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John Telgar

I'm a 20 year old Red Cross Volunteer and over-stressed college junior living in North Carolina. I do stuff. As of now, my soul is damned to the Sixth Circle of Hell, the City of Dis where I, a heretic and blasphemer, will spend eternity sighing in a firey sepulchre. Ain't that odd?

My family consists of two parents, a sister who has now stopped masquerading as an english teacher and revealed herself as a history teacher, two silky terriers of which one is a mutant, a leopard gecko female named Bob, a Fire-bellied Toad (Iko Iko), and many crickets. I have recently given up on goldfish after my third Bubble-Eye died, once again dissolved by the water. Apparently her pump stopped working without my notice. Additionally, my house is haunted by at least one ghost. The mutant dog can see it. They don't get along.

I have been role-playing for several years, starting with Vampire: the Masquerade and eventually giving a try to all the World of Darkness games except Hunter (the premise bothers me) and Wraith (I never could find the books, even while it was in print). I got into Exalted when I joined CrownedSun's DA:V-alternating-with-Exalted game and have fallen in love with the setting. Go DBs! Solars bad! Bwahah! The Aeonverse holds real interest, especially the Chitra Bhanu Psi Order and the Aberrants, but I haven't been able to find a game for Aeon in a long time. In fact, I haven't really been able to find anything that isn't Exalted for some time. It makes me sad, I miss my Cappadocians.

Photography is my passion and vocation, I'm majoring in it at East Carolina University. You can look at some of my photos at HERE if you want. You know you do.

Telgar's Works

  • Artifacts - My pride and joy, the artifacts I artifice.

Telgar/Characters - PC's I've played and NPC's I've used.

  • Charms - My massive collection of magic.
  • CrunchRelay - Fun for the whole family! Sometimes.
  • DragonsHoard - A Telgar-written fanbook expanding DB Charms

Telgar/Essays - IC rants about whatever I feel like writing!

  • Familiars - Some animal familiars that might be useful for various concepts.
  • Favorites - A listing of some of the pages on this Wiki I think really rock.
  • Hearthstones - Shiny stones of awesome power

Telgar/HouseRules - How I make Exalted better then White Wolf.

Telgar/Settings - My own special worlds of and for Exalted

  • Sorcery - my spells! magical! none yet.
  • WoDCrunch - Writing my fellow Wodizens up as Crunch.

Telgar's Favorites

Favorite Background

Artifacts!! Magic devices are a staple in any fantasy setting and Exalted makes them damn interesting. I hardly ever make a character without at least Artifacts 1, though many of my Artifacts are custom-created. The only problem I see with Artifact is that a lot of PCs seem to forget that Artifact is useful for more things then just weapons and armor. People generally consider non-combat Artifacts after burning 10 or 12 motes into pointy stuff. Just a short rant. Move on people!

Favorite Magical Material

Tough choice, I can't even pick one. I have to say it's an even tie between Starmetal and Jade. Starmetal, well I love the Sidereals and meteroic iron is a rather nifty idea for a Magical Material, which I vastly prefer over something silly like Futuronium. It's kick-butt Armor ability doesn't make it any less attractive, but the real coolness of Starmetal shows through in fate-altering Artifacts and scrying devices. Jade is a more 'mundane' choice for a Magical Material, but Exalted makes it interesting with the five colors of Jade, each used for different tasks. A lot of Artifacts I make end up being made of Jade because one of the colors works perfectly for what I want the Artifact to do. Orichalcum, Moonsilver and Soulsteel are Cool and fun, but not as nifty as Starmetal and Jade.

Telgar's Minions

Yes, I secretly control them all!!!

  • Ashande - Kaine's still overworked and underpaid. He has long hair. He's hard to find. Freak.
  • Balthasar - This guy has made almost as many Abyssal charms as Neph! Damn.
  • Blaque - He's bald and doesn't type so well, but he took a really good self-portrait. That counts for something, right?
  • BogMod - He used to play a Lunar with twin Solar girlfriends. He's weird. Like a quagmire. That's been changed a lot. By amateurs.
  • Charlequin - Writer of the great fanbook, Sol Invictus. Also runs a great game. Cool dude.
  • CrownedSun - Sorta grouchy and snippy and has weird views on everything. But he runs good games.
  • DaveFayram - Former Wiki Master Extraordinaire. And he's pretty cool. Has issues with bugs.
  • David. - Skinny Jesus! He's cool and has DB love! Yay David!
  • Dissolvegirl - A very talented photographer and general rocking human. She totally passes at life! She has a name. It can never be spoken. Or she won't give me fudge.
  • FourWillowsWeeping - Shreyas is all mean and stuff. But despite being an even bigger wellspring of rancor and dissent then I, he is rather nifty.
  • haren - Nifty Gamer Chick making the world a better place AND creating the best evil ever. With Joel and Kaine as her Evil Helpers / Mentors.
  • Ikselam - This guy does incredible work. Yay for Ikselam! Even if he is strange and thinks in odd, non-euclidian terms...
  • Kraken - Silly multi-tentacular British man, but a miraculously able and talented player: he talks!
  • Kasumi - Almost as crackful as GoldenH, but in a good way. Kas doesn't like DBs so I hate him. But he's alright.
  • Resplendence - Mike is a sexy Swedish artist. Or so he keeps claiming. I hypothesize he is an amoeba.
Telgar Commentary

I just wanted to say that I think the Dragon-Blooded Charms you've made up are great. I especially like Fatal Bloom of Life, Lethal Blizzard Technique, Light-Eating Technique, and the Clay Man Charms. Now I just need to convince my ST to let me use a couple of them on my Air Aspect... -Dorchadas

Glad you like em, Dorchadas, I think they're my best work. Them and my Artifacts.

Oops - that'll teach me to not look at the minor changes page :). Well, many props to yourself as well, then. Of course - now there's just redirection of the old pages to do... - Moxiane

Good god, Jackson. I'm gonna be up all night reading this. Niiiice. Now if only I had your focus... -DarkheartOne

Telgar! Word of your artificing was one of my first hints as to the existence of this ExaltedWiki, and I have a feeling your web handle will stick in my mind longer than it has any right to. In any case, thank you for your fine efforts and contributions. I've noticed you've got a true artist's sense of self-evaluation... you know which of your works are superb, which are adequate, and which just don't make the cut or need more work. All of it without the arrogance. Well, without too much of it ;) . Maestro, I say, "Write on!" --UncleChu

That'd be because I *am* an artist! And just about my only really strong talent as an artist is my ability to self-criticze. I'm glad you enjoy my work! - Telgar

So that's why my name never came up! XD Oops is me. =D Since I already began writing here, I may as well put in some props for your talent too, I mean its not like your head'll swell or anything from all the praise.. "..looks like its headed for that small moon." "That's no moon." Seriously though, you've got some great stuff all over your sheet. Hope to someday be as well recognized! I hope I haven't been too thorny to you since I arrived. (I know I've made at least one flippant comment to you in jest).. I just wanna be friends after all. =) - Paincake

Very nice work Telgar. What you have writen is very interesting and informative and I eagerly await any more from you. Should be nice to see when you do vehicle artifacts. :) - Heru

On a different page, you mentioned you felt WW did a poor job of placing spells and artifacts of a travel nature at too high of levels, something I agree with. I was wondering if you had any house rules written down for the levels you felt they should be. I'd like to see what you've placed them at to get a better idea for myself. So, if you have the time and want to make the effort, could you put it up? Gamerjoe

I don't bother writing out my Artifact guidelines because I don't have any. I write by feel. You have a five-level exponential scale and I can feel out where things fit. - Telgar
Alright, cool. Thanks anyway. Gamerjoe

I dig the Hidden Tomes idea. Are you intending on developing it? If not, may I take it over? -mUrielw

I am still working on that system, yes, but not in any intense fashion. I keep the main document on my hard drive as a Word file, though it hasn't been updated in a long time. You are welcome to make suggestions or create a version of your own. - telgar
After some thought, I'm definitely going to go about the latter (or, knowing myself, start and forget it.) Either way, I look forward to how you develop DH. :) -mUrielw

cor wow. all this in less than 7 years? and you say self evaluation is you only really strong talent!! : )


I write fast. And maybe I understated my abilities :) - Telgar

Love your DB charms especially the fire Melee ones.Your comments on the stuff I'm working on would be golden if you have the time to look at some of it.I also really liked your changes to the Elemental burst and blast which clearly shouldn't be based on stamina. - Alicrast