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Wjat wjay don't I jave any crack. I live on the stuff.

Anyjow, I already jave a jomepage, so you sjould go look at it ratjer than me posting all kinds of inane stuff jere :D

Go look at my tjingy tjing witj tje otjer tjing, yea! oj and comment please.

UPDATE: I just started a new campaign! check out for what we've done so far. I could use a couple new players! You should be able to figure out my e-mail address, if you're clever (and go to my livejournal user info page) ;)

Secret Documents (Projects I have worked on recently)

Random (Projects I haven't worked on for quite some time)

Old Stuff


Experimental Game-specific Houserules

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Welcome in GH ! :) - Etrangere