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Metal Fatigue

MetalFatigue (a.k.a. Nodens) is a former systems analyst, now back to school full-time and working on an undergraduate degree in Physics, and doesn't spend nearly enough time running and playing RPGs. He admits to having been a giant slavering WW fanboy in the past, but is in recovery, thanks to the end of the old World of Darkness. On the other hand, he proudly and defiantly proclaims himself a giant slavering RebeccaBorgstrom fanboy (but not the stalker kind---that would be creepy). He also enjoys talking about himself in the third person.


  • I made a cool calendar in Excel. Note that this incorporates my interpretations and, even more shockingly, emendations of published canon, so it may or may not be suitable for your needs. I posted it mainly for Toram.

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