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How to describe myself...? Well, I'm a gamemaster who's been playing on and off for nearly ten years. My favorite games are Exalted, Legend of the Five Rings, Star Wars D20, and Deadlands: Weird West. I like long walks on the beach and Star Wars (thrice damned anyone?) I can't think of much else so I'll just let the content below speak for me.

Attention Baltimore Gamers!

Hey Guys, my group is mostly graduating this year so I need at least 3 new players to join for Exalted, Deadlands, Changeling, or Wraith action. If you're interested in an expanded games list or interested to play just email me at Laguna103@msn.com

Articles for Gamers New and Old

Tyren/Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Wesley Snipes RPing


Visions of Tomorrow

House Rules

Worst Campaigns I've ever Run

Warning: These articles can be quite long. I'll try to seperate them into bite-sized chunks and give each a description and "maturity level" but you enter these at your own risk. The usual gripes/game transcripts of a mostly disfunctional group.

Hatorade - A Star Wars D20 Campaign

Omg you killed Kenny - A Deadlands: Hell on Earth Campaign


Hi there Tyren, and welcome. It doesn't look like you've read BestPractices; I recommend it. Specifically, spaces and underscores in wiki page names are bad, and you should also put your name on your pages. Also, I prettified a link on your page. The way to make nice links to wiki pages from other wiki pages is by following this notation: [[Destination|Link Name]]. For example, if I want to link to Shataina/ManseCreation but I want the link to read, say, "Shataina's Manse Creation System", then I write it like so: [[Shataina/ManseCreation|Shataina's Manse Creation System]]. It's worth mentioning that not only does this make the links look nice but it also doesn't mislead wiki-users into thinking you're linking to off-wiki pages. Thanks, and again, welcome to the wiki, etc, etc.
~ Shataina

Response: Heh, I did read that page but I forgot to post like that. I'll fix up the pages now, and thanks for the welcome. I probably won't be able to update much before the break (unexpectedly heading home early) so I wish everyone a Happy Holiday(s).