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Hello, ladies and gentlemen of the board.

Recent events, lamentations, and comments by a number of you have gotten the old wheels turning, and after a chat with DissolveGirl, we came up with the following idea.

We'd like to poll the members of the Wiki and see if/when they'd like to have a little get together. Nothing fancy, no rented rooms or anything. Just friends meeting face-to-face for the first time.

It'd be in Atlanta, home of White Wolf and the largest Airport Hub in America. No telling how long a thing this would be; could be a day, could be a long weekend, could be a week.

This is the discussion board for the topic. Who is interested? Who would come? When could you come? Would you want to invite the authors and artist of WW? Think of the discussions we could have with the authors, the comissions you could get from the artists?

Talk. Hypothesize. Decry. Cry. Scream. Vent.

*cough*DragonCon*cough*GenCon*cough* DS :)

If you're gonna have this in Atlanta, why not just make it a little event at, say, DragonCon? As I suspect DS is pointing out above. Seems like that'd be easier, anyway, than making it its own event.\\ ~ Shataina

I agree, having it at a Con makes more sense then an event on its own at an airport terminal. Dragoncon if your dead set on Atlanta. Gencon however has will probably get you more attendants. IMHO Alabrax

Where is GenCon? --Dissolvegirl

Either con could work. I'd finally have an excuse to go to Gen Con :) As for the location, there seems to be two; one in Indianapolis in Mid-August, and another in Anaheim California in early December. Personally, I suggest Dragon*Con. White Wolf is in Atlanta; we can storm en-mass. -Dim

While true, I'd love to have another excuse to go to GenCon- especially since WoD2.0 will be unveiled there this year :) DS

Yes this will be an excellent Gencon to go to with WoD2.0 coming out at that time. Last years Gencon was great!http://www.gencon.com/indyhome.aspx?file=indy Alabrax

B.. But. DragonCon has day care! --Dissolvegirl

You could have a wiki-users event at both Cons.\\ ~ Shataina

By my troth, a good idea! Another point to consider coming to Atlanta for: White Wolf's offices are in Stone Mountain. Stone Mountain is 45 minutes drive from Atlanta. -Dim

We could totally probably swing a tour or something. :) --Dissolvegirl

This is really starting to sound good ... I might just be there too (though its a long way from South Africa!). ^_^ When is DragonCon by the way? -- BrokenShade

I would just like to point out that if DragonCon is running... you will probably see more WW folks at the Con then you will in the WW offices of the weekend of the Con. I think Visiting would be cool, but not if there isnt anyone there. ... Oh and great idea... I dont see why we couldnt do both Cons. Alabrax

Not as such. DS and I have been going for the past few years, and there's never been more than two or three people at their booth. Last year they *did* have the Sidereals proof, but, nevertheless, no GCG. -Dim

But Neph and Conrad were both there, along with a few others I didn't recognize. Hell, if I'd been a little quicker, I could've been in that Abyssals game. Apart from which, the Sidereal proof was SWEET :) DS

At origins last year I played a game ST'd by GCG himself! Pic from Origins (I am on the left) Origins 2003 had GCG at it as you can see, but he was not at Gencon 2003, I think there was some last minute things on Sids that had to be done. I did however get to meet Brian at Gencon, and he was really cool. See I always figured there were alot of WW folks at DragonCon because its in thier back yard... and I think WW normally has some big party during the con... but if DS Says not many go... then I was wrong. On a side note, Conrad seems to go to all of these. Meeting him will last you a life time. Alabrax

So has anyone pre-registered for DragonCon yet? I'm going to make my husband pre-register us as soon as we get our tax return. --Dissolvegirl

Yeah, it's generally best if you register as soon as possible (for future reference, some time between the end of the con and November 15th), because it's cheaper. Much cheaper, in fact. At any rate, I plan on being there again this year, and I make a point of clinging to the White Wolf booth in the dealer's room (which is in the Marriot, not the Hyatt), so I'll definitely be able to make it there. Oh, and it's also best to check in to get your badge early in the morning as well. Spent quite a while in line last year. Shakenzerite