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Okay... What to say about myself. Well.. As I'm sure many of us do, I own every Exalted book so far published? Yes, I'm a glutton for financial punishment.
Having just played in the Sandbox, it occurs to me that this might be a good place to start. I run an Abyssals game every saturday, with a core group of five players: By the sound of things, I have a very nice group, in that each has gone for a unique combat style.. Hmm. And I have a slight tendency to ramble and get sidetracked. Where was I? Oh, yes. Stuff. While I have, at time of writing, Zero skill at creating PDF files, What I can do..
Well. I would be greatly pleased if all those of you who know what a 'MUSH is, and have some experience in staffing, would get in touch. as soon as I get around to finishing, I'll be opening an Exalted server, having coded everything I need, almost..
Also.. Yes. Some shiny toys I created for my current campaign. Feedback would be nice.

Addendum! Since I have noticed a growth of more personal data, and It's 3:10 am, 3 hours, ten minutes from the end of my 24th birthday, I thought I'd extrapolate a little more on myself. Because I feel like sharing. (the rotten fruit is in the box to your left.) I consider myself Intelligent: Indeed, as far as data-proccessing goes, Im' probably approaching or surpassing Genius level. It's my memory that cannot work. DO NOT expect me to remember anything. I don't, at least not linearly: Everything is referential. Yes. I use long words. I make many typos, and have a very, very bad habit of forgetting to proof read. Please don't hold it against me! I do lateral better than Logical, have a strong interest in the hard sciences, and intend to finish my master's degree in physics as soon as I can afford to. I am generally considered crazy, and highly creative and imaginative. I'm still somewhat hazy on artifact/charm design: I would LOVE more feedback on what I've got here. Hint Hint Hint. I have a strong respect for many people here, and I love this place: I just don't have the time I'd like to devote to reading everything, or keeping as up to date as Id' like. Let's not forget an attention span of a mosquito. Oh. I also have a pretty much perfect transition from Exalted to WoD lying around somewhere, complete with a Theory of Souls I might adapt for Exalted one day, if I get bored. Please! Read. Comment. Critisize. And for the record: I'm British, Subtype Scottish. Do not refer to the inhabitants of the United Kingdom as 'English', unless they are actually from england, or thou shalt be gutted with a soulsteel blade until thou art dead. Huzzah!


Molikai/WhatDoAbyssalsDoToFate? - a few thoughts.

Molikai/ADeadlyWorkshop - A sorcerer's paradise, Defences awake.

Molikai/DikanchouDayang - The God of Stunting

My Player Group

And just because... I'll set up the framework for a record of how the campaign is progressing. Not what I have planned, Because at least one of them has been known to read this site, but.. anyway.

The Characters

  1. The Infinite Divine Blessing of the Crimson Death - Our disease Doctor and Combat Sorcerer.
  2. The Silent and Swift Retribution of the Vengeful Dead - Archer and rebel extraordinaire.
  3. The Inexorable and Certain Executioner of the Ebon Serpent - Axeman. homicidal, and lethal in a melee.
  4. Guardian of Inauspicious Passings - The tactician turned reluctant preist, he fights with his sword... and his voice.
  5. The Silken Whisper of Forbidden Lusts - The novice of the group, a seductive, terrifying temptress with a love of power and life, and anything that looks good in a corset.

Superior Beings

  1. The Avaricious Devourer of Ebon Curses and Crimson Oaths - the head cheese: the Malfean lord.
  2. The Soul Veiled Serpent of Ebon Might and Crimson Cloth - The eccentric Deathlord.

The Story

  1. Masters of the Labyrinth
  2. Walking Upon the Underworld

Finis. Chakara, Douglas.


Welcome to the Wiki Molikai :) Please remember to check our FormatStandards and such all. Your SpiritCharms need to be set up on subpages (created by putting a / in front of them) so they dont clutter the wiki with leadless mainpages. - Telgar

Done. I've also, having discovered the Niche for Malfeans, transferred my Malfean to the appropriate area. ;) My learning curve is exponential. Keep throwing complaints my way if I screw up, It's your turf thou hast been generous enough to allow a scottish lunatic to play within. And hopefully contribute some useful stuff. Molikai

MUSHes are good. Very good. I've staffed a bit on MUSHes, and ran my own, but it was short-lived. Not too great at coding, but I know the basics. Interesting stuff you've got here, by the way. A server for running games, or something like Exalted MUSH? Rynel

Err.. Let me see. as far as WoD games go: I was Mage wiz on crystal brdges, Mage wiz/motral+ wiz/Code wiz/Part of godstaff on chrome sunrise, and mage wiz on Forgotten valley befroe they decided not to have a mage sphere: Im' currently vampire wiz on metro? ;) got a PC on metro, too.. and a PC on the Exalted MUSH (Irvin Kolat..). as for what i meant.. a MUSH server, /exactly /like Exalted MUSh, 'cept I plan to use TinyMUX, not tinyMUSH. - Molikai

Dunno if you need this or not, but I coded up an Exalted Calendar for use on my personal game's (PennMUSH) server. There's a link to the code on my user page. You likely already have a dice roller, but I'll eventually post one of those, too. - GregorDyne

No, I have a full calender system built into my Time/date/weather code.. gonna tweak it so it's a touch more adtaptable, allowing either shoguate or realm calender. and yeah, I have dice code already: that was easy. :) - Molikai

I really like your Deathlord, he's very cool, you don't mind if I steal him do you? I've been trying to make up the rest of the Deathlords but so far I've only got one: The Seventh Tyrant who Presides Over the Death of Hope who I'll post soon, my mental capabilities were taxed greatly coming up with him and I've been drawing blanks for the last. I also notice we have two things in common: I too am a Scottish lunatic and I too have a character on Exalted MUSH (Mnemon Tadano) - Injektilo

Not that the MUSH is up right now.. High hopes for 2.0. And.. I thought this comment was here already? Why is it marked as new? - Molikai

Damn you! You are a rip off of the great Malekia! Keep an eye open when you sleep because your's will come when you least expect it.

WEll, THat's why paranoia is healthy: You /always/ expect it. Duh! :) - Molikai