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I'm Stephenls. I show up most places White Wolf games get discussed online. I'm the guy who makes the Exalted map, which people seem to like and which can be found here:

I need help with something, and this seems to be the best way to get it.

With the advent of the Fair Folk book, I've decided to change the format in which my map is offered -- specifically, I'm removing the map version that doesn't contain the Fair Folk information from Kingdom of Halta. That's not what I need your help with, though.

I've never included non-confirmed locations on the map. There are a lot of places that get mentioned that aren't included because I have no idea where they'd go, and I like to be precise. Spider's Crossing on the Blessed Isle is a good example. However, I want to change this. I like the fact that my map only includes confirmed locations, but I'd like to include a version that also includes all locations, even ones I had to make a guess at.

Problem is, going through all the books in search of locations I haven't put on the map? Way too much work for me to do.

This is where I'd like help. If you, the wiki community, could, here, on this page, help by listing location names and page numbers of locations I've missed, or haven't included due to uncertainty, I can start putting them onto a new, guesses-included version of the map. (Of course, I'll still produce versions without these guesses, for people who are as anal as I am about canon.) It would help if the format were something like...

  • Abalone (Corebook page XX, supplement page YY. Brief description of location.)

(Instead of sorting it alphabetically, perhaps it'd be better to always put new locations at the bottom of the list.)

If it gets substantial data in multiple places in the books, I'd like if all book mentions were listed so I could make the best guess as to where put it, but even one book reference would help.

(By "locations" I don't just mean cities. I also mean nations and barbarian tribes.)

I can't guarantee everything will end up on the map, but at the very least there'll be more info than there is now.

I don't know if this is a lot to ask. I haven't really used wikis much before. Still, I think it could be doable.

Please Submit New Locations Here

  • Nardan Creek (Castebook Dawn, p. 12)
  • Greentooth Pass (Castebook Dawn, p. 12; near Greyfalls?)
  • Cloud Peak (Castebook Dawn, p. 20; port village 'almost a week's journey from the capitol' (by foot?))
  • Vesca (Castebook Dawn, p. 27; Queen Tiloca's city, south of Scavenger Lands)
  • Nessus River, Lake Kol (Castebook Dawn, p. 28; in north-eastern forests?)
  • Redspar (Castebook Dawn, p. 31; Western island)
  • Dolphin Harbor (Castebook Dawn, p. 31; Western island or port)
  • Three Peak Island (Castebook Dawn, p. 32; Western island)
  • Silver Peak (Castebook Dawn, p. 37; Western island, 'beyond the Coral Archipelago')
  • Fenta (Castebook Dawn, p. 41; principality north of Halta)
  • Talt (Castebook Dawn, pp. 43, 51, Castebook Night, p. 45; Varangan city, raided by Harborhead)
  • Reefhaven (Castebook Dawn, p. 43; Western island)
  • Thassa (Castebook Dawn, p. 45; Western island)
  • Mylon (Castebook Dawn, p. 46; Western island, 'smallest of the isles of Wavecrest')
  • Orchid Isle (Castebook Dawn, p. 46; Western island, home of the Court of Seasons in Wavecrest)
  • Carazol Town (Castebook Dawn, p. 52; Southern town)
  • Tarcha (Castebook Dawn, p. 53; Varangan town)
  • Pigshead Bluff (Castebook Dawn, p. 55; town or fort in Wavecrest Satrapy)
  • Soja (Castebook Dawn, p. 57; forest kingdom south of Halta)
  • Cold Harbor (Castebook Dawn, p. 60; Western island, Skullstone Archipelago)
  • Scarpfall (Castebook Dawn, p. 62; Western island)
  • Chalcedony (Castebook Dawn, p. 94; Southern city)
  • Spith (Castebook Dawn, p. 94; 'village on the southernmost of the Coral Islands') (Submitted by Uqbarian, hoping these are useful)
  • Oasis (Castebook Eclipse, pp. 22-23; Admiral Sand's village; south of the Lap?)
  • The Sun's Sea (Castebook Eclipse, pp. 36, 49; Admiral Sand's name for the Southern desert) (Uqbarian 03/01/05)
  • Ashra (Dragon-Blooded, p. 40; Ayreon Prefecture; "small farming community")
  • Talat's Howe (Chosen of the Sun, p. 5; "a good twelve days' ride south-southeast from Great Forks", a haunted First Age tomb)
  • Marita (Scavenger Sons, p. 69; "unremarkable city on the western fringe of the so-called hundred kingdoms", the Council of the Concordat has it's home here)
  • Riversend (Scavenger Sons, p. 94; city with huge fishing industry near Port Calin)
  • Falcon's Bluff (Exalted, p. 47; Realm town, where the general of the Vermillion Legion is from)

List of Submitted Locations Incorporated into the Map Already

  • Snowguard (Scavenger Sons, Appendix - in the write-up of the Fair Folk Noble)
  • Salt Founded Glory (Blood & Salt p.23): Stephenis... I recently sent you an email with a copy of *my* map location of SFG on it. (submitted by The Unconquered Shawn) (Yes, and I sent you a reply. -Stephenls)
  • The Valley of Golden Needles. (Scavanger Sons, pg 43. Home to No Key and Watercress.) [I like to theorize that the Valley of Golden Needles is on Mist Island, though I am probably wrong, Conrad]
  • Ilmarini. (Manacle & Coin, pg 65. Opium growers for the Guild.)
  • The Amber Post. (Manacle & Coin, pg 77. Slave Citadel near the River of Tears.)
  • The Pit of Sighs. (Manacle & Coin, pg 77. another Citadel.)
  • Centak. (The Outcaste, pg 21; Manacle & Coin, pg 59. Town that caters to Lookshy party people)
  • Dah-Far-Noh. (Manacle & Coin, pg 62. City state that got punished by the Guild)
  • Scab. (Manacle & Coin, pg 58. Den of scum and villany south of Grey Falls)
  • Bourbon. (Players Guide, pg 9. Hundred Kingdoms town in the short story.)
  • Island of Alahi. (Players Guide, pg 89. Island used for God Blooded example.) [Unofficially used as the location for the Jade City Exalted chat, chosen long before the Players Guide was printed, Conrad]
  • Village of Grey Bark. (Players Guide, pg 90. Haltan village used in Ghost Blooded example.)
  • Rana. (Zenith castebook, pg 18. Village where Fire Orchid lives before exalting.)
  • Kriss. (Scavenger Sons pg 142. City of the Vrang City-States. Home to Thenli the fair folk.) [Submitted by The Megapope. Hope they help. ^_^ ]
  • Aj-Aran (Manacle & Coin pg 58)
  • Atonement Fair (Scavenger Sons pg 142. Associated with Kriss)
  • Marukan Redoubt (The Outcaste pg 43)
  • Nasaru Redoubt (The Outcaste pg 43, and this one I added as a definite location, since I calculated distances from travel times and triangulated using the multiple locations given, and it's the only place it can be) [I placed Nasaru at the same approximate spot on my map, based on the same reasoning, cool! Conrad]
  • Nechara Redoubt (The Outcaste pg 43, as part of Nechara)
  • The Yu-Shan Gates at Lookshy, Chanta, Gem, and Dendandsor (Games of Divinity page 21; they don't appear on the inside cover map in Exalted: The Sidereals. Maybe they're some of those secret gateways that Chejop knows about) [I had the same theory. Besides, it kills two birds with one stone, by potentially giving us the location of some of those secret gates, Conrad]
  • The City of the Mad (Book of 3 Circles pg 27; looks to be in Harborhead, given the reference to cattle-herding clans and Southeast desert - Addendum: Not in Harborhead, I've decided)
  • The Floating Palace (Book of 3 Circles pg 27; Far Northwest)
  • The Standing Stones of Cinnabar
  • The Pyramid of the Sun
  • The Plain of Pictures (all three from Book of 3 Circles page 28)
  • Underwater Grotto of Lake Vostok (Book of 3 Circles pg 29; why does it feel like I've read about Late Vostok elsewhere? Someone's gonna have to help me with this one) - it's under antarctic ice:
  • Mantaville (Games of Divinity pg 24, in the entry for Plentimon of the Dice)
  • Guin, Glalo, Cloaka, Maya, Werck, Blackwater, Spider's Crossing, and Blind Love (Exalted: The Dragon-Blooded pgs 37-46)
  • Marin Bay Redoubt (The Outcaste pg 43, as part of Marin Bay)
  • The Sea of Mind (The Outcaste pg 99)
  • Lake Carda (where was this one, anyway?)
  • Fakharu's Spire, Sikunare's Court, and the Archipelago of the Exiles (Time of Tumult chapter 3)
  • Dan-jin (Kingdom of Halta pg 38. Rokan-jin's implied capital)
  • Krellen Ford (Kingdom of Halta pg 39. 350 miles northwest of Greyfalls)
  • Caltia's Triumph (Kingdom of Halta pg 10. Southern Haltan city that manufactures ironwood tools from its vast ironwood tree groves)
  • Osak (Kingdom of Halta pg 39. Ardeleth town sacked during the Tepet / Bull of the North conflict)
  • Carnelian Peak (Kingdom of Halta pg 39. Rokan-jin city sacked during the Tepet / Bull of the North conflict)