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I'm setting this page up in response to the apparent death of the RecentChanges page.

Original Discussion from WelcomeToExaltedWiki

So honestly, I was wondering where to put this and I guess it's a self-important rambling. I can't see any changes on the RecentChanges page and was wondering if that was just currently disabled or if something is going wacky in my browser. I can see diffs and page histories on a page-by-page basis, though... -- ReallyBored

I think it might well be a bug... I can't even get the length-selector sometimes (to pick 1 day or 3days, etc) and it seems to change depending on where I access it from, or when. - Darloth
It seems to be some problem with the Wiki, or else the longer RecentChanges pages are disabled. The 3-day setting is the longest time span that generates a real RecentChanges, to my knowledge. - willows
Ahh, I can get the 1 day list but nothing else. Oh well, it was more curiousity than anything else. -- ReallyBored
I now apparently can't get anything at all in RecentChanges -- even "1 Day" doesn't work. Le sigh. -- AntiVehicleRocket
I suspect the maximum depth of the RecentChanges display depends on how many major revisions occur in each day. Yesterday, when the last couple days hadn't seen much activity, I could see about 3 days' worth. Today, which has seen a flurry of activity, I can only see the past 24 hours. _Ikselam

New Developments

(Responding to Ikselam) I'm having trouble seeing that much. Before I made this page and moved stuff around on WelcomeToExaltedWiki, there were a total of 7 major changes in the last 24 hours, but they wouldn't appear on RecentChanges unless I jumped through hoops on the preferences page to get the 1/3/7/30 options to appear. Even then, changes in the last 24 hours didn't appear consistently, and the longer time spans didn't work period.

Also, I've just an email to DaveFayram, alerting him to the situation in case he hadn't noticed already. -EJGRgunner

Well, shoot. DaveFayram's mailbox is apparently full. - EJGRgunner
Probably because he's already got dozens of emails about exactly this problem. -LiOfOrchid
CAn anyone confirm that they've sent DavFayram an email that got through? Also, does anyone know a way to get in touch with him other than through his lensman email? - EJGRgunner

I am also sometimes going to the RecentChanges page now, and not even seeing the option for 1/3/7/30 days. After the header "Updates in the Last 1 Day" there is nothing at all. -LiOfOrchid

I've had a problem for a while now, that on opening the RecentChanges page I don't see the RecentChanges until I select the number of days I want to go back. As of today, not even that works. "Today" being Sept. 17. - Miedvied

Heh. It's a scandal now! Does this make me a scandal-monger or just your basic gossip columnist? -- ReallyBored

This just further demonstrates our need to structure the Wiki better so that we don't depend on RecentChanges so much to navigate. Not that RecentChanges isn't useful to follow commentary and stuff. But I've noticed people basically acting like RecentChanges being down makes the entire Wiki useless.
~ Shataina

Speaking as someone who uses RecentChanges, I don't use it to navigate. Anything that I remotely care about finding repeatedly is linked from my UserPage, which is a completely selfish and hugely efficient way to go about it. But when I want to see what's new, RecentChanges is far superior to anything else. - willows

That is because without Recent Changes it is impossible to see, without checking each page, what new material is being posted and needs looking at. I posted several new Beast Armors recently, but unless people already KNOW to look there, they won't find out about them. The Relays fare better then personal content as the relayers know to check back there every so often. Anyone posting content and hoping for comments is outta luck unless they pimp in on the mainpage. I suggest we do this for the time being. Everyone, to their pimpmobiles! - Telgar

Another possibility is for people to mark their updates on UserPages under their names. It lets people pimp relatively minor things without turning the front page into a clutterbox. --Ben-San, who doesn't have anything on his userpage and probably shouldn't talk

I've always pimped on the main page. Not that it ever helped any. Miedvied

It's probably a good idea to start locally archiving any content you haven't already, just in case this is an omen of the wiki becoming completely unusable. _Ikselam

Has senor Fayram responded to anyone as pertaining to the state of the wiki? Miedvied

I've had AIM alerts set to let me know if he comes online since Recent Changes died. He hasn't been around. And the link that let me fix basic Wiki problems has been lost. - Telgar

In the event we never hear from Dave again, may I suggest a WikiMigration? --dissolvegirl

Hm. On one hand, as someone who uses RecentChanges fairly heavily to tell what's been changed and to track discussions, I'm all in favor of something happening if Dave disappears and we can't get some sort of change-displayer working. On the other, chances are that we'll lose lots of content (from sporadic users and such) upon migration, and there's also the reformatting question... eh, if we have to, I'm willing, but I'd prefer it be a last-ditch option. -- AntiVehicleRocket (who talks too much for her humble place in the ImmmaculateWikiHierarchy)
Seconded, in it's entirety. Miedvied
How long should we wait before we decide we've "never heard from him again"?
~ Shataina, tempted to put yet another thing to the vote

I assume that it is still the case that no one has heard from Dave? Are we sure he's okay? -szilard, a bit worried

I'm sure Dave is fine. He's taken months to respond to wiki problems in the past; I sincerely doubt that the current lag is a sign that he's dead or anything.
~ Shataina

I'm alive. Work has had me travelling a lot. I even got to weather the last hurricane! Tonight I'll check into it. Sorry for the delay. It looks like it's time for me to pass the reigns of EWiki, I can't devote the time it needs. -- DaveFayram