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Here be user-created, Exalted-related art, sorted by artist.

  • An off-site page collecting links to art from the books.
  • AvisRapax/Art - commissioned character art for CamTarn
  • Blaque/Art - Stuff on my Deviant Art homepage directly linked here. Exaltedy descriptions here:)
  • Brightfires/TooFamiliar
  • BurgerSlave/Art
  • Cyanide Breathmint Productions An off-wiki link, this goes to my website, where art of several stripes (Exalted, non-Exalted, WoD) is displayed. MelWong
  • Dissolvegirl/Art Only two thus far; one a close-to-life airbrushing, the other some simple line art. More to come..
  • Morrigu/ExaltedArt A bunch of colored, black and white, sketch and 3d exalted themed art. More to come, possibly.
  • Kesai/Artwork A link to my webpage is posted because I am too much of a goon to actually have any knowledge of how to put it here.
  • Resplendence/Art Mainly character designs, which are slowly improving, allowing me to dream of sending a portfolio to White Wolf someday.
  • Scytheus/Art - character art
  • UncleChu/Art Mostly old pencil sketches, but good enough to share with the Wiki, I think.


Ordered the entries alphabetically. Hohum. -- Morrigu