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This is the place to put new Artifacts you have designed, or links to said artifacts. Please consult the FormatStandards before contributing, so that your contributions look pretty. This page is divided into four sections: Artifact Information, New Artifacts, Other Artifact Pages and Artifact Creation.

Artifact Information

New Artifacts

Below are lists of Artifacts sorted by type and level. Please post your new artifacts there as well as on your personal pages.

All the items will follow this format:

Item name (links to the page with the item on) - Magic Material (i.e. Jade, Orichalcum, Any, None) - Author 
Description of the artifact


The Long Coat - Any - CrownedSun  
Low-profile buff jacket that can be worn more inconspiciously, and hides weapons

Defensive Artifacts

Everything defensive, such as all types of armour (including warstriders) and shields

Offensive Artifacts

Everything offensive; every conceivable weapon (includes Power Combat versions of canonical artifacts)

Utility Artifacts

Useful miscellaneous artifacts

Natural Artifacts

Artifacts that are not created, but found or grown naturally.

Other Artifact Pages

Artifact Creation

Some links to errata about Artifacts, and alternate Creation Systems.



Alright, so what I did was remove the original "Offensive", "Defensive", and "Utility" pages, and replaced them with subpages for each level within those categories; the original pages now redirect here, in case anyone was linking to them. I figure this will make it a lot faster to sort through the pages, since some of them were growing obnoxiously large. I also moved the Artifacts By Contributor section to a subpage, for the same reason. - FrivYeti