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Hompage, I guess.

Come, and marvel at Myriad's Artifacts.
Beyond Charms, will and knowledge combine in the secrets of Myriad's Sorcery and Necromancy
(still under construction) Heroes without the support of the supernatural, these brave men and women follow the mighty Terrestrial Exalted in attack against the vile Anathema, though their own lives may be snuffed out like so many fragile candles. They are the Mortals of the Wyld Hunt
In the First Age, there were many schools of Solar swordsmanship, to school the younger heroes of the Age before the branched off into their own unique styles. One of these schools was the Righteous Cycle Society
He is beyond the ken of the mortal mind, for his is the darkness beyond civilization. He is Nedian, Demon of the 2nd Circle.
A rough draft of my personal guidelines for making new Charms and whatnot, Myriad's Custom Charm Guidelines.
Power Combat 200: Why the Wyld Hunt is Afraid A combat test of 2 starting combat-oriented Dragon-Blooded versus a starting Solar with non-total combat commitment. A lesson in Solar/DB tactics. (under construction, on hiatus)
Power Combat 225: Tactics For Those Without Tons Of Full-Pool Reflexives (i.e., the Lunars, the Dragonblooded, and the non-Exalted) A Lunar VS 2 DBs combat example (50xp). Also serves to test combat viability of non-DBT Lunars.
Power Combat 255: A Brief Look At Different Approaches To Defense A Lunar VS Sidereal combat example (100xp) that looks at the difference between how those with or without persistent defenses approach combat.
Power Combat 300: Combat Sorcery First, a discussion on the advantages, disadvantages, and needs of a combat sorceror. Then, a brief showcasing of a starting sorceror build in action.
Power Combat 450: High-xp Combat Example A Solar VS Lunar combat example (300xp).
The sometimes subtle, sometimes fierce advanced magics of Cynis Mond's Crosswind techniques eventually can give a Terrestrial Exalted total control of the winds. Learn how at DragonBloodedThrown/TheMyriadOfShades.
The wilderness answers their call. DragonBloodedSurvival/TheMyriadOfShades
In which by taking on the form of progressively more impressively Bigfoot-and-beyond magical snow beasts, the Lunars become impervious to the cold and its menaces. LunarDefensive/TheMyriadOfShades
What the Sidereals gain in quantity of companions, the Lunars more than make up for in quality. There live powerful beings in the ruins of the First Age where the Lunars live and and mate. Learn how at LunarInteractionAndKnowledge/TheMyriadOfShades.
The Lunars have further secrets than most know, and even the greatest hybrid warriors of the Moon have ways of concealing their identity, their Tell, from the unobservant. What is more, there is power in shapes beyond just true shapes and mundane animal shapes. Learn all of this at LunarShapeshifting/TheMyriadOfShades.
There are secret, horrible powers behind the most twisted of the Lunar Anathema, powers to make any good civilized child behave at night lest the beasts of the wild come for her. Learn them at LunarDBTGifts/TheMyriadOfShades.
Quick as a trick of the light, and as powerful as the pounding heat of the deepest Southern deserts, those who would brawl with the Chosen of the Sun fear both their strength and their unpredictable tricks. Learn their powers at SolarBrawl/TheMyriadOfShades.
Like the Unconquered Sun himself, the Solar Exalted are nigh-unassaultable behind the formidable defense of their shields. Like the Unconquered Sun himself, the world shakes when he takes his weapon in hand. Learn why at SolarMelee/TheMyriadOfShades.
Capable of striking without being seen and cutting down either one or twenty men with a single thrown knife, a Solar can guide a projectile with the infalliable, omni-present accuracy of the sun's own light. Learn how at SolarThrown/TheMyriadOfShades.
You cannot stop them. SolarEndurance/TheMyriadOfShades
The Zenith caste was once known to mortals as the Irresistible Divas of the Sun. Learn why at SolarPerformance/TheMyriadOfShades.
The stoutest of the Solar Exalted are near impossible to pull down. Mortals cannot dream of slaying a prepared Solar, and even heroes are hard pressed to mark their skin. Lean why at SolarResistance/TheMyriadOfShades.
(under construction) SolarSurvival/TheMyriadOfShades
(under construction) SolarLore/TheMyriadOfShades
The Iron Wolves of old once tossed down mountains and danced across the clouds, when it became neccessary. Learn how at SolarAthletics/TheMyriadOfShades.
(under construction) AbyssalResistance/TheMyriadOfShades
Once, there was a hero whose subjects called him the Bountiful Summer King. He was best known for winning accolations from the Deliberative for demonstrably proving that every single subject in his kingdom was happy about their life. How did he master such prosperity? Learn how at SolarBureaucracy/TheMyriadOfShades.
She is the Bronze Faction's head agent in the East, and woe be to the Solars who attract her attention, for her skill in intrigue and misdirection are unmatched. Forbidden Wisdom
A death-cult raising psychological tormentor, a murderous troublemaker terrorizing the living of the Northwest. Pray that you don't feel the chill of her nails running up your spine... The Bloody, Wicked Lady


Loved the charm guide. -BogMod

Wondering, do you mind comments on the charm guide? I think you hit everything on the head, though if anything it makes my dissatisfaction with aspects of the Lunars a bit more... pronounced. I gotta say it's a good thing.- haren

I don't mind at all. -TheMyriadOfShades

I was wondering if you could write out some thoughts on the battle tactics between two sorcerers. - Savare

Myr, I'd just like to thank you for your Power Combat guides and your Custom Charm guidelines, those documents really helped me focus Dawn Fist style into something I think fits well both thematically and mechanically. Any chance I can hear some of your thought on Arbalests? ~ BrigandRansom