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Welcome to my Wiki page. Here are my three current Exalted projects -

  • Coridan/SolarsInYuShan : An essay on what may happen when your Solar PC's set foot in the Celestial City.
  • Coridan/SolarPrayerCharms : In progress, to be linked to the appropriate charm section once they're completed offline.
  • Coridan/InfiniteSolarDragon : A Sidereal Level Martial Art that embodies perfectionCoridan/I>, this is a martial art that explores the full expression of Solar power.
  • Coridan/RevisedMentorBackground : A vastly revised Mentor background, that was born of a discussion on borne out of discrepancies of training effectiveness between the Deathlords and the Cult of the Illuminated.


Welcome to the wiki! Hope you don't mind me adding a Comments section. If you don't mind, please read BestPractices; it will make organizing your stuff much easier for you to do, and for other people to find. Other than that, enjoy your stay! - LeumasWhite, <i> channelling Shataina

Aiee! I get channelled now? (Coridan, I switched your links a bit -- spaces in links are frowned upon here -- hope you don't mind.)
~ Shataina, unnerved!
No problem. I'm new to this Wiki thing. Thank you for your help, both of you! Coridan