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The crazy dreamer

Urgle... Blarg... School is busy.

The fun stuff

Total Charm Count = 152 + 5 CharmRelay + 2 MartialArtsRelay

  • Weapons - MundaneWeapons A place for anyone to put ideas and stats for normal weapons that are cool, not mine, but linking to this since I've thrown up something and want to get people adding to it.



The Unusual (and sometimes just plain weird) Suspects

Ashande - Kaine is one of those people who I definately find interesting. I guess it's the bonds of Wraith and Abyssals.
Balthasar - Ok, this is one of my favorite partners in crime. He puts me to shame with his Abyssally goodness.
CrownedSun - This guy has some very good ideas, and a great channel on irc.
Dissolvegirl - A cool ST, with great ideas, and just as excellent a player.
FourWillowsWeeping - Superb martial arts and Infernals. A real pleasure to brainstorm with and bounce ideas off of.
Kraken - Person I play with online, but best known for ExaltedSpam.
PassengerPigeon - Going to be a player if I ever get Umbrous Radience off the ground. Lots of good ideas here. The sort of person you can bounce stuff off of and get a fair opinion. Quendalon - Alot of good stuff here, but my favorites are his additions to the creatures. Also a tough (but good) critic.
Resplendence - My respect for his art is great. Check it out, you'll thank yourself.
Telgar - Cool guy, and fun to play with, even if every character is named Van. ;)


Greetings and welcome. Don't be afraid to just jump in and start posting stuff; if you're confused by anything, say so and any number of people will probably help you out.\\ _Ikselam

Thanks, just put up the Martial Arts style I made over the last two days. Just want to say that this is a great site.\\ haren

Welcome to the Wiki. I think we're all very grateful to DaveFayram for setting it up, we should probably go say nice things on his user page when we have the energy :) I too am a big fan of the Lunars, and also love DBs (I just like to play the underdog I guess). About Abyssals and Sidereals I know next to nothing. I've got to say I love the ideas behind a lot of your Lunar charms and will probably be stealing some of them for my character if my ST says I can (she's nice, see her page here ). If you have trouble with anything, just let someone know, we're all fairly nice here - CorlanDashiva

Wow. I had no idea you were so prolific! I am shamed.  :) - Quendalon

Prolific? Nah... just work a boring job. Does wonders. :) And everyone's been so super nice! I liked your Servants of Oblivion. Hope you don't mind that I added the Tormented Sleepers from my Necro. - haren

Hey, dissolvegirl tells me that you might be interested in playing my GB game. Please send me an email or drop a note on the game page if you would indeed like to play, because I would enjoy having you. _Ikselam

Yes. You prolific. Me not. Must, like.. get energy.. update.. pretty stuff here, yesssss.. I have.. things planned that I should share.. daym, I need more caffeine. anyway. yes. good work! much impressed! - Molikai