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The Chronicles of Carinae

Hi all

For those of you who have popped into this UserPage in the last while, you will have noticed a distinct lack of change happening. Well thats because I was upgrading my own web site dedicated to out longstanding Solar Campaign. We are currently celebrating our campaign's 3rd anniversary!

I don't really want to duplicate all my content on the wiki but I understand that there should be some content here for the wiki's sake. I will post some of our fiction here just to whet your appetite - we have stacks of it. But the main body of our stuff can be found at The Chronicles of Carinae

Hey! Wait a minute! Wasn't this all called the The Circle From Nautilus? What happened to that? And whats with this "Carinae" nonsense?

Well, you see. As time went by, some of my players left. We got new players. Players created new characters, retiring old ones, and just integrating them into the existing group. And so the story progressed and grew and gained a life of its own. Only one player is still playing an original character from the Circle of Nautilus. So the relevancy of the title started to wane. I changed it to be more relevant to what was happening in the campaign currently. But you would have to read some of our stories, to find out what happened to the rest of the Circle, where Carinae is, and why its important.

- DivMax, Storyteller

Current Characters

Stormbreaker (Zenith)

A young man, full of idealistic fervour, struggling against memories of a horrific past incarnation of being the Hierophant - leader of the Solar Deliberative. His youth spent in the Cult of the Illuminated and his life dedicated to martial arts have made him a man of many talents and many delusions.


Vigilant Eagle (Full Moon)

A man in his prime, mercenary in nature, he aids the Solars because of a life debt. But now his own internal struggle begins, as Luna herself proclaims him hero of a civilized people.


Validor (Dawn)

Most powerful and trustworthy of Solars. He is one of the reknowned Circle From Nautilus. His mercenary days are long over. Now he only serves the Sun and Carinae. But can he stand against the darkness without his Circle.


Mind Fist Hammer Hand (Twilight)

A young Solar, this smith from the West has a vision - of great acts and mighty artifacts that he will create.


The Circle From Nautilus

Dante (Dawn)

Dante, or King Hyperion, as he was known in the First Age, is the ruler of Carinae. He grew up from a rebellious youth, to a tyrant god full of bitterness at the loss of his mother and hatred for the Dragon-Blooded. But with the loss of his wife, Delenor, and his twin sister, Liliane, he has forgotten even his two children. He still sits upon the throne of Carinae, but for how much longer.

Delenor (Twilight)

A young woman, with knowledge beyond her years, and a penchant for power that lead her down the wrong path. She pulled back from temptation, but was outsmarted by her hunter, the Mask of Winters. She now calls him master, as Cold and Shattered Flame of Radiance.

Allectus (Night)

A man chosen late in a life spent as an Immaculate monk. At first torn by his own indoctrination, it could only get worse when he fell in love with a Dragon-Blood, who became the next Empress.

Validor (Dawn)

See above.

Where is Nautilus, anyway?

On the western coast of the Blessed Isle. X marks the location of Nautilus on the Blessed Isle http://www.exalted.za.net/images/official_map.jpg

The main map of Nautilus

Area Legend:

A Rich residential; on the hillside
B Middle class residential
C Market/ Merchant District where the Dock road meets the Cali Way, the main square is.
D Main docks and wharfs; rich warehouses
E Poor smaller fishing docks; old abandonned warehouse district (where the fire took place)
F Poor quarter
G Temple Isle; the main Immaculate Temple; the only bridge is from the poor quarter but most of the rich take their personal boats there and park in the many piers that surround the isle.


And where is Carinae?

X marks the location of Carinae in the Eastern Threshold.



For those who have the time to follow the story here is one episode for you to read. Its not the latest anymore by a long shot. As of writing this we are at Episode 112, having just finished Story 21, entitled Sun, Moon and Falling Stars.

Episode 86

As the war party approaches the gate to the realm of the Malfeans, Vigilant Eagle's mind begins to rebel at the thought of re-entering the Labyrinth. As he hesitates, the others notice and their fears begin to take control. An argument is started between Ma-Ha-Suchi and the No Moons who seem to share Vigilant Eagle's sentiment. But it doesn't take long before most of the group are anti- returning and manage to convince Ma-Ha-Suchi. Shards of Basalt and Walker in Darkness enter without the others and return immediately to Walker's Realm. Stormbreaker beseeches Shards of Basalt to try and rescue Samea. But Walker will have none of it. As the war party returns to the upper levels of the fortress, fighting resumes. They fight for a long time, hacking war ghosts down by the hundreds. But suddenly, the fortress begins moving at great speed. Ma-Ha-Suchi decides to retreat, fearing that the fortress is taking them deeper into the Underworld where they may be in more trouble. The war party gets off Juggernaut and returns to the suvivors of his force. They camp the night. The No Moons examine Magnificent Jaguar and determine that his fate has been re-written some how and that they have no way of saving him. He is hemmoraging Essence. Stormbreaker mentions that they may be able to seek aid from Serene Justice. The following morning, Ma-Ha-Suchi leaves with his force, back to the southern jungles to lick his wounds. He is haughty towards the Solars and barely greets them. Tears of the Dragon, one of the No Moons, takes Magnificent Jaguar and the Solars back to Carinae to seek aid for her companion. Proto Puma and Vigilant Eagle follow more slowly on foot back to Carinae. As soon as they return three days later, they are welcomed by the bustling village that Carinae has become. They seek out Serene Justice and Stormbreaker asks for her aid. But she is greatly reluctant after hearing of the demise of the Green Lady. She leaves nonetheless to Yu-Shan to investigate some matters regarding Magnificent Jaguars fate. Validor and Stormbreaker then tell Sten and Ferima of their exploits and of Samea's capture and Walker's release. They are distraught as they tell the party of Dante and Delenors quest to Walker's Realm. They try to send a message of warning, but too late, too far.

Meanwhile, Walker in Darkness returns to his domain, where his ghostly minions immediately notify him of the attempt on his holdings. He rides to the outskirts of the Shadowlands to investigate. There he discovers the four Solars, wounded and trapped. He laughs at them before taking them prisoner. He imprisons them in a fortress outside the Shadowland, inside the Underworld proper. He strips them of their valuables and puts them in cages of soulsteel enchanted to permanently keep them drained of essence, while he decides what he is to do with them. But on a whim, and for amusement sake, he decides to honour his 'debt' with the Solars of Carinae and he gives his prisoners the choice of sending one of their number back to Carinae to honour it. Dante chooses Delenor. Broken she returns to Carinae and lies to them saying that Dante and the others are dead.

- DivMax, if this episode seems strange to you (what an unlikely group to be traveling together!) read the previous Episodes or find out what happens next :)


The fiction that appears here will be written either by myself or one of my players.

The following piece, is the last story to be written before our december break. We are about to resume the campaign, with the next story, Story 22, entitled Wind of Midian.

Episode 112 Epilogue: The Lost Legion

The monk jumped from branch to branch in mighty leaps, with no more effort than walking. His brown robes were frozen in a perpetual wind-blown state and his sandals seemed to grip the wooden bark as if it were sea sand. His long white beard hid his pensive expression as his thoughts dwelled on the situation they were in.

How many more of these damn barbarians are there in this forest, he asked himself. He stopped to look up and saw nothing but beams of green light filtering down through many canopies, appearing to drift serenely down with an endless rain of leaves. He then looked down and saw the corresponding narrow tunnel of darkness, punctuated by more giant branches, that eventually, legend held, ended with the forest floor.

He marvelled at the world, humbled by the power of the Elemental Dragons. This journey reminded him of his many years spent as an Itinerant in his youth. But that was over two centuries ago.

He held no concern for himself now, he had been in much worse situations in his life. But he was starting to believe that the Legion he guided would not make it back to Lookshy alive. The Beastmen Anathema had driven them far east into the lands of even more barbarian tribes, who plagued them in great numbers. Yes, he mused to himself, that demon-god which drove them ever south and east, called itself Ma-Ha-Suchi. He remembered reading of this demon, long ago. Many Realm deaths were attributed to its activities in the southern jungles over the ages, and the monk wondered what it was doing so far north from its usual haunts. Probably here to meet with the other Anathema, he muttered quietly.

He stopped and sent a whispered word on the wind, "General Aki, it is clear of barbarians to the south west of your position."

The wind brought back the reply from the accomplished Cathak, "Thank you, Honoured Cuva. However, I feel it is still too early to turn west. They will expect it. I would feel more comfortable continuing until the river, where we can make use of the mist to obscure our escape."

The monk frowned - a familiar shape for his white eyebrows to take - and said, "As you wish, General. But these Anathema are not going to let up soon. The winter is upon us. And though the snow does not touch us this deep into the forests, the cold has nevertheless driven any prey there is to find to their slumber. You will lose many more of your soldiers if you follow this course of action."

"Its the price we will pay to get the majority out safely, Cuva." The saddened woman's voice said. Cuva wondered what the woman was thinking right now. He had noticed that something had happened to her, that had caused her to lose her ruthlessness against the evil Anathema. He worried that one of the Blasphemous or one of the Deceivers got to her while she was fighting in the city.

He didnt reply and instead continued on south, scouting as instructed.

A few minutes later, as he landed, he spied a figure in the leaves ahead of him. A branch jutted upwards like a separate tree growing out of the wide branch ahead. The figure was obscured by leaves and smaller branch shadows. He tried not to stare at the spot and instead made as if he was resting. He wiped his brow, devoid as it was of sweat.

The figure took one step forward, halfway into a stray beam of moonlight. It was dark enough where it stood to fool Cuva for a second that it was moonlight before he realised that it was in fact still day. The moonlight highlighted an array of silks, in pale shades, in which the figure was swathed. An arm as thick as a small tree trunk pulled aside some silks near its face. But all that showed in the light was the snout of a giant ape or gorilla. The eyes were left in deep shadow by a cowl, though they shone with silver malevolence.

Then the creature spoke from its barrel chest with soft rolling sounds of deep base. It took a moment for Cuva to realise that it was speaking in the tongue of the spirits, gods and demons. "Now let your inner beast arise," the creature held a moonsilver figurine in its one paw. Shapeless, except for having four legs and something discernable as a head; it was ugly to behold. His other paw held a silver chalice of blood, which he now poured from, into the open maw of the figurine. The figurine started to shift its shape until it was a perfect life-like miniature of an eagle.

Cuva suddenly felt stabbing pain in his left arm. Then his right arm. Then his kidneys. Soon he collapsed to the branch as agony swept his entire body.

A moment later, a bald eagle got up from the branch and spread its wings in defiance, screeching. The figure retreated back into the shadow, continuing softly with gaze levelled at the heavens, "Now let the rain fall, and with it, let all their shapes be washed away." The eyes turned back to the eagle, "Now you shall serve penance to Luna until the end of your days, Terrestrial."

A few miles away, the 32nd Legion, Imperial Heavy Foot cautiously moved through the thick, almost stifling underbrush. Though they found the darkness down on the forest floor even more oppressive than the impenetrable foliage. They marched in tense silence. They heard only the sound of mighty branches swaying and creaking and the odd bird call which they immediately suspected of being another barbarian attack.

Just when things appeared as if they couldnt get any worse, it started to rain.

  • * * * *

Wanakabe Hikaru stood casually in the ancient corridor as if at a Cynis ball. Oily black torches, newly bracketed to the cracked and crumbling walls, illuminated his shimmering white robes. Next to him, the same torches threw Ayesha Ura into the obscuring shadow of Hikaru. The palace at Carinae was filled with the quiet of exhaustion.

Hikaru spoke softly, as he usually did, "The Inner Circle will see through this. They will react quite violently to this loss, I think. When Chinatsu returns to the Blessed Isle, they will not let the little Emerald Empress dictate their course for them." He combed his fine hands through his black spiky hair.

Ayesha Ura whispered from her shadow where she stood near the wall, "They wont do that so rashly. They have to consider the stability of the Realm. And this new Empress may not be the Scarlet wench, but she's not stupid. She knows at least some of the leverage she has. I think she will bend the Realm to her will. Especially if she holds Carinae is such high regard." All that was visible of her from the shadows was her short black hair which hung about her face in ringlets.

Hikaru smiled at Ura's vehemence and idly traced a barely visible glyph on his robe. He said, "They will find a way to remove her leverage. If I were in their position, I would blackmail her. Or get hold of something she holds dear - easily done."

Ayesha Ura did not reply at first. She fidgetted with her golden arm bands. Then finally she looked up into Hikaru's green eyes with her own deep amber eyes and said, "Then our plan is clear. You must return to the Blessed Isle. Try to discern what their plans are and counter them. They will no doubt come to the conclusion that there are only two ways to deal with the current problem. Either they must bend the Realm to destroy the Solars or they will do it themselves. I will stay here and try to counter any assassins they may send and I will get Serene Justice to consult the Loom regarding what the Empress holds dear. Perhaps, if she discovers something before the Bronze does, we can get it to a safe location."

Hikaru made as if to leave at once but paused, appearing as if he still had something to say to the shorter dark-skinned woman. The words eventually leapt out of his mouth, "When you left the Bronze Faction all those years ago, I couldnt believe it. That someone so devoted to the Prophecy might turn traitor. But now that I have met him, I struggle to believe how easy it was....I believe the Five-Score Fellowship is truly damned."

Ayesha Ura smiled as she stepped into the light revealing her pleasant face, as always wearing her golden circlet set with an amber stone on her brow, "Hikaru, you are under much pressure, and in much danger until you make your switch clear to the Bronze. For you know that until you make that final leap, not even I will trust you. Too much is at stake."

"Indeed," was all he said, in a flat unreadable tone, as he turned around and started walking down the corridor, towards the entrance of the palace. In the silence that followed, Ayesha Ura sighed, and gathering her heavy winter cloak about her, immediately set about the work of trying to find Allectus.

- DivMax, theres plenty more where that came from - have a look at our Fiction Index

Comments / Questions and Answers

1. Woah, I rediscovered this user page after many years. I forgot I had it. Saw that the links are long outdated and much of the info too. So I just updated the links. Sadly, I'm no longer playing Exalted. The campaign lasted about 4 years before we took a break. And when we resumed Exalted, we started a completely new campaign. Actually we've had two short Exalted games since then (amongst many other types of short games). Ironically, I think the advent of Exalted 2nd Ed was largely to blame for the group falling apart.