head when I'm talking too much.


Player Role - Mjollnir; Steadfast Goremaul of the Dawn - InCharacter/MjollnirTheGoremaul

Player Role - Saigen Dakasani; Chosen of Secrets - A strikingly attractive Sidereal of Secrets, Saigen Dakasani has been assisting and observing a group of solars that he discovered in the East, while following a mission to observe the stars and constellations of the underworld. Saigen is a handsome man with jet black hair, who focuses upon controlling and obtaining information of all forms. If a problem can be solved without violence, he prefers it, but if a fight is forced, he often presses a few attacks before making a hasty retreat and leaving the solars to do the rest. He operates under two Resplendent Destines. The first is a travelling loremaster under the college Treasure Trove who calls himself Saigen, or Songbird. The second is a rogue deathknight of the Day Caste under the Sorcerer who calls himself Compassion Needs No Eyes. This odd title comes from Saigen's unusual affliction. He is blind. He sought to gain a certain sifu, known as Orias Rester, a Chosen of Endings. Orias Rester said he would teach no student unless they were willing to sacrifice something they relied on. Few young sidereals took the challenge, but Saigen swallowed his fear, with some difficulty, and cut out his own eyes, presenting them to Orias himself. Orias was suprised, and agreed he would teach Saigen. As a martial artist, he is a master, knowing countless supernatural forms and even two or three Sidereal martial arts. Of these, he has agreed to teach Saigen three supernatural, and two Sidereal. Saigen began his training with the Mantis style, but is quickly finding the style obsolete and will soon be moving into either the Endings or the Hungry Ghost styles. After he has completed these trainings, Orias will initiate him in the Charcoal March of Spiders and the Pristine Arrangement of Creation styles. Saigen compensates for his lack of sight by sharing the senses of his familiar, a small, green-tinted owl known as Viridian, and so is capable of spending most fights observing through a birds-eye view. Due to Saigen's kindness, his solar comrades have had good fortune, and he has yet to accumulate paradox. His peers are watching him carefully, but so far have been unable to scold him any more than "Don't blow your cover". Saigen's supporting role is very strong in the Circle, and he intends to see them through a number of quests even now that his star observation mission has been completed.

Storyteller - Unnamed Story - I'm taking up a storytelling job over seven fairly new Exalted players, all of them playing as Solars of various abilities. Due to some coaxing from myself, they have all gone to the trouble of obtaining backstories, and my game will primarily focus upon their characters following their own plotlines as they weave together into a group, such as assisting their group's Eclipse caste in his hunt for First Age artifacts, or the group's Dawn in his hunt for an army with which to battle the enemies of Creation. I don't intend to follow the cliche of "You meet in a tavern. Here's an adventure". Any plot hooks that develop will spawn primarily from the characters' own backstories. This encourages that my players will be interested. I'm still assisting a number through character creation but many have very solid backgrounds and I look forward to playing with them.




A little section dedicated to my squad of Exalted players who may or may not join the Wiki.


Offerings of Commentary

Welcome to the Wiki! Hope you have fun. - Issaru