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Hi, Overshee here! Well, this is my page! I must add stuff!

My Stuff

Overshee/Plotlines My plotlines and stuff.

Overshee/Ideas Do you really need more?

About Me

I'm a 3 year (I think) Exalted Veteran. I am STing a few plotlines on an RPOL.net game and having much fun. I'm also playing in a few ^^

Comments/ Questions

Welcome to the wiki! - willows

Hallo! Feel free to browse around! The best place to find some quick Exalted rules are on the White-Wolf website. Look for a quick adventure called the Tomb of 5 Corners. It's a free mini-adventure with rules you can download from the site. Have fun! hplovescats

I enjoy percussive maintiance to keep my players on track. This varys depending on the build and strength of your players. ;) - Telgar Actually... I already tried that, it didn't work...